2015 All-Star Game-Eastern Conference bench list prediction

2015 All-Star Game-Eastern Conference bench list prediction
The NBA official announced the starting list of the 2015 All-Star Game last week, and a substitute will be released this weekend.These 14 people were voted by the head coaches of each team, which is more focused on the performance than the popularity.We might as well sort out this in two columns. Today’s protagonist is the Eastern Part.  The five starting tigers selected by fans are Lowry, Wall, James, Anthony and Gasol.These 5 people are not only popular, but also have remarkable performances-in ESPN’s victory contribution list, they are ranked in the top 9 in the Eastern Conference.Among them, Lowry and Wall are the best point guards in the Eastern Conference. Even if the low tide is encountered, Zhangua is better than most people. Dajia has made new branches after switching to the Bulls.替补照例按照两名后场、3名前场和两张外卡的方式列出:东区全明星替补预测后场:杰夫-蒂格  洛瑞和沃尔是无可争议的东区头两名控卫(In no particular order), as for who is the third best, many people may be inclined to start Irving last year.But in fact, whether it is efficiency or record, Teague is better.He averaged 17.2 points 7.5 assists, this is still just 31.Completed within 4 minutes.Don’t look at Teague’s three-pointer is not too accurate (34.1%), his true shooting percentage ranks among the top 3 in the Eastern Point Guards, while the top two Priggioni and Andre Miller have much less possession.Teague ranked seventh in the Eastern Conference guards in round possession, and his assist rate was also in the top 10.  Compared to last season, Teague’s basket shot percentage, field goal percentage and free throw percentage have increased to varying degrees, which is not only due to its rapid speed, but also related to the Eagles’ emphasis on space.Both Millsap and Horford are excellent pick-and-roll insiders. With them pulling out and shooting long distances, Teague can step on the hot wheels as he pleases.He has topped all players in the Eastern Conference with 460 breaks so far this season.In addition, Teague’s defense is not inferior. His hands are used very quickly. After the correction, the defensive positive and negative values are fourth in the eastern point guard. It is one of the guarantees of the Hawks’ super high mistakes.Backcourt: Jimmy Butler   This should be the least troublesome option.Butler is the No. 1 model in the NBA. He only missed three games for the Bulls, averaging 39.Ranked first in the league in 4 minutes.As a result, Butler only reached 117 in distance.5 kilometers, more than 10 kilometers more than the third Matthews in the league.Butler isn’t actually an extremely productive scorer. His round share is slightly higher than the league average, but he can’t stand full load attendance and excellent true shooting percentage (3rd in the Eastern Conference shooting guard), and the average output is still as high as20.5 points.  Butler does not have enough offensive skills to be called a signboard, but he breaks through, draws, fixes, cuts, low positions, fast breaks and no-ball screens, and therefore has the second-lowest turnover rate in the Eastern Division.It is a type that is very good at sewing needles to keep opponents out of defense.Butler’s free throws per 36 minutes from 4.7 times to 6.8 times, the middle distance has also improved accordingly, even if the three points are still average (34.6%) is enough.His rebound rate is also seventh in the Eastern Division guards, and he has not lost his tough defense as a housekeeping skill when he debuted.This is the most versatile shooting guard in the Eastern Conference.Frontcourt: Paul Millsap is the most powerful team in the Eastern Conference, and it should be possible for at least two players to participate in the All-Star game.Bull coach Thibodeau even exaggerated that the Hawks should move the entire starting lineup to New York for performances.At the moment, although ESPN published a long article to support Korver’s selection, the super shooter’s turn share is too low, and the weakness of the main attack ability does not seem to meet the All-Star qualities.Although Millsap’s defensive contribution and efficiency are slightly lower than Horford, after all, he played more than 150 minutes, and the quantitative advantage is enough to make up for the lack of quality.  Millsap’s performance was almost the same as when he made his All-Star debut last season.He also improved his efficiency after a slight decrease in possession.Millsap is a real dislocation weapon, he has fully adapted to the three-point range, if the opponent is too close, he can break through.If the opponent will mark with a faster forward, he will choose to beat the opponent in the low post.Millsap’s true field goal percentage and assist rate are both seventh in the Eastern Conference power forwards. The lack of height leads to mediocre rebounds, so in the same position it is slightly inferior to Gasol.Frontcourt: Andre Drummond Pistons rushed out at the most appropriate time, and it was not surprising that someone was selected as an All-Star.It is still open to question who the original candidate is-Zhuang Shen’s performance is more stable, and Jennings is more explosive.But now that Jennings is reimbursed for the season, Drummond’s list should be logical.He averaged 12 in less than 30 minutes per game.5 points 13.0 rebounds, of which the offensive rebound rate ranks second in the league, and the defensive rebound rate ranks third.Zhuang Shen’s shooting rate fluctuated greatly at the beginning of the season, but has gradually recovered as the schedule progressed (December is stronger than January).  Especially after Josh Smith left, Dafan was able to use the big four team more often, and used Drummond and Monroe separately.When the outside line is full of shooters and the power forward is directed by Jerebko or Tolliver, Zhuang Shen with no range can also be released more.His protection of the basket has also improved significantly, and his opponent’s shooting percentage within 5 feet was 53.1%, this year has increased to 48.4%.Drummond’s weaknesses are still lack of low footwork, unbalanced left and right hands, and poor free throws. In the Western Conference, he should not be an All-Star.Frontcourt: Nikolai Vuchevich  You must have doubts when you see this: The Magic’s record is in the bottom third in the Eastern Conference. Why did Vucevic get selected?There are several considerations here. The first is that there must be 3 players in the frontcourt. If Butler is not counted as a small forward, the third position is bound to be controversial.Vucevic’s competitors include Horford, Bosh, Love, etc., but these latter players have common problems-they are not strictly masters of their respective teams.So is the Hawks playing team basketball so good that 3 players are selected for the All-Star game?Who is better at Boshlov than Wade Irving?  And Vucevic has his own advantages.He is definitely one of the most beautiful stats in the Eastern Conference so far, averaging 19.4 points 11.Attendance at three rebounds was exceptionally stable.Vucevic can pull out a pick-and-roll shot when he retreats, and both hands can shoot in the low post.His offensive performance is basically the same as the other (the pass is slightly weaker and the hit rate is higher), and don’t forget that the Magic’s passing resources are much worse than the Bulls.Since Irving in 2013 can be selected as an All-Star as a substitute (when the Cavaliers had a worse record), Vucevic should also have hope.Wild card: Dwyane Wade    is still as mentioned above, the Heat with less wins and losses should not have two All-Stars.Moreover, Wade and Bosh each missed a certain number of games, and they were selected because they were more famous. It was not fair to other players who worked equally hard.If only one person is chosen, Wade and Bosh should have their own advantages and disadvantages.Wade’s efficiency is higher, and the number of appearances and average time per game are slightly inferior.But Bosh suffered a loss in expectations-he renewed his contract with a top salary, and it is no better than Wade who renewed his salary. Even if he more often bears the responsibility of the ball, it is still easy to fluctuate.  As Wade’s only outside main attack point after James left the team, at this stage of his career, he actually improved the round share to the third place in the league.Although he paid the price of quasi-minimum decline and increased turnovers, his true shooting percentage is still higher than that of Wei Shao and Kobe, who have more ball power, and not lower than the league average.Wade no longer has the lightning speed and explosive power at the peak, completely relying on technology and consciousness to complete the average 21.6 points output.In addition, he was the second defender of the Eastern Conference in the previous rounds of the All-Star vote. He was not overtaken by Lowry until the last minute, indicating that there are still many fans who want him to play in New York.Wild card: Kyrie Irving is another controversial card!Question 1 is that the Cavaliers are only fifth in the Eastern Conference and are they eligible to be selected to replace the All-Star.But under normal circumstances, the Eagles and Bulls should also be selected, and the Wizards Raptors did find a suitable second.Question 2 is how much advantage Irving has with reference to other Eastern Conference second-line point guards (outside Lori Waltig).Jennings will not mention it. Brandon Knight and Kemba Walker (the latest news is that the surgery may also be long-term absence) also have brilliant performances, and are the leaders of their respective teams, the Bucks.The Hornets are currently among the top 8 in the Eastern District.  What’s more interesting at the moment is that none of them are good at passing, and their assist rates are ranked fourth, fifth and seventh in the Eastern Conference point guard.If comparing other aspects, Irving is definitely the most balanced.He and Walker are both good at controlling mistakes, but the true hit rate is higher; he and Knight’s ability to seize the opportunity is between Bozhong, but obviously to waste mistakes.And the defense of these two men is not good enough to kill Irving in seconds.In addition, Irving was the MVP of the last All-Star Game. There is no problem in terms of viewing. It is very suitable for performing in New York next month.  Concluding remarks: The above seven people have all been ranked in the top 15 in the Eastern Conference in terms of victory contribution. If anyone loses, they are most likely to find from the other three people, namely Bosh, Horford and Walker.In the new season, especially in the last month, the Eastern Conference team has become more competitive than before, but the situation of weak East and West strong cannot be changed in the short term.This imbalance determines that you will inevitably see some players closer to the quasi-All-Star on the bench list, and it will inevitably have a sense of why he can play.Two days later, we will talk about the attribution of the bench in the Western District in the column, and then the topic will have to be changed to why he has not been on it.(Zhang Wenjing)

