Mr. Ronaldo World Footballer’s previous footballers only count Messi once

Mr. Ronaldo World Footballer’s previous footballers only count Messi once
Cristiano Ronaldo was elected Mr. World Football in 2016, marking the second time in his career.In history, Ronaldo and Zidane won three prizes and tied for the top of the list, followed by Ronaldo and Ronaldinho twice, Messi only won once, and George Weah was the only one of the previous winners from non-Europe and South AmericaThe legendary star of the national team.  In 1991, Matteus Germany Inter Milan’s first World Footballer selection was in 1991. Matteus led Inter Milan to win the UEFA Cup. He was also the captain of the 1990 World Cup champion Federal Republic of Germany, so he scored 128 points.To win the championship, France’s 113-point French player Papan and 40-point English killer Reinkel won the 1991 World Footballer.    In 1992, Van Basten, AC Milan, the Netherlands, as the small World Cup at that time, Serie A almost had the most popular top star. 1992 was the first year of AC Milan Serie A’s three consecutive championships. As the team’s number one star, Van BastenHe won the award with a high score of 161 points, which was higher than the combined score of second place Stoichkov (88 points) and third place Hasler (61 points).    In 1993, Baggio Italy Juventus Juventus won the UEFA Cup in 1993. As the most popular star in Serie A, Baggio, the only career in the title of Mr. Football, scored 152 points, exceeding Romario’s 84 points andBergkamp’s 58 points.    In 1994, Romario, Brazil, and Brazil regained the World Cup in 1994. Romario was the current champion and won the World Cup Golden Globe. Of course, he won FIFA, rising by 346 points, followed by Barcelona teammate Stowe.Ichkov’s 100 points and Baggio’s 80 points.    In 1995, George-Via Liberia, AC Milan, George-Via was the only African winner in the history of World Footballer. In 1995, he led Paris Saint-Germain to the limelight in the Champions League. In the group stage, they played Bayern in double.Opening the record for the first time, Via scored a key goal at the Camp Nou in the quarter-finals to help the team draw against Barcelona. In the end, Paris scored 3-2 to eliminate the La Liga giants. He also won the Champions League Golden Boot with 7 goals.The Ajung Golden Ball Award, Mr. World Football and Mr. Africa Football, has three honors in one.Milan teammate Maldini ranked second with 80 points, and Klinsmann who switched from Tottenham to Bayern scored 58 points with third.    In 1996, Ronaldo Ronaldo, a Barcelona alien, turned out. After transferring to Barcelona in 1996, he scored 47 goals in 49 games in a single season. It shocked the entire football and was finally elected to FIFA with a high score of 329 points.Ah’s 140 points and Alan Shear’s 123 points.    In 1997, Ronaldo Brazil Inter Milan became the most popular player in the world. After helping Barcelona win the King’s Cup and the European Winners’ Cup, they moved to Inter Milan in a shocking way and still handed out outstanding transcripts.After Ronaldo with 480 points, Real Madrid defender Carlos ranked second with 85 points, a huge difference. Bogkamp and Zidane tied for third with 62 points.    In 1998, Zidane France Juventus France was historicly crowned World Cup champion in the country in 1998. Zidane, who scored two headers in the finals, naturally became the best of the year, scoring 518 points, World Cup Golden BallThe award Ronaldo scored 164 points, missed the three consecutive players of World Football, Real Madrid killer Su Ke 108 points ranked third.    In 1999, Rivaldo Barcelona won the double crown in 1999. Rivaldo succeeded Ronaldo and became the darling of Camp Nou. In the same year, he also led the Brazil team to win the Copa America and tied with Ronaldo as the top scorer in the Copa America.Naturally crowned the best of the year with 543 points, led Beckham of Manchester United to win the triple crown, followed by 194 points, Batistuta ranked third with 79 points.    In 2000, Zidane, France Juventus, Zidane led the French team to complete the historic World Cup and European Cup double crown, Qi Zu is naturally the best player of the year, but the European Cup performance eye-catching Figo, thenHe also scored a high score of 329 points, surpassing Qizu’s 370 points and Rivaldo’s 263 points, replacing the consecutive scores.    