Ten common movements in life hurt your waist

Ten common movements in life hurt your waist

In recent years, the incidence of lumbar disc herniation has gradually increased, and it is showing a trend of aging.

In fact, a lot of lumbar disc protrusions are not congenital, but caused by bad habits.

Too many people think that strengthening exercise can help relieve lumbar spine strength, but what they don’t know is that wrong movements can worsen the condition.

Lumbar disc herniation is important to prevent, and to minimize the pressure on the lumbar spine in daily life.

Some dangerous movements, patients with protruding lumbar discs should never do it!

  Kujiro’s leg risk index: ★ Dangerous reason: Kujiro’s legs can cause pelvic tilt, uneven pressure on the lumbar spine, cause strain on the lumbar muscles, and also cause uneven force on the lumbar disc, but this is usually a risk factor for lumbar disc herniation.

Especially adolescents are in the period of growth and development, often stepping on Erlang’s legs is easy to form hump and spine bending.

  Tips: Usually try not to leverage Erlang’s legs, keep the pelvis upright when sitting down, so that the lumbar spine is evenly stressed.

  Long-term upright work risk index: ★ Dangerous reasons: Long-term upright work can cause lumbar muscle tension, increase the long-term stress on the lumbar spine, and increase the risk of lumbar disc herniation.

For example, the salesperson is engaged in long-term work, and the back muscles in the waist are tense, which causes the lumbar disc to protrude.

  Tips: Stepping on your feet and working with your feet during work can increase lumbar lordosis and reduce lumbar muscle tension.

If you can do some waist contraction early in the long term.

  ”Old woman” sitting risk index: ★ ★ Dangerous reason: “Old woman” sitting refers to sitting on the sofa or stool.

This will result in reduced lumbar lordosis and increased disc pressure, and continued maintenance of this position will result in increased lumbar disc degeneration.

  Tips: When sitting, keep your upper body straight, close your abdomen, and lower your legs together.

If you are sitting on a chair with a back, you should try to hold the lower back against the back of the chair based on the above postures, so that the muscles of the lumbosacral region will not be too tired.

  Poor sleeping posture risk index: ★★ Dangerous reason: When lying down, if the neck and waist are not supported, it will cause tension in the waist and back. This is why many people find it uncomfortable to sleep on the sofa or soft bed.

  Tips: Try to choose a slightly stiffer mattress when sleeping, and place a soft pillow under it when lying down, so that you can combine the hip and knee flexion, relax the lumbar muscles, reduce the pressure on the disc, and protrude the slender disc.risk.

  Single-handed heavy object danger index: ★★★ Dangerous reason: Hand-held heavy object is tilted towards the body as a whole, the direction of intervertebral discs is uneven, muscle tension is not the same, single-handed, uneven weight distributionThe damage of the intervertebral discs is great.

  Tips: In daily life, try to carry two items of the same weight as much as possible to ensure that the main shaft is dry and balanced and the lumbar spine is uniformly stressed. Do not suddenly apply excessive force when lifting heavy objects. Do not change the posture too much.

  Risk index for bad running posture: ★★★ Dangerous reason: Running is a favorite exercise method for many people, but abnormal running posture, especially the posture of bowing forward, will cause the disc force to increase significantly, plus running bumpsThe pulsed pressure causes the risk of intervertebral discs to be overcome.

  Tips: For patients with lumbar disc herniation, vertical movement is not recommended, such as mountain climbing, fast running, cycling, etc.

If you are jogging, try to keep your upper body straight and slow down the running frequency. Wear air-cushion shoes to reduce the pulse pressure on the disc.

  Movement Danger Index: ★★★★ Dangerous reasons: Some movements that require waist twisting, some golf swings, table tennis pulling arcs, or waist twisting movements during exercise all require waist strength to drive the armThis kind of normal twisting motion causes long-term twisting and squeezing of the intervertebral disc, which is a high-risk action of disc herniation.

  Tips: Patients with lumbar disc herniation should avoid doing exercises that require twisting the waist, and normal people should also protect and prevent their waists during exercise.

  Danger index for wearing high heels: ★★★★ Dangerous reason: The sole has foundation function, which directly affects the body’s center of gravity.

Seriously moving the center of gravity of the human body in high heels will inevitably cause the pelvis to tilt forward, increase the curvature of the spine, and gradually focus the lumbar spine. This will cause intervertebral disc damage for a long time.

  Tips: Try to wear flat shoes whenever possible. Office workers can prepare a pair of flat shoes in the office.

If you must wear high heels on special occasions, try to focus on the heel rather than the forefoot when walking.

  Chronic cough, constipation risk index: ★★★★★ Dangerous cause: Long-term chronic cough and constipation can cause increased abdominal pressure and increase disc force, which is also an obvious risk factor for lumbar disc herniation.