Xiaode: Kobe is my mentor, in front of him I look like a pupil

Xiaode: Kobe is my mentor, in front of him I look like a pupil
In the US Open in 2019, Kobe Bryant was on the sidelines for Federer and Evans.This morning, NBA legend superstar Kobe?Bryant was killed in a crash. Djokovic, Nadal, Sharapova, Mugulazza and other tennis stars commemorated.In a media interview at the Australian Open last week, Djokovic said Kobe was one of his mentors, and he was like a pupil in front of him.”Thank you for inspiring me and the whole world. Thank you for showing everyone how athletes fight and how to cope with sports. Thank you for leaving us a precious legacy.”Djokovic said he will always remember the positive energy shed in Kobe’s smile,” you and Jaina will always live in our hearts.”Coincidentally, in an interview at the Australian Open last week, Djokovic also noticed Kobe’s incentive to himself.”Kobe is one of my mentors. I don’t know if I can say that.In the past few years, I have experienced elbow injuries. When I was struggling and ranked, we met. He gave me some suggestions to guide me to believe in myself. I believe I can come back. I am gratefulsupport me.”Djokovic said that when he was with Kobe, he was like a pupil, listening and asking questions.” I’m not afraid of questions. They are too. This is to exchange information that is useful for my sports.”Kobe loves tennis, and he is good friends with Federer, Djokovic, Sharapova and others.”After retiring, Kobe often played tennis.Last year at the US Open, Kobe Bryant took the spot for Federer and Evans and sat in the box to watch the game of Nagasaka.When asked about his favorite game during his lifetime, Kobe responded by answering the 2012 London Olympic semifinals. Federer eliminated Del Potro 19-17 in the final set.That game took 266 minutes. Kobe called it the most consecutive tennis game he has ever seen.Editor Xu Xiaofan proofreading Li Lijun

[Farm killing pig dishes]_how to do_how to do

[Farm killing pig dishes]_how to do_how to do

A country can be divided into urban and rural, and there are only two types of classification, and the various types of urban and rural are different, not only because of the different education levels of people, but also because of the way people earn andThe sources are different. Because of this, many urban people like the tranquility and coziness of the countryside, so many farmhouses have emerged, so let ‘s take a look at the farm ‘s killing pigs!