In 2001, Figo retired from Portugal Real Madrid Figo a year ago, regretting that he moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid to win the reset exposure. At the same time, he also led the Galaxy fleet to the La Liga championship in 2001, plus the remaining European Cup 2000With the superstar effect, the Portuguese players finally won the first World Footballer.Beckham’s 238 points, not far from Figo’s 250 points, the third place is 96 points, another Real Madrid ace Raul.    In 2002, Ronaldo Brazil, Real Madrid, Korea, Japan and World Cup Brazil won five gold cups. The Ronaldo King, who was seriously injured, returned and took off the World Cup golden boots with 8 goals. In the end, he scored twice to rule the game.In the summer of that year, Da Luo moved to Real Madrid, and at the end of the year, he successfully became a double winner of the Golden Globe and World Football.World Cup Golden Globe winner Kahn, 171 points lost to Ronaldo’s 387 points, became the highest ranked goalkeeper in the history of Mr. FIFA, Zidane, who immediately won the Champions League championship after transferring to Real Madrid, ranked third with 148 points.    In 2003, Zidane Zidane, who won the Champions League trophy one year before but missed the World Football Championship, was compensated one year later. In 2003, Real Madrid also won the La Liga title, which is also the last time Zizou won the league title.Behind Qi Zu with 264 points was Henry, a 200-point national teammate, and Ronaldo with 176 points.    In 2004, Ronaldo Ronaldo, Brazil, Ronaldinho, after joining Barcelona, quickly conquered the world’s fans. In the 2003-04 season, he led the Red and Blue teams to 18 points, reversing Real Madrid and winning the La Liga runner-up. The 2004-05 season started with La Liga and led the way.Mr.The gun king Henry regretted that he missed the supreme honor. At that time, he led Arsenal to historically dominate the Premier League with an undefeated record, but the European Cup was disappointed and made it miss the sample. 552 points lost to Ronaldinho’s 620 points, and the third was 253.Shevchenko assigned.    Ronaldinho Ronaldo, Brazil, Ronaldinho, Brazil, helped Barcelona win the La Liga title for the first time in 2005 and won the Spanish Super Cup, which successfully won the World Footballer and won a surprisingly high vote of 956 points, followed by the new Premier League champion Chelsea’s core Lampard, 306 points, Eto’o 190 points ranked third.    In 2006, Cannavaro Real Italy won the German World Cup with a dark horse. Captain Cannavaro swept the awards ceremony of the two major men at the end of the year. If Mattus, who kicked the scavenger late in his career, was not considered a defenderIn other words, the current coach of Tianjin Quanjian is also the only defender to overcome today’s World Footballer Award.After the Italian with 489 points, Zidane, the 454-point World Cup Golden Globe winner, had a very small gap. Ronaldinho, with 380 points, replaced three consecutive championships.    In 2007, Kaka Brazil AC Milan AC Milan won the Champions League trophy after an interval of 4 years, Kika, a pillar of the sky, easily took over the two major moments at the end of the year, which also made up for the regrets of the red and black senior Shevchenko, and the Ukrainian nuclear warhead won goldThe award, but never won the title of Mr. World Football.Kaka with 1047 points doubled Messi with 504 points and Ronaldo scored 426 points.    In 2008, Ronaldo Portugal Manchester United C Ronaldo led Manchester United to complete two consecutive Premier League championships in 2008. At the same time, he won the Champions League Big Ear Cup and the World Club Cup. He also won the European Golden Boot Award that year, so he easily won first with 935 points.World Footballer, Messi scored 678 points, staying in the second place, and the European Cup final lore player Torres scored 203 points over Kakalie third.    In 2009, Messi Argentina, Argentina, Barcelona, Messi and Guardiola led Barcelona to an unprecedented six-time champion in 2009. The Argentine certainly did not have any conflicts. The first to win the world footballer, some of the 1073 points also created a vote.Historical record.Cristiano Ronaldo, who just transferred to Real Madrid, scored 352 points, Harvey 196 points, and Kaka ranked third with 6 points.    In 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid returned to the World Football Team after seven years of restoration. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 34.54% support rate was elected. In 2016, he won the Champions League and the European Cup two championship titles, easily won the Golden Globe and FIFA.Messi scored 26.42% support rate ranks second, pressing 7.Gretzman with a 53% approval rating.