The waist is also hard when coughing. For patients with protruding lumbar discs, coughing can cause pain in the waist.

  Tip: If you have symptoms of chronic cough and constipation, be sure to treat the cause promptly.

If procrastinated, the condition may be aggravated, and symptoms such as lumbar disc herniation may be caused or aggravated.

  Dangerous index of moving heavy objects when bending over: ★★★★★ Dangerous reason: Directly bending and moving things will cause sudden increase in the lumbar intervertebral disc’s stress, and it is easy for the lumbar intervertebral disc to protrude through weak areas. Many patients with low back pain are carrying weight while bendingSymptoms worsened.

  Tips: When moving heavy objects, it is best to kneel on one knee first. You should bring the heavy objects close to your body, use your arms to lift the heavy objects to the middle of your thighs, and then stand up in a way that keeps your hands straight.Try to keep your weight close to your body.

Who cares about the mental health of teachers?

Who cares about the mental health of teachers?

Analysis of teachers ‘mental health problems Excessive work pressure causes teachers to have mental health problems According to foreign surveys, teachers’ work pressure is greater than in other industries. Hong Kong also ranks teacher work pressure as the second highest, behind the police.

Social security in Mainland China is good, and teachers’ work pressure may be higher than the police.

The characteristics of the teacher’s work determine that the teacher’s work status exists not only for 8 hours at work, but also for a whole day.

Being under strong pressure for a long time will inevitably lead to psychological distress and poor mental state.

Over time, you will develop mental illness to varying degrees.

Psychology believes that moderate work stress can eliminate the emptiness and depression in the heart, which is exciting and gives people an upward momentum, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of work and study. On the contrary, excessive work stress will bring people distress and boredomIt makes people feel worried, palpitations and depression, and makes people have physical and psychological disorders, which leads to the occurrence of mental illness.

It can be seen that teachers’ excessive work pressure is one of the leading causes of mental health problems for teachers.

  Too many high expectations of teachers ‘roles cause teachers to have mental health problems. Teachers’ work objects determine the teachers ‘work affects the hearts of millions of households and the entire society, and thousands of eyes are staring at the teachers’ every move.

As teachers, they are responsible to the country, society, schools, and the families of all students, and they are responsible to hundreds of students.

Always keep in mind the various role expectations.

Different subjects have different expectations for the role of the teacher, different evaluation standards for the work of the teacher, there are similarities, there are differences and even conflicts.

The state and society expect teachers to be knowledge disseminators, collective leaders, and exemplary citizens; parents and students expect teachers to be knowledgeable, knowledgeable, and omniscient scholar-type professors, and schools always expect itOf teachers are excellent disciplinary maintainers, outstanding educators, and obey the laws and regulations, and refer to good employees where they go.

Many roles are expected to be integrated, and it is completely required that the teacher be a perfect superman.

Teachers are, after all, ordinary people, real people with flesh and blood, and the roles they play cannot reach many expectations at the same time.

Unsatisfactory role-playing in a few areas will receive a lot of criticism and accusations.

If teachers are overly responsible, they will be worried all day long, fearing that some aspects of role-playing mistakes will result in scolding.

Excessive psychological burden will lead to teachers’ psychological imbalance and mental health problems.

  Having perfect self-expectations is difficult to believe or is willing to cause teachers to have mental health problems. As the embodiment of knowledge and morality, teachers often subconsciously take perfection as their goal in life.

In work, teachers always hope that they are perfect in all aspects, that they are not worse than others, and they are eager for others to see and affirm their achievements.

And often ignore their own constraints.

In reality, individual characteristics, abilities, strengths, and potentials are different, and these self-conditions are part of the work performance.

Especially for teacher profession, performance may not be directly reflected in the teacher’s own education, ability and time spent, but indirectly reflected from the students.

Therefore, achievement and labor are not always directly proportional.

This means that if the teacher feels that his grades are not satisfactory, he will work harder, but the results of the hard work may not reach his expected results.

Therefore, if the teacher cannot reasonably analyze the mistakes and attribute the causes to himself, he will feel guilty, blame himself, and even feel pessimistic, and bring about psychological adverse reactions and mental health problems.

  Insufficient teacher evaluation system affects teachers’ mental health, and teacher evaluation mainly adopts the final evaluation method, and combines the evaluation results with rewards and punishments.

That is: the process is not valued, but only the end result.

Therefore, only the teachers ‘work on the students’ academic performance was evaluated, and many other aspects of the work were ignored, such as the teachers ‘efforts to change the students’ ideology and morals, outlook on life, values and behaviors.

Ignore the teachers’ hard work and sweat beyond their academic performance.

This makes teachers doubt the scientific nature of the evaluation method.

In addition, the fairness of this evaluation method needs to be further improved.

Teachers ‘grades are only reflected in the students’ exams, ignoring differences in academic performance caused by differences in all aspects of the class.