First, the farm’s killing pig dishes The farm’s killing pig dishes was originally a stew eaten by high-rises in the northeast of China when they were approaching the New Year’s Eve.

In the past, people did n’t have the conditions to pay attention to any ingredients and seasonings. They just chopped the blood neck of a pig that had just been killed into large pieces and cooked them into large pieces. Then they put them into the pot while cooking.Chinese cabbage.
Add water and seasonings. Wait until the rotten vegetables are cooked, then pour the filled blood sausage into the pot and cook.

When serving, a plate of meat, a plate of sauerkraut, a plate of blood sausage, and some of them are combined.

Second, seasoning lard, ginger, salt, spring onion, pepper noodles. Three, the main ingredients: 100 grams of fresh fat pork, 150 grams of pork blood, 50 grams of liver, 50 grams of pig intestine, 100 grams of white tofu, 100 picklesGram seasoning: lard, ginger, salt, green onion, pepper noodles, soy sauce, chili noodles, four special meat tender soup, fresh but not greasy, appetizing and decoction to teach you how to kill pig dishes / farm kill pig dishes, how to do itKilling pig dishes / farm killing pig dishes is only five delicious, production methods Farmers killing pig ingredients: 100 grams of fresh fatty pork, 150 grams of pork blood, 50 grams of liver, 50 grams of pig intestine, 100 grams of white tofu, 100 picklesG.

Seasoning: lard, ginger, salt, shallot, pepper noodles, soy sauce, paste pepper noodles.

Six steps: 1. Fat pork, pig intestine, pig blood, pork liver, white tofu cut into slices, sauerkraut cut into sections, ginger shreds, green onions cut into green onions.

2. Burn some lard in the pot to 60% heat, stir-fry the ginger, then add pork, stir-fry the pig’s large intestine and add water to cook, then add sauerkraut, and finally add pork blood, pork liver, and white tofu.Add a few rolls of salt and MSG to the pan. 3, simmer with scallion, pepper noodles, soy sauce, and chili noodles.

Flavor characteristics: The meat tender soup is fresh, fat but not greasy, appetizing and defusing.

Production points: Generally, freshly killed pork is used!

Tip: Generally use fresh pork and other ingredients!

[Efficacy and role of Ganoderma lucidum]_Ganoderma lucidum_nutritional value_benefits