Sun’s top center Ayton’s drug test was positive and was banned for 25 games. Will it be mistaken?

Sun’s top center Ayton’s drug test was positive and was banned for 25 games. Will it be mistaken?
The NBA League announced that Ayton was suspended for 25 games.NBA official website screenshot Today, the NBA League officially announced that Sun center Ayton will face a heavy penalty of 25 bans for violating the NBA doping regulations and diuretic test positive.Yesterday’s opener with the King, Ayton scored 18 points, 11 rebounds and 4 clocks to help the Suns get the start of the new season. No one expected that such an accident would happen at the beginning of the season.According to reports, the NBA Players Union is already preparing for arbitration on Ayton ‘s ban.In the relevant provisions of the NBA labor agreement, there is a provision for non-temporary substitution of diet. Subsequent testing also shows that Ayton did not replace other prohibited substances. This is likely to be a misuse of diet. The NBA player union hopes to redistribute the process as soon as possible.To alleviate or even cancel the alliance ‘s emphasis on Ayton.”I apologize to my family, to the entire Sun family, and to my teammates, fans and the entire Phoenix community. This is an unintentional mistake.Unfortunately I implanted something that I should n’t eat, and I did n’t correct it at all. I personally know how unfortunate this is for other people, and I am very sorry.”Ayton issued a statement saying that he was very disappointed in his work,” I will continue to cooperate with the NBA Players Union to complete the arbitration as soon as possible, hoping to have a positive result.”Although the Sun’s record has deteriorated in recent seasons, as the Sun’s top pick in the summer of 2018, Ayton averaged 16 per game last season.3 points 10.With three rebounds, his and Booker’s combination of inside and outside is giving the team more victories. Rubio’s joining in the offseason also makes the team better and better.There is no doubt that for the Sun walking on the right road to reconstruction, Ayton’s continuous suspension is definitely not a small blow.It is understood that since 2013, five leaders of the NBA league have violated the doping regulations. Tekoglu, Karahis, Noah, Meeks and Chandler have all been banned for violating the doping regulations.More than 20 games.At the beginning of 2017, the Knicks player Noah was suspended for 20 games because of taking a banned drug; two months ago, the Nets player Wilson Chandler was also banned for 25 games due to rehabilitation treatment.

[Do you eat more fruit to gain weight]_ gain weight _ what to eat _ diet conditioning

[Do you eat more fruit to gain weight]_ gain weight _ what to eat _ diet conditioning

March and April are the best time to eat strawberries and pineapples. In order to maintain their weight and satisfy the taste, many beauty-loving people often use fruits instead of dinner to lose weight.Not only did it not drop, but it grew a lot.

Therefore, eating more fruits can make you fat. This problem has been plagued by people. Let ‘s learn about it together!

Can dinner fruits replace dinner?

Too much fruit can also lead to obesity. Chinese medicine believes that too much is related to excessive consumption of “fatty sweetness”. The “fatty sweetness” here includes meat, sugar and pastries, as well as those containing a lot of “fructose”fruit.

“Fructose” is easily absorbed by the human body and transformed into transformations. If these transformations are not consumed, they will be transformed into adults and exist in the body.

Do you know the sugar content of fruits?

The sugar content of a banana is equal to 91 calories per 100 grams of rice in a bowl of rice. The sugar content is 23 grams, which is about the sugar content of a bowl of rice. The calories required are 63 minutes of walking and 11 minutes of running.Finish.

For an apple, every 100 grams of apples for a half-hour walk contains 52 calories in one body and 15 grams of sugar. The calories included require 34 minutes of walking and 6 minutes of running to be consumed.

A bunch of grapes, every 100 grams of grapes for a half-hour walk, contains 54 calories, 10 grams of sugar, and the calories involved require 36 minutes of walking and 6 runs.

It takes 5 minutes to run out.

A piece of watermelon, containing 4 grams of sugar per 100 grams of watermelon, contains 25 calories and 4 grams of sugar. The calories contained in it need 16 minutes of walking and 3 minutes of running to consume them.

A peach contains 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams of peaches, how many 41 calories, and 10 grams of sugar. The calories required are 23 minutes of walking and 4 minutes of running to consume.

A piece of pineapple, containing 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams of pineapple, contains 41 calories in one body and 11 grams of sugar. The calories involved require a 27-minute walk and 4 runs.

It takes 9 minutes to run out.

  5 litchis, 44 minutes of walking per 100 grams of litchi, contains 66 calories, 15 grams of sugar, the calories contained need 44 minutes of walking, 8 minutes of running to consume.

For a kiwi, every 100 grams of kiwi for 37 minutes of walking contains 56 calories in one body and 13 grams of sugar. The calories included require 37 minutes of walking and 7 minutes of running to be consumed.

Do you often eat fruit at night?

Many people are busy at work during the day and don’t have time to eat fruit, often starting after dinner.

As everyone knows, Chinese medicine considers “night to be yin”, and most fruits belong to “cold” foods. Eating more food is likely to hurt the spleen and stomach, which can lead to dampness and sputum.