Even two students with the same original foundation may have different results due to their genetic factors, family environment, and the degree of parental awareness.

Ignoring the differences in all aspects of the students, and it is obviously unfair to the teachers to use the test results of the students alone as the sole basis for evaluating the teachers.

Therefore, if the teacher cannot accept the evaluation method, the evaluation result will have a great impact on the teacher’s psychology.

  Teachers ‘labor remuneration is difficult to reflect the teachers’ labor value, causing teachers to have an unbalanced mentality. In the past, teachers were ashamed of the issue of money because of their own professional characteristics. But now the concept of market economy has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.The issue of compensation.
It is undeniable that the salaries of necessary teachers have been greatly improved, and the party and the government have devoted great efforts to guaranteeing the salaries of teachers, which have greatly improved the teachers’ living conditions and increased their enthusiasm for work.

However, there are still some problems with the number of teachers.At the highest level, the current teachers’ remuneration level still cannot reflect the labor value of teachers.

It is difficult to have a clear quantitative standard for the labor value of teachers, and it is impossible to calculate an accurate and reasonable number.

Some localities have issued policies that refer to national civil servants ‘wages, but in practice the differences between the two are still large.

Some teachers are psychologically unbalanced, and their work is not easier than civil servants, but their salaries are quite different, not to mention that some civil servants have a small amount of gray income in addition to their salaries.

So some teachers quit their jobs or transferred to other professions.

Therefore, due to the lack of local finances in some of the poorer regions, teachers’ salaries are still difficult to reach on time and in full, and some teachers choose to go to the southeast to replace the better places for employment.

These factors all have a certain effect on the stability of the teacher’s work mentality, and have a certain effect on the teacher’s psychological emotions, and there are some repeated emotions.

  In addition, teachers’ own family factors, such as whether the family is harmonious, whether the marriage is happy, individual students’ excessive misconduct, and their own promotion opportunities and job prospects and other factors all have a certain impact on teachers’ mental health.

  A hundred-year plan for problem solving is recommended, and education is the foundation.

The development of society and human progress are inseparable from the hard work of teachers.

The mental health of teachers will directly affect the healthy and harmonious development of human society.

As teachers themselves, schools and society should pay attention to certain aspects to reduce the occurrence of teachers’ mental health diseases?

The following briefly discusses how to reduce and overcome teachers ‘mental health problems from three aspects: Overcoming teachers’ mental health problems from the teacher’s own perspective first affects the teacher’s own physical health and directly affects his work and life.

Therefore, teachers themselves are the direct victims, and it is necessary to find ways to avoid mental health diseases.

Regulate and cure existing mental health problems.

  Treating people and things with peace and optimism A good attitude that can make people feel happy is the key to doing a good job and being motivated.

As a teacher, we must first realize that anyone who works for others will encounter unpleasant things in work and study.

The reason is to adjust your mentality when encountering unpleasant things, first let yourself calm down and think carefully, and then make reasonable countermeasures to avoid excessive behavior, so as not to cause adverse effects.

  Accurate and objective self-orientation is not good. Most of them are caused by high and far-reaching, and they are not reasonable enough.

Positioning yourself higher, the harder it is to achieve, and the disappointment you bring to yourself, leading to a bad mood.

It can be seen that accurate and objective self-positioning is very important to people’s mentality.

To see that a large number of teachers can become excellent teachers, after all, there are only a few famous teachers.

At least, he devoted his life in obscurity to ordinary jobs and remained an unknown teacher until his retirement.

It is right to work hard as a teacher. It is normal for you to have as much ability as you can to achieve your ideal value.

He is also one of thousands of ordinary teachers who are unknown.

  Participating in physical exercise and pleasing body teacher’s work outside of work belongs to intense mental labor. Long-term work makes people physically and mentally tired, and produces anxiety and boredom.

Therefore, teachers must combine work with rest and take appropriate physical exercise to relieve the stress of work and release the unhappy mood at work.

In addition, participating in physical exercise can also strengthen the body, maintain sufficient energy, and resist physical diseases.

In addition, getting along well with colleagues, participating in social communication activities, and telling friends about unpleasant things can also relieve stress and achieve physical pleasure.

  Overcoming schools from a school perspective should be more concerned about caring teachers.

As the direct leader of teachers, schools should pay more attention to their subordinates, fully trust them, understand them, respect them, and care about the teachers’ suffering.

The understanding and trust of school leaders can bring teachers to feel warm and valued, remove the kind of distress in their hearts, adjust their mentality, and work hard to repay the leadership’s knowledge.

Properly managing the relationship between schools and teachers can overcome the mental illness of teachers.

  Evaluation system for outstanding teachers.

As a direct operator of teacher assessment, schools have the responsibility to improve the teacher assessment system.