The following are the most important ones: cre, cre, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c, c粠鑰屼娇韬綋鏈鸿兘杈惧埌骞宠 锛屾瘮濡傚綋浜虹殑鍏嶇柅绯荤粺鍑虹幇绱婁贡鎴栬€呬綆涓嬫椂锛屾湇鐢ㄧ伒鑺濆氨浼氭湁寰堝ソ鐤楁晥锛屼笅闈粙缁嶇伒鑺濈殑鏇村濂藉銆?涓€銆佺伒鑺濈殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢?1銆佺伒鑺濆懗鐢樿嫤銆佹€у钩锛屽綊蹇冦€佽偤銆佽倽銆佽劸缁忥紱鍙吇蹇冨畨绁烇紝鍏昏偤鐩婃皵锛岀悊姘斿寲娣ゃ€佹粙鑲濆仴鑴俱€備富娌昏櫄鍔充綋寮憋紝绁炵柌涔忓姏锛屽績鎮稿け鐪狅紝澶寸洰鏄忔檿锛屼箙鍜Insects are squeaky, fresh, fresh, fresh, simmering, simmering, simmering, simmering, sorrowful?銆佺伒鑺濆惈鏈夌殑鈥滈敆鈥濓紝鑳戒娇浜轰綋琛€娑插惛鏀舵哀鐨勮兘鍔涘鍔?.5 chains, cross-linking, cross-linking, companionship, and awkward rudders, chopping keys, key, key, key, key, link, key, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link鐨勫姛鏁堬紝鍙敤浜庡悇绉嶆參鎬х梾鎵€鑷寸殑闈㈣壊榛勮悗鍙婄敱浜庢皵琛€涓嶈冻鑰岃嚧鐨勯潰閮ㄥ厜娉界瓑鐥囷紱鐏佃姖鎵€鍚湁鏈洪敆鍙瀵间汉浣撲骇鐢熷苟婵€娲籒K缁嗚優鍜屽法鍣粏鑳炴椿鎬э紝鍙備What’s wrong?This is the most important thing in the world. It ‘s very difficult to find out what happened in the chain. It ‘s very difficult to get around.敓鐗╃⒈鍙互鎶楃値闀囩棝锛涚伒鑺濆瀛愮矇鑳芥琛€銆佹帓姣掋€佹姉姘с€?浜屻€佺伒鑺濇€庝箞鍚?1銆佺伒鑺濆崟鍛崇厧鏈嶆垨涓庝汉鍙傘€侀粍鑺€佸綋褰掋€佺啛鍦般€侀吀鏋d粊銆佹煆瀛愪粊銆佷簲鍛冲瓙銆佺櫧鏈€佽尟鑻撶瓑閰嶄紞锛屽彲鍏诲績瀹夌锛屽吇鑲虹泭姘旓紝婊嬭倽鍋ヨ劸銆?We are all interested in the research and development of the real estate chain. It ‘s not a good idea. What are you going to do? Do you want to know what you ‘re doing?0澶╁悗锛屽彲鍘绘福楗敤锛岀敤浠ユ不鐤楄偤缁撴牳銆佹參鎬ф敮姘旂鐐庛€佺缁忚“寮便€侀珮琛€鑴傘€侀珮琛€鍘嬪強椤藉浐鎬ц儍鐐庣瓑鐥囥€傚叿浣撳姞鍏ュ摢浜涗腑鑽紝鍙褰撳湴涓尰鎸囨槑锛屽缓璁笉瑕佽嚜宸遍殢鎰忔惌閰嶄腑鑽€?This is the most important thing in the world. The key to the field is the key to the field. The following is the best way to go through the world: what are you going to do?What’s the difference? What’s the difference? Yeah, what’s the difference? Yeah, what’s the difference? Yeah, what’s going on?0 搴 ︼ 纴 娉 $ 殑 曩 囩 ▼ 搴 旇  灜 氜 簬 20 鍒 嗛 抓?涓夈€佺伒鑺濈殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?1銆佺伒鑺濆惈鏈夊绉嶆皑鍩洪吀锛岃泲鐧借川锛岀敓鐗╃⒈銆侀璞嗙簿銆佺斁绫汇€佷笁钀滅被銆佹尌鍙戞补銆佺敇闇查唶銆佹爲鑴傚強绯栫被銆佺淮鐢熺礌B2銆佺淮鐢熺礌C銆佸唴閰拰閰剁被銆傜‖鑴傞吀銆佸欢鑳$储閰搞€佽嫰鐢查吀绛変负鍏舵墍鍚吀鍐呯殑涓昏鎴愬垎銆?銆佺伒鑺濆惈杩樻湁鏋佷赴瀵岀殑绋€鏈夊厓绱犫€滈敆鈥濄€傚洓銆佺伒鑺濋€傜敤浜虹兢 鐜颁唬鍖诲璇佹槑What is the difference between the chain and the chain? It is different from the manuscript, and it is different from the manuscript.What is it?銆佽韩浣撹櫄寮憋紝鍏嶇柅鍔涗綆涓嬶紝瀹规槗鎮g梾鑰咃紱2銆侀暱鏈熷浜庝簹鍋ュ悍鐘舵€侊紝绮剧涓嶆尟鑰咃紱3銆佸伐浣滃帇鍔涘ぇ锛岃剳鍔涘姵鍔ㄩ绻佽€屽鑷寸殑绁炵粡琛板急銆佸け鐪犮€佸伐浣滄晥鐜囦綆涓嬬殑浜猴紱4銆佹偅鏈夊悇绉嶆參鎬х梾锛岄渶瑕侀暱鏈熸湇鑽不鐤楄€咃紱5銆侀暱鏈熸帴瑙︾數鑴戙€乆鍏夊皠绾跨瓑鍚勭杈愬皠婧愮殑浜猴紱6銆佹偅鏈夐珮琛€鑴傘€侀珮琛€绯栥€侀珮琛€鍘嬬瓑鐤剧梾鐨勪汉锛?銆佽偪鐦ょ柧鐥呮偅鑰呫€?