If the function of the spleen and stomach is further dysfunctional, the phlegm in the body is easily turned into cream and stored in the skin. Over time, it becomes obese.

The right time to eat fruits in the day is the best in the morning: apples, pears, and grapes eat fruits in the morning, which can help digestion and absorption, and facilitate laxative.

And the sweet and sour taste of fruit can make people feel refreshed.

Do not eat before meals: maiden fruit, orange, hawthorn, banana, persimmon Some fruits are not allowed to eat on an empty stomach before meals, such as maiden fruit, orange, hawthorn, banana and so on.

The fruit contains soluble astringent. If eaten on an empty stomach, it will be combined with gastric acid, which will increase the pressure in the stomach and cause swelling and pain.

Oranges contain a lot of organic acids, and fasting can easily cause bloating.

Hawthorn is sour, and it can cause stomach pain when fasting.

The content of potassium and magnesium in bananas is high. Eating bananas on an empty stomach leads to an increase in the amount of magnesium in the blood and inhibits cardiovascular function.

Persimmons have astringent effects. When they encounter stomach acid, they will form persimmon stones, which can neither be digested nor excreted. After eating a large amount on an empty stomach, symptoms such as nausea and vomiting will occur.

Should choose after meals: pineapple, papaya, kiwi, orange, hawthorn pineapple contained in pineapple can help digest protein, supplement the lack of digestive enzymes in the human body, and enhance digestive function.

Papaya enzymes in papaya can help the body break down meat proteins. Eating a small amount of papaya after meals has certain effects on preventing gastric ulcers, gastroenteritis, and indigestion.

Kiwi, orange, hawthorn, etc. are rich in organic acids, which can increase digestive enzyme activity, promote slight decomposition and help digestion.

[Can amoxicillin babies eat it? Can babies eat amoxicillin]

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Baiyun Airport (600004) Semi-annual Report Comment: 2Q Results Increased 90% After Tax-free Doubled Development Fund in the First Half of the Year

Baiyun Airport (600004) Semi-annual Report Comment: 2Q Results Increased 90% After Tax-free Doubled Development Fund in the First Half of the Year

Incident Baiyun Airport disclosed the 2019 interim report, and the company realized operating income in the first half of the year38.

600 million, an annual increase of 3.

74%, net profit attributable to mothers4.

2.8 billion, down 39 previously.

1%; operating income in the second quarter was 19.

400 million, down 2 every year.

8%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 2.

0.5 billion, down 24 every year.

3%, the decrease was narrower than the previous month.

04 averages.

The business volume has been steadily increasing, and the international line has continued to increase. The comparable revenue caliber should increase by more than 15% per second. Baiyun Airport completed the flight in the first half of the year.

07 million sorties, with an annual increase of 2.

6%, achieved 3,564 passenger explosions.

640,000 person-times, an increase of 4 per year.

1%, achieved 90% of cargo mail fractures.

57 for the first time, growing by 1 every year.


The international business continued to rise, and the company completed in the first half of the year.

Complete international and regional flights.

180,000 sorties, passengers exploded 922.

30,000 person-times, cargo and horror 55.

9 Initially, at least 3 respectively.

7%, 9.

1% and 5.


From the end of November 201合肥夜网8, the Civil Aviation Development Fund will no longer return to the company’s revenue. We estimate that this part of the impact will contribute about 4 to the company’s revenue.

About 6 billion, if you deduct this part of the impact, the company’s comparable caliber revenue growth should be more than 15%.

Tax-free income doubled and rental dividends continued to be released. China National Tourism Interim Report showed that China Exemption reached 8 at the Baiyun Airport duty-free shop in the first half of the year.

44 ppm, an increase of 5 per year.

US $ 5.6 billion, an increase of 193%. Thanks to the tax-free royalty rate and the double rise of this type, the company’s rental dividend continued to be released.

The cost was significantly improved due to the commissioning of the T2 terminal building, and the deduction of the development fund affected the 2Q performance improvement. In the first half of the year, the company’s operating costs increased significantly due to the commissioning of the T2 terminal building, with new depreciation.

64 ppm, non-depreciated other costs increased by 1.

2.1 billion.

However, considering that the commissioning date of the T2 terminal falls at the end of April 2018, and there may be some one-time costs in the statement for the same period last year, the company’s operating costs have increased by 4 each year.

8.5 billion, which is significantly lower than the second half of last year.

The previous increase of 4.4 billion, of which the operating costs in the second quarter increased by only 15.17 million yuan per year.

As the base effect fades in the second half of the year, the company’s performance will gradually return to normal.