Schools should study and formulate a teacher evaluation system that does not have too much pressure on teachers, but also can accurately assess teachers ‘work and stimulate teachers’ work enthusiasm.

Whether a teacher’s assessment system is good or bad, double-checking whether the work performance of teachers is good or bad, but also whether it can stimulate teachers’ work enthusiasm and work enthusiasm, is it conducive to the unity, health and harmony of the school teacher group.

Therefore, when formulating a teacher evaluation system, full consideration must be given to affirming the achievements of each person and the efforts made by each teacher in the work, including non-learning work performance.

The compulsory development of the assessment system should be positioned as “incentive + assessment”, that is, it is necessary to be able to check the teacher’s work performance and to cheer for each teacher.

  Schools should increase the health of teachers. Where conditions permit, schools can set up teacher gyms; run mental health counseling offices, hire experts to conduct psychological counseling for teachers; and carry out teacher networking activities to enrich teachers’ amateur lives.Relieve teachers ‘work pressure and reduce or eliminate the occurrence of teachers’ mental health diseases.

Prefer it to peach and report it to Lee.

It is believed that the expenses that schools spend on teachers will be doubled.

  Overcoming teachers ‘work from a social perspective is closely related to society. Teachers’ work directly faces the progress and development of society, and society in turn plays a role in the healthy and harmonious development of teachers.

Teachers’ job responsibilities and teachers’ development direction must be determined by the society’s expectations of teachers’ roles and the needs of teachers.

The society’s expectations of the role of teachers must be combined with theory and practice, otherwise teachers ‘work pressure will be increased, resulting in teachers’ psychological depression and even mental illness, which has the opposite effect.

Consider that teachers are ordinary people first, and like everyone else, have all the nature and needs of someone.

It is only because of the difference in division of labor that they become teachers.

Therefore, while the society demands the role of the teacher, it must also seriously consider the teacher’s suffering and understand the difficulties of being a teacher.

I think: The understanding and concern of society for teachers’ mental health is a good medicine, which can ensure the healthy development of teachers.

What is the purpose of aerobic exercise?

What is the purpose of aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is characterized by low intensity, rhythm, uninterrupted and long duration, which is to enhance cardiopulmonary endurance.

During exercise, due to muscle contraction, a lot of nutrients and oxygen are needed, and the number of heart contractions increases, and the amount of blood delivered each time is more than usual. At the same time, the demand for oxygen also increases, and the number of breaths is more than normalThe degree of lung contraction is also okay.

So when exercise continues and muscles contract permanently, the heart and lungs must work hard to supply oxygen to the muscles and transport away the waste in the muscles.

And this continuous demand can improve cardiopulmonary endurance.

Beware of increased lung endurance, the body can exercise more continuous or higher-intensity military forces, and less fatigue.

  The combustion of gasoline cannot be separated from oxygen, so we can also call the work of the engine aerobic.

Similarly, humans also burn fuel during exercise. Human “fuels” are sugars, proteins and aunts.

These “fuels” of humans are stored in the cells of the human body. When you exercise, you will consume these “fuels” instead of power.

  As with engines burning gasoline, humans also need oxygen to burn “fuel” (ie, oxidation).

People breathe in and out during exercise, allowing oxygen in the air to enter the blood circulation system through the alveoli, and then placing it in the arterial blood flowing to the tissue cells throughout the body. This is a long process.

  Low-intensity, continuous exercise is basically aerobic exercise, sometimes, walking, jogging, long-distance slow swimming, cycling, dancing, etc.

Aerobic exercise can effectively exercise the heart, lungs and other organs, and can improve cardiovascular and lung functions.

In the process of using oxygen, there is a considerable time difference. This time difference determines the blood sugar, and short-term exercise becomes anaerobic exercise.

And when you exercise long enough, oxygen has dissolved into the cells, and the glucose inside the body has been fully “burned”, which is then converted into new energy. Such exercise is aerobic exercise.

  Aerobic exercise requires a lot of breathing air, which is a good exercise for the heart and lungs, which can increase lung capacity and heart function.