[Efficacy of Onion Steamed Water]_Onion Steamed Water_Function_Benefits

銆 愭 飱 钱 Weiqiongqiu 姑 撷 甸 晥 銆 咱 嬭 咕咕 咂 専 専 咂 専 咱 _ 諊 灭 敤 _ 濂 BOR
鍏荤敓淇濆仴鏄敓娲讳腑瓒婃潵瓒婇噸瑕佺殑涓€涓棶棰橈紝澶у鏁颁汉閮藉笇鏈涜嚜宸辩殑韬綋鑳藉闀夸箙鐨勫钩瀹変笅鍘汇€傚洜姝わ紝闂叉椂杩涜涓€浜涘繀瑕佺殑鍏荤敓淇濆仴鏄潪甯告湁蹇呰鐨勶紝鑰屼繚鍋ョ殑鏂规硶澶氭暟浠ラ鐤椾负涓伙紝鍏朵腑锛屾磱钁辨槸搴旂敤鏈€骞跨殑涓€绉嶏紝涓嬮潰灏辨潵鐪嬬湅娲嬭懕钂告按鐨勫姛鏁堟湁鍝簺鍛紵 1銆佸彂鏁i┍瀵?娲嬭懕鏈€涓昏鐨勪綔鐢ㄥ氨鏄彂鏁i瀵掞紝閭f槸鍥犱负娲嬭懕槌炶寧鍜屽彾瀛愬惈鏈変竴绉嶇О涓虹~鍖栦笝鐑殑娌硅剛鎬ф尌鍙戠墿銆傚畠鐨勬皵鍛虫瘮杈冪殑杈涜荆锛岃兘澶熷埡婵€鎴戜滑鐨勮偁鑳冿紝鑰屼笖瀹虫€曡儢鐨勬湅鍙嬩篃涓嶅繀鎷呭績锛屾磱钁变笉浣嗕笉鍚剛鑲紝杩樿兘淇冭繘娑堝寲銆?2 銆 侀 檷 菷 庤  铡?娲嬭懕鏄洰鍓嶆墍鐭ュ敮涓€鍚墠鍒楄吅绱燗鐨勩€傚墠鍒楄吅绱燗鑳芥墿寮犺绠°€侀檷浣庤娑查粡搴︼紝鍥犺€屼細浜х敓闄嶈鍘嬨€佽兘鍑忓皯澶栧懆琛€绠″拰澧炲姞鍐犵姸鍔ㄨ剦鐨勮娴侀噺锛岄闃茶鏍撳舰鎴愪綔鐢ㄣ€傚鎶椾汉浣撳唴鍎胯尪閰氳兒绛夊崌鍘嬬墿璐ㄧ殑浣滅敤锛屽張鑳戒績杩涢挔鐩愮殑鎺掓硠锛屼粠鑰屼娇琛€鍘嬩笅闄嶃€?3 銆 佹 绁 綁 为 呋 鑴?娲嬭懕鏈変竴瀹氱殑鎻愮浣滅敤锛屽畠鑳藉府鍔╃粏鑳炴洿濂藉湴鍒╃敤钁¤悇绯栵紝鍚屾椂闄嶄綆琛€绯栵紝渚涚粰鑴戠粏鑳炵儹鑳斤紝鏄硸灏跨梾銆佺蹇楄悗椤挎偅鑰呯殑椋熺枟浣宠敩銆?銆 佺 繹 瀹 鐢?You will be able to see if you have a stool or a stool or a stool or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair or a chair.Prosecutor’s Proceedings and Proceedings: Advocating and Prosecuting: Propagating and Propagating, and Contradicting and Recognizing Contradictions and Contradictions堝お鑳芥姂鍒堕粦鑹茬礌鐢熸垚锛屽婀跨柟銆佺毊鑲ょ値銆佽崹楹荤柟鎴栬倽鏂戞湁鏀瑰杽浣滅敤銆傝€屾枦鐨粍閰彲鎶桿V锛屽叿鏈夌編鐧芥晥鏋溿€?

Longyuan Construction (600491): Captured 2.3 Billion PPP + EPC Large Single Private PPP Leader Welcomes Continuous Growth

Longyuan 无锡桑拿网 Construction (600491): Captured 2.3 Billion PPP + EPC Large Single Private PPP Leader Welcomes Continuous Growth
The company announced the signing of the “PPP Project Contract for the Construction Project of Resettlement Community in Dayuan Town and Lingqiao Town of Fuyang District” with a total project investment of 23.2 trillion, using the PPP + EPC model, the cooperation period is 18 years, of which the construction period is 3 years, the operation period is 15 years, the company is the leader of the project social capital party consortium. There is sufficient cash and quality orders in hand, and the growth momentum of future performance is strong.The company’s new non-framework PPP orders for 15 years / 16 years / 17 years / 18 years / 19 years to date are $ 77/217/309/184/39 billion.In 2018, the company prioritized the quality of orders when there were too many orders, and 天津夜网 moderately slowed the speed of order acceptance.Currently, there are about 700 million unexecuted PPP orders in hand, which is expected to be 9 times the 2018 PPP-related revenue, which is very sufficient.The company’s latest latest disclosure of monetary funds on its financial statements reached 41.At 300 million US dollars, the interest-bearing assets debt ratio is only 23%. Under the current tight credit environment, a large amount of funds enhance the competitive advantage and leapfrog growth. Excellent professionalism and compliance help to cross the industry cycle.Entering the outstanding PPP field professional ability and reasonable management of the balance sheet, the company avoided project shutdowns when the PPP industry experienced adjustments in 2018, leading to the project’s progress as scheduled; the correct choice of allocation of financing to enrich capital at the appropriate time, thereby reducing creditIn the environment, the company has sufficient cash to stably spend, and 2018 will continue to achieve a rapid growth of 50% -60%.It is expected that the PPP industry will gradually bottom out and return to healthy development. The continuous improvement of the financing environment tends to be relaxed. In 2019, the company’s high-quality PPP orders in hand are expected to continue to maintain rapid conversion and achieve sustained and rapid growth in performance. The PPP industry is gradually recovering, and high-quality private PPPs are gradually accelerating.The 2019 government work report of the two sessions proposed “orderly promotion of government-social capital cooperation (PPP)”, and the ranking of inadequate PPP content in the 2018 report reflects the support and encouragement of a standardized and complete post-PPP.The recent development direction of the PPP industry affirmed by the Ministry of Finance Document No. 10 issued by the Ministry of Finance, clear compliance with PPP implementation standards, clarification of the relationship between PPP and local hidden debts, clarification of the implementation conditions of government-assessed projects, and participation in private capital and residents.Strong support in equity financing and revitalization of existing assets is conducive to accelerating the current development of PPP.In light of the current expansion of credit and the decline in capital costs, it is expected that the PPP industry will gradually recover this year, and companies with sufficient capital and sound business compliance are expected to gradually accelerate the growth of the industry. Investment suggestion: We forecast the company’s net profit to be 9 in 2018-2020.5/12.5/16.300 million (17-20 CAGR = 39%), the corresponding EPS is 0.62/0.81/1.06 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 14/11/8 times.Taking into account the company’s unique competition in the industry and the potential for continued rapid growth in the future, it currently has the attractiveness of transferring investment and maintains a “Buy” rating. Risk warning: PPP project financing progress is less than expected risk, PPP policy risk, interest rate fluctuation risk, and accounts receivable risk.