In fact, if it replaces the influence of the Civil Aviation Development Fund, the company’s second-quarter performance has been continuously positive, and the pre-tax profit increase should be about 90%. Investment suggestions We continue to be optimistic about the development trend of China’s tax-free industry.

As the southern gate of the developing country, Baiyun Airport is currently experiencing an increase in tax-free sales, but it is still far lower than Shanghai and Capital Airports in absolute terms, which is why it means it has potential growth potential.

Taking into account the company’s aviation business volume growth rate is slightly lower than our previous expectations, since 9.

9 billion, 13.

6 billion, 16.

700 million lowered 2019-2021 profit forecast4.

1%, 3.

4%, 2% to 9.

5 billion, 13.

2 billion, 16.

3 billion.

Considering that the company’s expectations have almost doubled since this year, the dynamic assessment level is no longer low, and the level has been downgraded to “overweight”, but at the same time considering that there is uncertainty in the current macro economy, the market is more inclined to takeThe measures continue to increase the potential of consumer products, and the airport’s performance driving force has completed the switch from the main aviation industry to non-aviation revenue, which has become a stronger consumption attribute.

The current consumer stock leaders such as Maotai, Wuliangye, and Haitian Dynamic Evaluation are 36 respectively.

4X, 36.

9X, 63.

At 6X, Wind unanimously expected that the estimated PE levels in 2021 would be 24X, 22X, and 42X, so we raised our target price from 16 yuan to 23.

3% to 19.

73 yuan, corresponding to 25 times the PE valuation of EPS in 2021.

Risk warning: Macroeconomic growth rate, tax-free sales are less than expected, cost growth exceeds expectations

New World (000997) Annual Report 2018 Comments: Performance in line with expected growth momentum potential

New World (000997) Annual Report 2018 Comments: Performance in line with expected growth momentum potential

Event: The company released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report: In 2018, it achieved 57 revenue.

6 billion with an increase of 18.

6%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies5.

8.6 billion down 10.


2019Q1 achieved revenue of 成都桑拿网 12.

1.5 billion with an increase of 4.

8%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies2.

4.8 billion with an increase of 27.


The performance was in line with expectations, and the high prosperity of the information technology sector continued the company’s revenue in the information technology sector except real estate in 2018.

9.6 billion with an increase of 43.

2%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies other than real estate5.

8.1 billion with an increase of 26.


In the first quarter of 2019, the information technology segment except real estate achieved revenue12.

9.9 billion increased by 18.

8%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies other than real estate2.

4.6 billion with an increase of 48.


Comprehensive gross profit margin 29.

2% down 5.

The four tiers were mainly due to the decline in gross profit margin of payment operators and value-added services and the adjustment of income structure.

Selling expense ratio 3.

8% down 0.

24 units with a management expense ratio of 15.

1% up 1.

2 fines, partly due to the increase in fair incentive fees.

The POS business grew to 2 million units, a 40% increase.

In addition, based on merchant operation service platforms, SAAS services such as payment and finance are created.

Among them, the transaction volume of payment business in 2018 exceeded 1.

The 5 trillion yuan increased by 88%, the number of platform service merchants exceeded 500,000, and the financial service loan balance was 16.

3.3 billion increased by 15%, and the non-performing rate was 3.


Merchant operating services maximize revenue 28.

02 billion increased by 74.

7%, profit contribution accounted for the first over 50%.

With the improvement of service platform merchant operation capabilities, the realizing value of SAAS and financial services is worth looking forward to. Investment suggestion: Considering the downward trend of the company’s payment operators and value-added business gross profit margins, meanwhile, the bad debt rate of financial services has increased rapidly, and the company’s 武汉夜网论坛 diluted EPS for 2019-2020 is reduced to 0.

72, 0.

87 yuan / share.

The EPS is expected to be 1 in 2021.

08 yuan / share.

Based on the bullish position of the company’s POS equipment industry and the long-term value of merchant operations, we maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: The competition in the smart POS industry is intensifying, the acquisition fee rate is decreasing, and the bad debt rate is continuously increasing.

Ningbo Gaofa (603788): Adjusting the pain period is about to end and expects the results to reverse quarterly

Ningbo Gaofa (603788): Adjusting the pain period is about to end and expects the results to reverse quarterly

Investment Highlights Event: Recently, the company announced the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report, with 2018 revenue of 12.

900 million, an increase of 6.

7%, return to mother’s profit 2.

200 million, down 7.

7%, deducting non-profit 1.

700 million, down 20.