8 Steps to Ladder Bed Exercise, Get Sequences of Winter _1

8 Steps to Ladder Bed Exercise

8 steps to relied on bed exercises to get rid of the sequelae of entering the winter 1 Make Gu Pansheng’s eyes Step 1: The eyeball can run clockwise and counterclockwise, can exercise the eye muscles, and create Gu Panqiubo’s eyes.
  Step 2: Like doing “round scraping the eye sockets” in eye exercises, scrape and massage around the eye sockets about 10 times.
Such simple actions can not only help you wake up quickly, but also soothe the eye skin and eliminate eye bags.
  薇姿温泉矿物润眼凝露 240元/15ml  小滚珠的设计辅助按摩眼部肌肤,本身就是个能更快速让血液循环得到恢复的设计,更值得一提的是它对缓解早起时的眼部充血、消除眼部浮肿、抚平缺水纹等的效果用过就见效~  2 按摩耳部通气血  Step 1:耳垂是脸部生物全息穴,按摩耳垂可以让气血直通脸部,整个脸部You will feel hot, and your complexion will immediately become rosy.
  Step 2: Use both hands and fingers to gently rub the left and right ear wheels until the fever is comfortable, which has a very good effect of strengthening lymphatic detoxification.
  3 “挠挠头”让自己渐渐清醒  你可以很慵懒地闭着眼睛,然后用双手手指的指腹由前额至后脑勺梳理,增强头部血液循环,慢慢让梦了一晚上的紧张头部变wide awake.
  DARPHIN Aromatic Care Rose Aromatic Essence is an active ingredient based on rose essential oils, which nourishes and soothes the skin, while strengthening the effects of lymphatic detoxification and improving the dullness.
  4 Facial beauty exercises Step 1: First press the three major lymph nodes on the face: temples, under the ears, and clavicle. Press each point for 3 seconds, at least three times.
  Step 2: Take five fingers together and pat your cheeks like a toner, and start walking upward from the lines of the law to relax your face and restore blood circulation.
  薇姿温泉矿物保湿修护特润霜 240元/50ml  在按摩的时候不妨先厚厚地涂抹上这款如同“干燥急救创可贴”的修复型保湿面霜,不但可以减少按摩过程对皮肤的拉扯伤害,还能Let the extra dry skin in winter be completely improved. If you feel cold in winter, remember to squeeze it in the palm of your hand first and apply it evenly. 5 Flatten your lower abdomen!
  Step 1: Gently rub the navel with the palms of both hands alternately clockwise and counterclockwise, because the upper and lower navels are the positions of Shen Jue, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Dan Tian, Zhong Li, etc., which can promote the discharge of toxins and excess fat, refreshing Qi.
  Step 2: Lie on your back with your legs straight. Place your hands naturally on the sides of your body, slowly bend your knees to your chest, then slowly lower and straighten your legs.
In the end, if you have more power, you can do the foot movement in the air and use your calves to drive your thighs.
  6 调皮地动动脚丫子  脚的大拇指向下弯曲同时其他四脚趾向上翘起,向上翘大拇指,其他四脚趾向下弯;向上尽量钩脚尖,使脚尖与脚踝成直角,向下绷脚尖,Try to align with the calf.
These two exercises warm the feet, can promote blood circulation in capillaries, relax the meridians, and enhance metabolism in the lower body.
  7 Roll and roll like a panda. After all the movements, lie on your back and lump your body, bend down as much as possible, hold your hands on your knees or head, stand still for 10 seconds, and then slowly roll up and down 10 to 20 times.
It is mainly to promote the balance of muscle strength in each part. After the end, repeatedly stretch the waist, this will not only promote the balance of muscle strength in various parts, but also help to relieve fatigue.
  8 “Twist up” your waist and go to bed all night, often making the waist and neck stiff, and more and more people sleep in soft beds, which can easily cause lumbar muscle strain or lumbar spine disease.
As a make up, you can do a large left and right twist before getting up: lying on the left side, straighten the left leg, bend the right leg, cross over the left leg, and place it as far away from the left leg as possible.Open your arms horizontally, and twist your upper body to the right as rhythmically as possible 10 to 20 times. When twisted to the maximum amplitude, stand still for 10 seconds.
Then, switch directions to the right side and repeat.
  Herborist Geranium Essential Oil 180 yuan When doing these actions, just open the bottle cap on the bedside table to allow the aroma to radiate naturally. It will also help relax the skin and increase skin vitality, making the skin red and elastic.
  last of the last!
Lie flat on your belly, rub your hands together and rub, and press the eyes after rubbing the hot points of Laogong, and slowly open your eyes to start a refreshing day.
  LINK When you are in bed, you may wish to add more “materials”. Bernardi, chief physician of the University of Pavia, Italy, recently wrote in a magazine in the United States: The sound of music gradually amplifies and slowly declines, which can improve your “health index”!
It is said that the result of the study is that if you play higher-range music such as Beethoven, Bach, Puccini, especially a series of increasingly high-pitched music (such as the “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed by the Queen, etc.), it can speed up the heart rate.As well as breathing, the whole body will be more quickly invigorated; if the emotional music piece lasts for 15 seconds (like some of Verdi’s elegant noises), it will not only make you feel at ease, but your complexion will also look better!

Dialectical Treatment of Winter Gastric Pain

Dialectical Treatment of Winter Gastric Pain

[方一]  高良姜30克,粳米50克。First use galangal and add an appropriate amount of water to fry the medicinal juice in a sand jar; then use the medicinal juice and the previous rice to make porridge and eat it on an empty stomach.

Once a day, even for 3-7 days.

  This prescription is suitable for cold stomach pain.