Hengli Petrochemical (600346) Depth Two: A New Perspective to Analyze Large Refining and Chemical Projects with Probability and Price Dialysis

Hengli Petrochemical (600346) Depth Two: A New Perspective to Analyze Large Refining and Chemical Projects with Probability and Price Dialysis

Predicting profit refining based on probabilistic thinking is a typical cyclic industry. When predicting the performance of a refining project in a single year, the error will be very large, and there are many products in the refining project, and it is difficult to understand the competition of different companies.Big innovation is to predict profitability with probability thinking and analyze competition with price analysis.

We try to understand the profitability of refining and chemical projects from the perspective of the hub and probability. The hub is our judgment of the project’s profitability based on several production capacity cycles in the history of the refining and chemical industry, exploring the profitable center of the project, and combining the new competitive landscape to profitability.Adjustment.

Probability refers to the distribution of profit intervals under different probabilities within a capacity cycle. If time can cover a capacity cycle, the company’s profit decline in a certain interval has a relatively certain probability.

Based on the judgment of the industry hub and probability, we can add specific target beyond the industry to guide specific target investment.

The price dialysis method is used to explore the competition for refining and refining this kind of raw material, and the product difference breakthroughs. We divide the revenue by the amount of crude oil processed or the amount of processed crude oil to obtain the corresponding revenue per unit of processed crude oil or the amount of crude oil.A unit of revenue is analyzed from the product structure side and the cost side, and then a comprehensive comparison of different projects reveals the core competitiveness of the refining and chemical project.

The meaning behind this method is the processing of 1 ton of crude oil or 1 yuan of crude oil. The revenue that can be achieved is by analyzing the structure of each product in the revenue, operating costs in revenue, taxes, period expenses, net profit and other costs.The overall composition of the (can be further refined), can compare the competition of different projects.


Shanghai Petrochemical has a 80% probability of net profit per ton of crude oil processing at 145-230 yuan. We analyzed Shanghai Petrochemical’s 24-year performance and excluding 2008 outliers, Shanghai Petrochemical has a 80% probability of net profit per ton of crude oil processing volume.145-230 yuan / ton.

The center is 187.

5 yuan / ton.


There is a 80% probability that the net profit of the Hengli Refining and Chemical Project will be 81.


At 4 megabytes, we used the historical retrospective method. In 2016-2018, the raw materials and products were compared at the same price, and we obtained the profit of Hengli over Shanghai Petrochemical.

Assume that Hengli Petrochemical has a discount of 200 yuan / ton (early market wholesale price) for gasoline and diesel. The 2016-2018 Hengli Petrochemical ethylene-containing project has a profit per ton of 616 yuan / ton, exceeding Shanghai Petrochemical’s 212 yuan / ton.

Combined with the statistical calculation method above, taking into account the competitive advantage of Hengli in terms of production and sales and crude oil loss over 50 yuan / ton, we expect that Hengli 2000 / year refining and chemical projects (including ethylene projects) have a probability of 80%.Net profit per ton of crude oil processed was 407-492 yuan / ton.

The total net profit range is 81.


4 trillion, the center is 89.

900 million yuan.


Product structure and management advantages are the magic weapon for Hengli’s victory. We take a detailed comparison of revenue and cost reduction between Hengli and Shanghai Petrochemical based on 2018.

Even with Shanghai Petrochemical’s indicators of increasing profitability, the advantages of Hengli Refining are still obvious, mainly reflected in Hengli’s use of international advanced technology to process crude oil into higher value-added chemical products, minimizing low added valueAt the same time, it has advantages in auxiliary materials, public works, and labor in the processing process, which overcomes the disadvantages of depreciation and financial costs, and ultimately realizes greater value.

Specifically, it is processing 1 ton of crude oil. If the consumption tax is not considered, the value of Shanghai Petrochemical’s revenue is 5,180 yuan, and Hengli is 5,609 yuan, mainly because Hengli produces more chemicals.

From the perspective of full cost expenses, excluding consumption tax, Hengli’s full cost expenses are 4,984 yuan / ton, 淡水桑拿网 Shanghai Petrochemical is 4,793 yuan / ton, and Hengli is 191 yuan / ton more than Shanghai Petrochemical; of which, Hengli auxiliary materials and specialThe engineering advantage is 290 yuan, and the labor cost advantage in operating costs is 126 yuan, which offsets the disadvantage of depreciation and amortization of 233 yuan and the financial expense of 167 yuan.

In the end, Hengli’s net profit per ton was 625 yuan, while Shanghai Petrochemical was 387 yuan.

Hengli’s single-ton profitability surpassed Shanghai Petrochemical’s 238 yuan.

In terms of amount, it means processing 1 unit of crude oil. If consumption tax is not considered, the conversion value of Shanghai Petrochemical is 1.

53 and constant force is 1.

66, mainly because Hengli produces more chemicals.

From the perspective of full cost, excluding GST, Hengli’s full cost is 1.

48, Shanghai Petrochemical is 1.

42, Hengli has 0 more than Shanghai Petrochemical.

06; The advantages of Hengli auxiliary materials and public engineering are 0.

085, the labor cost advantage in operating costs is 0.

037, corrected the disadvantage of the depreciation stalls 0.

069, the disadvantage of financial costs is 0.

050.In the end, Hengli’s net profit per unit amount was zero.