In Q1 2019, the company’s revenue was 2.

200 million, down 42.

2%, attributable profit to mother 0.

400 million, down 48.


The downturn in the auto market weighed on revenue, and a major adjustment in 19Q1.

In 2018, the number of cars produced was 27.81 million, a decrease of 4.


Geely crops increased by 10.

5%, Wuling dropped 9.


2019Q1 passenger car production was 52.37 million, downgraded by 12.

4%, Geely’s output increased by 4.

5%, Wuling dropped 21.


In 2018, shifter revenue was 6.

0 billion, an increase of 3.

0%, we predict that shifter sales in 2018 will be slightly broken down by 2017.

The revenue growth rate in the first quarter of 2019 exceeded that for the following reasons: 1. Sales of self-owned brand customers such as Cheetah, BAIC and Lifan increased; 2. Revenue was confirmed to lag behind the production and sales of automakers. In the last December, the production and sales of destocked automakers were generally largecut back.

Automatic transmission penetration is still room, and electronic transmission is ready.

The self-owned brand automatic transmission penetration rates were 20%, 28%, 46%, and 60% in 2015-2018, which were still lower than the joint venture brand’s 90% (2018).

The proportion of high-speed automatic transmissions has increased from 25% in 2017 to 36% in 2018, which is far lower than the market. We estimate that the company’s electronic transmissions will replace about 70,000 sets in 2018. Considering that independent brands such as Geely will be large-scale since 2020.A model equipped 南宁桑拿 with an electronic gear was launched, and the average price of the automatic gear shift was 2-3 times that of the manual gear. The electronic gear was about 2 times that of the automatic gear shift. There is room for the company’s revenue to increase.

The adjustment pain period is coming to an end, and we expect the results to reverse quarter by quarter.

The competition in the auto market intensified in the second half of 2018, and the company optimized its customer structure, which led to the painful period of the company’s performance adjustment.

However, the intensified competition has brought about a rise in the demand for domestic alternatives.In 2018, existing companies in Great Wall, Changan, SAIC and other white-dot independent brands have developed smoothly, and they have started to supply shifters for JMC Ford. The 北京夜网 customer expansion in joint venture brands will be significant.accelerate.

In addition, the company’s self-developed LCD instrument is about to be mass-produced, which is the company’s new growth pole.

We have adjusted our profit forecast and expect EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.

55, 1.

35, 1.

61 yuan, maintaining the “prudent increase” rating.

Risk reminder: Company customer expansion exceeds expectations, automatic transmission and electronic transmission penetration increase is lower than expected

fancl cosmeceutical new


fancl cosmeceutical new

Fancl thoroughly moisturizes and repairs the condensing mask. The overnight mask completely grasps the golden time of the skin, which greatly improves the ability of moisturizing and repairing.

Used before bedtime, the contained silk protein forms a water-locking protective film on the surface of the skin, reversing the law of continuous water loss at night, continuously replenishing the skin with moisture and nourishing nutrients, effectively repairing dry lines, fine lines and rough skin.When you wake up, your skin is silky and supple.

  Fancl Brightening Essence Soft Mask focuses on softening and removing thick old keratin, which effectively improves rough skin, dark particles and faded acne marks. The skin is smooth and smooth. The soft film contains vitamin E particles. When used, it is gently massaged.Helps promote blood circulation, eliminates dull yellowness, and leaves skin nourished and radiant.

Lactobacillus bifidus fermented essence supplements cells, making skin less prone to form corrosive oxides.

  fancl Moisturizing and Moisturizing Essence Mask (Moisturizing / Moisturizing Type) Provides skin with rich beauty nutrition, can fully moisturize and moisturize, and is easy to absorb, so that dehydrated cells can restore moisture and fullness, can lock moisturizing and moisturizing essence, and help skinAchieve lasting profitability.

Effectively moisturizes the skin, instantly restores the rough keratin of the winter to softness, and activates the cells, which helps to restore the disturbed skin texture to fullness.

9 weight loss recipes that are too thin to stop

9 weight loss recipes that are too thin to stop

What is the most effective way to lose weight? If you want to lose weight and love to eat, it is a big challenge for MM to lose weight.

In fact, the right diet choices can effectively slim down, because slimming recipes are a good choice, so what to eat to lose weight is good, here are 9 healthy weight loss recipes, the more you eat the more you lose weight

For mm who wants to lose weight, high-fat, high-conversion delicious food is also a headache.

How can I eat with peace of mind and keep 窈窕?

May wish to try the following nine delicious diet recipes, so that you can maintain a beautiful posture in the new year.