  [方二]  陈皮20克,葱白10茎,香附子15克,生姜6克,鸡肉印克。Cut the chicken into 1 cm cubes. Set aside, wash the rinds, fry the fragrant vinegar, and fry in a casserole for 200 ml of the sauce. Cut the ginger into pieces, cut the onion into shreds, and then cut the chickenAdd the sauce to the wok and simmer.

Boil it with the first fire, add cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, and soy sauce.

When eating, take 50ml of boiling rice wine and drink chicken while eating chicken.

Must be pregnant with food and drink.

  This prescription is applicable to the stomachache of stagnation of liver qi and stagnation.

  [方三]  小茴香10克,胡椒12克。The two are fine noodles, the wine paste is pills, 3–6 grams per serving, and warm wine is sent down.

  This prescription disperses cold and relieves qi and relieves pain, and is suitable for stomach cold pain.

  [方四]  甘蔗500克,高梁米30克。Squeeze the sugarcane and cook porridge with sorghum rice for serving.

  This prescription applies to stomach heat pain.

  [方四]  丁香1.5 grams, 1 gram of cinnamon, brown sugar.

Clove and cinnamon are soaked in warm water, boiled with huohuo, and boiled for 20 minutes in a low heat. Take the juice and mix brown sugar, 5-10 ml per serving, 3 times a day.

  This recipe warms the stomach and dispels cold, and is suitable for cold and abdominal pain.

  [方六]  猪肚(狗肚更佳)1具,粳米100–150克,丁香、肉桂、茴香各适量。Put all the flavors in the pot together, then add some seasonings, such as ginger, shallots, salt, wine, sauce, simmered to extremely rotten. Previously, rice porridge was redeemed, taken on an empty stomach 3 times a day.

  This formula is good for warming the spleen and is suitable for stomach pain.

Watch out: snoring is a killer lurking in sleep

Watch out: snoring is a killer lurking in sleep

“Some people think that ‘snoring sounds like thunder’ are a sign of sleeping soundly. In fact, otherwise, severe snoring affects the rest of the family and their sleep quality, and then induces hypertension, diabetes, and severe death from sudden belching.

Because he was hard to detect, snoring became a ‘killer’ lurking in sleep.


hzh{display:none;}  超过半数的人打鼾  入睡后,包括呼吸道在内的全身神经放松、肌肉松弛,呼吸道因肌肉松弛而变得狭窄,气流通过狭窄的气道发出响声就是打鼾。Because snoring occurs during sleep, many people don’t know if they are snoring, and they don’t know much about the dangers of snoring.

For this, Li Jingbo provided a set of survey data: Of the 6,826 people over 30 years old, 57 had snoring to varying degrees.

1%, 33 of them were mild.

4%, medium and severe snoring accounted for 23.


  That is to say, 5 out of 10 people are snoring, and at least two of those who are endangering health are severely snoring.

  Snoring is a serious threat to health. Physiological snoring sounds are delicate, gentle, gentle, and even. They often occur when the body is overtired or drinking too much, and after smoking.

  In patients with sleep apnea syndrome, the snoring sound can reach 80 decibels, and the snoring sound is intermittent. Sleep apnea often occurs, and hypoxia causes hypoxia.

When the level of oxygen in the body drops, the carotid artery sends instructions to the nervous system to raise blood pressure to deliver more oxygen.

Repeated severe snoring over a long period of time repeatedly reduces the oxygen level, and the nervous system continuously receives a boost signal, which induces hypertension.

In addition, snoring is also the culprit for diseases such as diabetes and myocardial infarction. Severe snoring can even lead to sudden death in the airways.

According to statistics, male snorers are three times more likely than females. Fatty people are more prone to snoring, and snoring is also inherited. Family members often “sing together in the middle of the night”.

  Long-term drinking, anti-snoring, side-by-side snoring, long-term drinking, smoking, sleeping pills, and obese people who are severely stubborn are prone to snoring. Therefore, quitting smoking, losing weight, and banning sleeping pills are a good way to prevent snoring.

  Lying sideways is another effective way to prevent snoring.

  Li Jingbo suggested that sewing a golf ball behind the pajamas could reduce lying down.

Patients with belching type snoring must be vigilant. Once they find sleep apnea, they should be awakened in time to avoid accidents due to belching.

  Want to know if you are snoring or snoring during sleep breathing monitoring?

Li Jingbo suggested that a recording device (MP3, etc.) be placed on the bedside at night before going to bed to record the sleep situation. Snoring is seriously recommended for sleep breathing monitoring, whether treatment is needed and how.

If diagnosed with two-way sleep apnea syndrome, it should be treated in time to avoid inducing other diseases or accidents.

  The effect of drug therapy is not ideal. Different surgical methods can be used for different parts and different anatomical structures. Positive airway pressure ventilation with fewer side effects and good therapeutic effect is the preferred method.