185, higher than 0 of Shanghai Petrochemical.



Investment proposal At present, the company is expected to produce 175 polyester polyester filament and 660 PTA capacity annually, making it a leading enterprise in the industry.

With the smooth implementation of refining and chemical projects, the company has huge future profit potential.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to mothers in 2019/20/21 will be 72.



80,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 1.



92 yuan, corresponding to PE is 11.



3 times, maintaining “strongly recommended” level.


Risk warning: sharp changes in oil prices; downstream demand is less than expected; project construction progress is less than expected; downstream product prices fluctuate sharply; related national policy changes are adjusted.

Which foods are most prone to hiding parasites


Which foods are most prone to hiding parasites

Some time ago, a video of bayberry soaking bugs in the water caused the fear of bayberry and parasites on the Internet, causing bayberry to be unsaleable for a time.

However, according to experts, these insects are called fruit flies and bayberry, which are not harmful to the human body, but it is not that the insects in the food are harmless to the human body!

  Right now is the season to eat lobster, snails, shellfish, and sashimi.

In the evening, aquatic seafood such as spicy crayfish became restaurants, and supper stalls solicited business signs.

While you are enjoying the food, the hidden parasites in the food may have penetrated into the body.

Here I will summarize the four types of food that are easy to carry parasites and have great harm to the human body.

  Crayfish-Pneumococcal Disease Crayfish can be seen everywhere in the rivers and lakes of the South. There are also many paddy fields, creeks, and dirty water. Because of its strong reproduction ability, it is easy to catch.

Geographical location, spicy crayfish are red all over the country, and some places have restaurants specializing in lobster.

However, due to the poor quality of living water of crayfish, crayfish are mostly parasitic in their bodies.

  If people eat raw or half-cooked crayfish, they are very likely to be infected with this parasite and cause pulmonary fluke disease.

Pneumococcal parasites are mainly parasited in the human lung. Mild cases can manifest as cough, chest pain, and hemoptysis. Severe pulmonary hemorrhage may cause severe lung bleeding, organ failure, and death.

Three Beijingers had “acute skeletal muscle lysis” due to poisoning from crayfish, which was almost life-threatening.

  Experts remind: remove the tendons of lobster tail before eating, must be cooked and cooked thoroughly when cooking, it is best not to eat the head of crayfish when eating.

  Sashimi-Liver fluke is boneless, cut into thin slices, eaten raw with dipping mustard, and delicious.

Wrapped in a layer of flour and fried, both crispy and tender.

While enjoying such food, it may be that the bane is planted in the stomach.

Because these freshwater fish are often parasitic with liver fluke disease, some kind of wheat ear fish, stick flat fish.

  The average infection rate of freshwater fish parasites in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places is as high as 60%.

Liver flukes are mainly parasitic in human hepatobiliary ducts and damage the human liver. Patients often feel liver pain, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. They may have abnormal liver function during examination.

  Angiostrongylus cantonensis-Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae have long developed in certain terrestrial or aquatic snails.

Some people just eat the boiled water to eat fresh or tender, and if they eat raw or eat unfamiliar snails, they may be infected by Angiostrongylus.

  Once infected by A. angiostrongylus, it will travel around the body and penetrate into the brain. Complications are concentrated in brain tissues, in addition to the brain and meninges, including the cerebellum, brain stem, and spinal cord.

The mild symptoms are headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe shock, manic and even death.

Patients with eosinophilic meningoencephalitis or meningitis are characterized by a marked increase in eosinophils in the cerebrospinal fluid.

  Water chestnut-Ginger worm disease is water chestnut in autumn. It is fresh and tender just after picking. It can’t help but eat in the mouth.

At this time, it is very likely to infect the ginger worm that is parasitic on the water chestnuts and tadpoles.

Gingerworms parasitize the small intestine of the human body and can cause digestive tract and systemic symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, etc. In severe cases, anemia, edema and developmental disorders can occur.

  Experts remind: try not to eat raw water chestnuts, lotus root, lotus root, and do not use teeth to peel skin.

When eating raw, be sure to fully scrub, and use boiling water for a few minutes or after a day in the sun before eating.

Pay attention to hygiene, do not drink raw water, wash hands when contacted with aquatic plants or sewage, to prevent cysts contamination.

  So, which foods can be eaten by insects?

  Can orange worms eat?

  Oranges with worms are a bit scary to eat, but oranges are not worms. The whole orange is wormy. Pick out a few petals, and the rest is not harmful.

  Can Bayberry be eaten?

  Because bayberry is high in nutrients and has no peel protection, it naturally becomes the main host of insect larvae. The white worms drilled in bayberry are fly larvae.

Because most of the larvae are proteins, they have no effect on the human body.

Therefore, after buying fresh bayberry home, citizens should soak it in a high concentration of salt water for half an hour before eating.

  Can fermented bean curd be eaten?  The worm in milk rot is not a pupae of flies, because it is born in vegetarian and salty foods. As long as this kind of thing is not born in a compact environment or conditions, it will not cause serious harm to the body.problem.

  Can mung bean worms eat it?

  If you can eat it, first bask in the sun, and the live insects will crawl away. Some of the insects hiding in the beans can only be killed by boiling.

Can be eaten with confidence!

Tips for conditioning racial unevenness

Tips for conditioning racial unevenness

Click on the picture to buy the spring and summer seasons. Racial inequality is a problem that many people will have. Changes in the internal and external environment of the body will cause different levels of population inequality.

Racial inequality will make the face look dirty, which also makes it difficult to apply makeup.