  Ingredients for Sixi Yarong Dumpling: 60 grams of flour, 30 grams of water, 40 grams of duck meat, 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 10 grams of Bailing mushroom, sweet peas and red pepper.

  Seasoning: salt, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil, eggs.

  Practice: 1.

Knock the eggs apart, separate the yolks and egg whites, divide into small bowls, steam them in a pot and chop them.

Sweet peas and red peppers are chopped and cooked for later use.


Duck meat is chopped into minced meat, salt, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil to taste.

Wash the shiitake mushrooms and white mushrooms, dry them, and chop them into the prepared meat.


Add water and flour to form a dough. Add the duck paste filling into the heart. Leave four small holes in the four corners. Fill in egg whites, egg yolks, sweet peas, and red peppers.

  Duck liver sauce bread ingredients: 100 grams of duck liver sauce, 3 slices of baguette.

  Seasoning: 20 grams of garlic, 5 grams of basil leaves.

  Practice: 1.

The garlic is mashed, and the basil leaves are washed and dried to mash.

Mix the two evenly and spread on the French stick.

Just apply duck liver sauce.

  Tips: Foie gras and duck liver sauce are now sold in supermarkets.

  Ingredients for Shanzhen Chenpi old duck pot: 1 old duck, 50 grams of winter melon, 100 grams of straw mushroom, 50 grams of pearl fungus.

  Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 2 sections of spring onion, 4 slices of ginger, 2 pieces of red bean curd.

  Practice: 1.

The old duck washes and washed, cut into small pieces, and drained the blood.

Wash, peel, and cut into pieces.

Wash and dry the straw mushrooms and pearl fungus.

Add all the ingredients mentioned above, as well as the peel, green onion segments, and ginger slices, and bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer for about one and a half hours. Put salt and fermented bean curd for 10 minutes.

  Ingredients for papaya stewed bird’s nest: 1 papaya, 1 Tremella, 5 grams of dried bird’s nest.

  Seasoning: broth, rock sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the papaya and empty the container.

Tremella and bird’s nest in hair soaked in water.

Put the white fungus into the papaya together with the broth, steam it out for 15 minutes, add the prepared bird’s nest and rock sugar, and cook well.  Chestnut roasted cabbage raw material: 400g baby doll, 150g chestnut.

  Seasoning: salt, oyster sauce, sugar, broth, starch.

  Practice: 1.

Wash baby dishes, dry, and cut into strips.

Chestnut shelling.

The two go into the pot together, cook with broth, add salt, oyster sauce and some sugar, and finally thin the pan.

  Gold Medallion Beef Willow Ingredients: 300 grams of beef willow, 50 grams of onion.

  Seasoning: oil, salt, soy sauce, tender meat meal, egg white, starch, salad dressing, chocolate pin.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the beef fillet, cut into pieces, pat loose, salt, old soy, tender meat powder, and egg white marinate for 15 minutes.

Wash and shred the onions, stir-fry with flour, and place in a pan.

Put the bran on the pan over high heat and cook it in beef tenderloin.


Squeeze the salad dressing and sprinkle with chocolate pins.

  Ingredients for butterburst: 100 grams of flour.

  Seasoning: 50 grams of water, 200 grams of salad oil, 50 grams of vegetable butter, 10 grams of chocolate needles.

  Practice: 1.

After adding water to the flour and forming the dough, patiently scoop into a small whisker noodle.

Put the oil in the pot and heat it up. When putting into the dragon whisk noodles, pay attention to the gestures and fry into a cake.

Squeeze the butter cream on each of the dragon whisk cakes and sprinkle with chocolate colored pins.

  Pea yellow raw material: 80 grams of peas.

  Seasoning: 60 grams of sugar, 20 grams of agar, 20 grams of water.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the peas first, and steam them over the pan.

Put white sugar and agar in the mashed peas, cook for 5 minutes on high heat, then pour into your favorite shape container (some kind of heart shape), and cool to form.

Cut out when eating and cut into small pieces.

  Kraft shrimp balls raw materials: 75 grams of prawns, 30 grams of purple cabbage.

  Seasoning: egg white, flour, salad dressing, sugar, fresh lemon juice, black sesame.

  Practice: 1.

Shrimp go head, tail, shell, open back to shrimp line.

Purple cabbage is washed and shredded and placed on the bottom of the plate.

Mix egg whites and flour into a paste.Add sugar to the salad dressing and mix with fresh lemon juice.