Techniques for improving social skills

Techniques for improving social skills

Method 1: Praise others for their “self-satisfaction” Everyone, including those with low levels of inferiority and those with a strong sense of inferiority, has something to make them proud. These “flashing points” that intoxicate people may be very small, as small asHe knew in his heart that he didn’t even notice it.

These “little complacent as” there may be as good at doing a delicious sweet and sour fish, specializes in a wide variety of folding paper airplanes, folk stories, folk folk quite studies.

If you are affiliated praise for these small advantages, it will certainly make them excited.

You know, to get popularity from this perspective, the advantages of small praise be more effective than the well known advantages of praise.

  Small office can make a big issue.

To concentrate on mining and praise of others “as a little complacent,” instead of watching their small, in fact, a little bigger place, but also a great communication effort, and this effort and not many people to grasp.

If you have this effort, they can make you literally build a building on the ground in popularity.

  Method 2.

This article can do very casual discourse.

If you timely and appropriate to mention his previous remark, such as: “You have said . now I remember.

“The other side will suffer because of your attention and extremely excited that you are a careful person, can have a big as a man, a very caring of others.

If you only remember one else can speak, but also according to his casual discourse, that the effect will be even more significant.

  ”Scrap gold” can be extracted from a sparkling gold come!

Pay attention and remember other people’s casual discourse of it, it is actually a “bunch of gold ore”, if properly mined, “popular gold ’cause you very rich.

Although everyone is free to speak nuances, but much to do.

  Method 3, others do something “unexpected little things” a bank of world famous German advertising, it is so written: You had your day, we take care of the details for you.

What details are?

It is often the little things among people unexpectedly.

It is said that the credibility of the bank has been greatly improved after this advertisement was published.

This is not the case for an organization. For people, those who pay great attention to details and who can do other people’s accidental things in a timely manner are often assured. Can they be trusted?

Doing something unexpected for others is an important technique for plumping up your image.

  A philosopher once said: Any detail is very important.

In this case, let’s do something unexpected for others. This is an important alternative to crafting your own image.

People will admire and appreciate you for this.

  Method 4. Pay attention to the “minor changes” of others. No one is unwilling to accept the attention of others, and no one is concerned about those who care about themselves.

Therefore, to win praise, you need to properly express your concern for others.

If you notice slight changes in the other person’s wear, appearance, etc., it is best to point out immediately.

If the other party changes a new tie, you say, “Where did you buy this tie for the first time?”

“He will happily accept your concern and feel good about you.

Very female, pay special attention to her dress, once someone notices the change of her dress, she will feel sincere joy, and then the distance between you will change accordingly.

  Not only between men and women, if any two people can immediately notice the small changes in each other without prompting, and sincerely say so, then the relationship between them must be very harmonious.

Therefore, people must not be careless in their communication objects, they should pay attention to each other’s sesame affairs.

  Method 5, when modifying your “communicative details” to talk to others, raise your eyebrows when you are not disturbed, and widen your eyes when you are severe, ask questions directly, and repeat briefly after listening.

In this way, you will leave a good impression that people are flexible and good at communication.

If you have a well-balanced rhythm, slow behavior, solemn movements, and stability like Mount Tai, then you will have the impression of being extraordinary and calm.

For someone’s invitation, if you can take out your notebook and write down the date and address carefully, then others will think you are a creditworthy person.

If you change your dating time from 8.30 to 8.35, others will think you are a capable and capable person.
These are the communication details, because you merge and modify, so it enhances your communication image.
Don’t be casual in small places.

This is most likely related to whether you succeed or not.

  Modifying such junction details is to lubricate the gears of daily life, so that everything goes smoothly; it is to put you on the wings of soaring to help you succeed.

Decorating your communication details is the icing on the cake.

Good at subtleties, there are so many communication articles to do!

Emotional health care is the most beneficial

Emotional health care is the most beneficial

Every day in life, especially in the spring, from the aspect of emotional health care, it is more scientific to arrange a period of quiet supplement, as much as possible to sit alone, so that you can close your eyes and adjust the music easily.

In this way, the purpose of physical and mental stability can be achieved, which is good for health.

  The competition in all walks of life in modern society is fierce, and the pace of life is relatively fast. Many people feel that they are “lively tired.”

Therefore, spring should be quiet.

  According to the traditional medical theory, when the spring is Shaoyang, the liver and wood are ordered.

Therefore, the most important thing to adjust emotions is to make anger.

Because anger is one of the seven emotions that is the most harmful to the human body, “anger is on the air”, “anger is hurting the liver.”

Modern medicine believes that bad emotions will lead to disorders in the function of the nervous system and endocrine system, which in turn induces a variety of diseases.