  All MMs want to have fair and healthy complexion, but the ideal is better, the reality is cruel, and the problem of uneven skin tone can be seen everywhere.

Is the race yellow?


Too green?

Too dark?

In fact, they all have certain reasons and rescue methods!

  Causes of yellowish complexion: Air pollution and light pollution in modern cities are becoming more and more serious, and sub-healthy lives such as high stress, irregular diets, and poor sleep quality in modern cities can easily lead to poor skin size and sub-healthy skin.

  Conditioning tips: do a good job of skin cleansing, regular deep cleaning and exfoliation.

In addition to ensuring sleep, in the diet, pay attention to supplement nutrition in a balanced manner. More supplements can make the skin white and tender, and reduce the amount of carotene that can make the skin yellow.

  Causes of racial redness: Most of the causes of skin redness are sensitivity, which is one of the important manifestations of sensitive muscles.

Once sensitive, there are sometimes stinging and burning sensations.

This kind of irritation is usually caused by excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor or skin dehydration caused by long-term stay in air-conditioned room.

  Conditioning tips: First, choose to apply isolated sunscreen. Isolating sensitive sources is the first step.

If you are already sensitive to redness, you should immediately hydrate your skin to relieve allergic redness. It is recommended to use skin care products with soothing ingredients, such as aloe and chamomile.

  Reasons for racial youth: Although racial youth is not common, it is also due to uneven skin tone.

First of all, the body is cold. If there is a problem of anemia or poor blood circulation, it is only prone to the embarrassment of some whites.

  Conditioning tips: Frequent massage to the skin can promote blood circulation, and the skin will become ruddy after the blood circulation is relaxed.

In addition, it is recommended to eat more warm foods and some blood-enriching foods, while eating a balanced diet to promote skin metabolism.

  Causes of racial blackness: Most people’s racial blackness is not inherently inherited, but because of internal hormone secretion disorders, irregular diet and daily life.

In addition, the spring and summer festivals are gradually strengthened, and the production of melanin is also caused by ultraviolet rays and radiation.

  Conditioning tips: Daily sunscreen absorption is an effective way to block the increase in melanin. If you have been tanned, remember to do the work of repairing and whitening after sun exposure.

Adjust your diet and avoid heavy tastes. Drinking green tea instead of coffee also has certain benefits.

Make reading a child’s habit

Make reading a child’s habit

Reading can inspire children’s mind and wisdom, and expand their knowledge and horizons.

Reading a good book, children can achieve beautiful language, accurate plots, understand the mysteries of nature, and can suffer from moral cultivation, discern right from wrong, and learn from it.

Guiding children to develop a habit of reading and reading well at an early age will be the wealth of their lives.

In the process of guiding my son to study, I gradually realized that guiding children to read is a science. Parents need to figure it out and pay close attention to it in order to guide their children to read independently.

  Created a strong transformation of the book fragrance, is the primary condition for making children like reading.

Children live in an environment full of book fragrance, and they will naturally realize the value of books and enjoy reading.

The importance of reading in the family is very important. First, parents should buy more books so that their children can easily read them at any time. Second, parents should also read more and set an example for their children.

Both my husband and I like to read books. I usually go to the bookstore and see my favorite books and books suitable for my son to read.

Later, we bought a separate shelf for our son and put it in his bedroom, where he managed his own books.

His son often sorts and organizes bookshelves, and develops a good habit of caring for books.

While reading at home is fundamentally important, creating an external environment for children is also essential.

On holidays, I like to take my son to the bookstore. The various books in the bookstore and the people who concentrate on reading are an environment that guides my son to love reading.

  Helping children choose the right books is an important time to guide children to read.

There are many types of books on the market, some of which are excellent reading materials with educational significance and are conducive to the healthy growth of children; some books are low-key and vulgar, which affects the physical development of children.

Even good books are not suitable for children of all personalities or ages.

Therefore, parents should know how to help their children choose the right books, and adhere to three principles: First, choose books that are suitable for the age characteristics of their children.

Toddlers can choose to combine pictures and texts, and to decorate novels such as fairy tales, folk stories, fables, etc. To transform the child’s gradual growth, you can appropriately add some ideological and story-alternative children’s literature and science fiction works.

Second, respect children’s interest in reading.

Every child has their own interests, and parents should be good at discovering their children’s reading interests and give positive and correct guidance.

Third, choose classic books.

Classics are cultural treasures left over from the precipitation of human history and have great value.

When children read classic stories, their hearts communicated with the masters and collided. They could deeply notice the treasures contained in the pictures and texts.

  Creating time and space to read and communicate with children is a good way to improve children’s reading interest and reading ability.

The three writers of British writer Browntai were often accompanied by their parents when they were young.

On winter night, their family sat in front of the blazing fire and read beautiful, lyrical texts together; on spring day, they often gathered in the wild to recite their own or other people’s poems, and the seeds of literature were buried deep in their hearts.

The reason why the three sisters of Bronte were able to write classic literary masterpieces in the world in the future was inseparable from their childhood reading habits.

The child’s heart is a magical land, sowing the seeds of thought will get the harvest of behavior; sowing the seeds of behavior can get the habitual harvest; sowing the seeds of habit can get the harvest of morality, sowing the moralitySeed, can get the harvest of destiny.

When reading becomes a child’s habit, the seeds of truth, goodness, and beauty will germinate, grow, and blossom in the child’s mind.

A child with flowers in his heart will have a healthy and happy life.