Shrimp paste and fry in oil pan, roll and mix salad dressing, place on purple cabbage, and sprinkle with black sesame.

Unleashing heavy makeup and light makeup can be beautiful_1

Release heavy makeup and restrain light makeup can be beautiful

Many shows are happy to show the contrast of women before and after makeup, exclaiming the effect of changing face.

Well, girls do n’t want to make heavy makeup. Look at the fresh and tender makeup of European and American celebrities. The seductive tenderness is like a hibiscus. You can also do it!

Release the shackles of heavy makeup, a refreshing little woman temperament, show off the supple skin.

Pay attention to the details, and take care of the light makeup.

  Water-reducing skin age-reducing magic weapon Water-refining and good skin will make the whole person look 10 years younger!

The overall color must be paid evenly, especially the neck part can not be missed, or go out with a white face, and it is not good to take a closer look at the white neck.

The choice of blush must be commensurate with the color of the face, too strong colors will make it feel abrupt.

  It is also important to make a good makeup and transform into the fantasy goddess race!

This dreamy makeup, Yumu has a sexy goddess reminiscent of online games!

If you are a fair girl, then it is worth a try. It looks more ruthless and needs to be reflected in the choice of blush, not to be pale, and the choice of too red is not feasible, and the lip color should be a little lighter.The colors are good.

  The details make the sweet princess makeup a delicate little princess makeup, sweet and playful and cute.

The skin is built with attention to detail, highlighting the natural feeling. The omission of blush is just to highlight the lip color and the moist red lips are as sweet as candy.

The treatment of the eyes seems to be simple. In fact, pay attention to many details. The eyelashes must be long enough. The light eye shadows create a natural light and dark feeling, and the entire makeup will look beautiful.

  Love makes women better cosmetics The sweetness of love makes Xiao Nizi more glorious. As the saying goes, youth is the best cosmetics. How can you admire the good foundation, but delicate light makeup is a good coloring choice.
It is close to its own skin color, and there are more retouched parts, naturally it is not artificial.

The faint lip color highlights the sweetness of beautiful girls. The treatment of eye makeup is naturally the best. The natural level will make the makeup more comfortable.

  Royal sister Fan’s naked makeup Fan Yu sister Fan radiates from the inside, Julie’s powerful aura is worthy of praise, and the streamlined makeup is even more sharp and clean.

Julie’s face is more angular, so adding blush will feel more affinity.

Not a strong lip color but equally sexy, the effect of tenderness must not be.

  Choosing a good eye shadow position makes the eyes more charming. The unique temperament of Twilight Girl is very charming, but it always reminds people of dullness.

A more agile makeup is a good choice. The makeup of the eye makeup highlights the bright feeling. The bright colors are created to make the eyes look more charming. The range of choice is only a small part of the double eyelids, the distance between the eyebrows and the eyesMore recently, the makeup looks understated and luxurious.

Too fair skin, remember to add blush, people will repeatedly outlive.

  The eye field of the upper eye is followed by the upgrade of the elegant and beautiful goddess makeup. The comfort of the heavy makeup is abandoned, and the fresh and elegant beauty is more touching!

The agile race can be broken and delicate, as long as the choice of foundation pays attention to nature, and when it comes to skin care, it also needs to be super careful.

Lip color must remember to fade, girly beauty depends on it.

The raised eyes and eyeshadows will enhance the temperament of the whole person, so mature women can’t miss it.

  The faint laziness is the most sexy temptation to become the sexy of the three heroines. This little foreign man has a natural heart.

Both cheeks are tall and the width of her face makes her have the sexy conditions of the right place.

The beauty of thick lips is like a depression, so you don’t need a strong lip color, and you can point out the color of the lower lips to have a lazy sexy taste.

The contrast between the light and dark on the cheeks is completely three-dimensional, and the beauty of naked makeup is visible.

  Elongated eyeliner makes women more charming and looks lighter. It always gives a comfortable feeling.

But it is not a worry-free effort. The whole must have a good background, and the skin tone must be natural.

The delicateness of the eye makeup is also indispensable. The length of each eyeline stretches the length of the eyes, which in turn will make it look more natural. Adding charming long eyelashes can only be described as perfect.

  The temptation of Fox Fairy You can also be charming of Fox Fairy, a good makeup will make you instantly transform!

The eyeliner should have a radian, which makes the eye waves more agile.

White fair people must also be indispensable. In order to set off the beauty of the skin, the silver eyeshadows on the eye makeup will be more appropriate!

The lip color is light pink as usual, and the overall makeup is not obscure, which will make the eyes more comfortable.