  Every day in life, especially in the spring, from the aspect of emotional health care, it is more scientific to arrange a period of quiet supplement, as much as possible to sit alone, so that you can close your eyes and adjust the music easily.
In this way, the purpose of physical and mental stability can be achieved, which is good for health.

Two Wyeth milk powders recalled

Two Wyeth milk powders recalled

On November 26, 2002, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued an announcement today that the US-based Wyeth Company’s Fremont plant sold in China produced milk formula based on milk as the main raw material from July 12 to September 25, 2002.Enterobacter sakazakii detected in the product will be ordered to be recalled.

  Enterobacter sakazakii is a food-borne pathogen that mainly harms immunocompromised newborns such as premature infants.

The products produced by the Fermont plant and exported to China are: S-26MAMA maternal formula and NURSOY baby bean-based formula.

In the 6-digit batch number combination of the bottom of the above product, the first 4 digits are: K12N to K17N, LO7N to LO3N, and NO3N to N25N.

  The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine announced that starting from today, inspection and quarantine institutions in various places have suspended processing of customs clearance and related inspection and quarantine procedures for the above-mentioned batches of products.

The above products that have arrived in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places will be supervised and destroyed by the local inspection and quarantine bureau.

Mail or passengers are forbidden to enter the country. Once found, they will be confiscated.

  Democracy. On June 4, 2002, Xueerle milk powder produced by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Ireland Co., Ltd. in the United States was issued a “blocking order” by the Ministry of Health due to nitrite exceeding national standards, and its sale was banned.

  Nitrite is a food additive that is allowed to be used. In the production of food, colorants and preservatives are used, but as long as it is controlled within a safe range, it will not cause harm to human bodies.

Human intake is 0.


5 grams of nitrite can cause poisoning, and 3 grams can cause death.

In addition, nitrite can enter the fetus through the placenta. Babies within 6 months are particularly sensitive to nitrates and have a teratogenic effect on the fetus.

The European Union recommends that nitrite should not be used in infant foods, and that nitrate should be restricted.

  Sampling results showed that the test results of Xueerle milk powder contained nitrite 2 per thousand tons.


83 millimeters, and the national health standard is that the nitrite content should not exceed 2 milligrams per thousand tons.

Swimming fitness has attention

Swimming fitness has attention

Swimming is a good aerobic exercise, and it is the first choice for many sporty women.

But do you know the difference in the parts of different swimming exercises?

And swimming should pay attention to some problems?

Let us answer for you!

  Swimming to train the body strength Many people have such a person when swimming: still do not swim, they feel sore and tired, tired.

In fact, this is a disaster caused by physical strength.

“Swimming is a systemic muscle coordination exercise and a very aerobic exercise that consumes a lot of energy.

When swimming, you need arm, chest, chest, waist, chest, leg muscles at the same time, only the strength of these parts to keep up, swimming will be more comfortable.

Luo Xuejuan said.

Therefore, if you want to swim fast and steady, you should strengthen your exercise in these areas.

  There are many ways to exercise your arms, waist and legs, and here are some easy-to-learn actions.

  Arm strength: Push-ups are a good way to exercise, insisting on 20-30 per day; lifting dumbbells is also desirable.

If you don’t have dumbbells at home, you can put sand in the finished bottle, each weighing between 3-5 pounds.

Waist strength: Sit-ups are the most effective way to exercise.

  Strength: lunge, leapfrog, and vertical jump are good methods.

  Different strokes to exercise breaststroke – leg strength in different parts.

In freestyle, the thighs of the backstroke are all whipped up and down. Only the breaststroke is a squat, the former can make the legs more slender, and the other uses the thigh quads, so it is effective for strengthening the leg strength.

  Butterfly stroke – black hair power.

During the butterfly stroke, the arm is drawn inward, similar to the chest expansion exercise, the chest pectoralis muscle, the dorsal extension muscle, the rectus abdominis force to reverse, the exercise effect is also the best.

  Freestyle – arm strength.

During freestyle, the biceps of the upper arm and the triceps are relaxed, which can effectively exercise the muscles of the arms, and at the same time, it also has a certain driving effect on the improvement of the strength of the shoulder muscles.

  Backstroke – back end strength.

During backstroke, the back muscles overlap and force the back muscles to stretch.

In addition, you need to lift your hips during backstroke, which is also an exercise for the front.

  Therefore, you can also choose your favorite swimming style, focus on strengthening the strength training of a certain part of the body, and also improve the swimming speed.

  We recommend several exercise methods for you: 1.

The leg muscles are stretched.

In a sitting position, the soles of the feet are close to each other, extend and extend as close to the ground as possible, and grasp the feet with both hands, keep this position, count to 10, relax the body, and repeat 3 times.


The shoulder muscles are stretched.

One arm is straight up first, then the forearm bends back to the back of the head, the body relaxes, and the elbow is grasped from the back of the head with the opposite hand, and slowly pulled to the opposite side for 15 seconds.