9 weight loss recipes that are too thin to stop

9 weight loss recipes that are too thin to stop

What is the most effective way to lose weight? If you want to lose weight and love to eat, it is a big challenge for MM to lose weight.

In fact, the right diet choices can effectively slim down, because slimming recipes are a good choice, so what to eat to lose weight is good, here are 9 healthy weight loss recipes, the more you eat the more you lose weight

For mm who wants to lose weight, high-fat, high-conversion delicious food is also a headache.

How can I eat with peace of mind and keep 窈窕?

May wish to try the following nine delicious diet recipes, so that you can maintain a beautiful posture in the new year.

  Ingredients for Sixi Yarong Dumpling: 60 grams of flour, 30 grams of water, 40 grams of duck meat, 10 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 10 grams of Bailing mushroom, sweet peas and red pepper.

  Seasoning: salt, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil, eggs.

  Practice: 1.

Knock the eggs apart, separate the yolks and egg whites, divide into small bowls, steam them in a pot and chop them.

Sweet peas and red peppers are chopped and cooked for later use.


Duck meat is chopped into minced meat, salt, pepper, cooking wine, sesame oil to taste.

Wash the shiitake mushrooms and white mushrooms, dry them, and chop them into the prepared meat.


Add water and flour to form a dough. Add the duck paste filling into the heart. Leave four small holes in the four corners. Fill in egg whites, egg yolks, sweet peas, and red peppers.

  Duck liver sauce bread ingredients: 100 grams of duck liver sauce, 3 slices of baguette.

  Seasoning: 20 grams of garlic, 5 grams of basil leaves.

  Practice: 1.

The garlic is mashed, and the basil leaves are washed and dried to mash.

Mix the two evenly and spread on the French stick.

Just apply duck liver sauce.

  Tips: Foie gras and duck liver sauce are now sold in supermarkets.

  Ingredients for Shanzhen Chenpi old duck pot: 1 old duck, 50 grams of winter melon, 100 grams of straw mushroom, 50 grams of pearl fungus.

  Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 5 grams of tangerine peel, 2 sections of spring onion, 4 slices of ginger, 2 pieces of red bean curd.

  Practice: 1.

The old duck washes and washed, cut into small pieces, and drained the blood.

Wash, peel, and cut into pieces.

Wash and dry the straw mushrooms and pearl fungus.

Add all the ingredients mentioned above, as well as the peel, green onion segments, and ginger slices, and bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer for about one and a half hours. Put salt and fermented bean curd for 10 minutes.

  Ingredients for papaya stewed bird’s nest: 1 papaya, 1 Tremella, 5 grams of dried bird’s nest.

  Seasoning: broth, rock sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the papaya and empty the container.

Tremella and bird’s nest in hair soaked in water.

Put the white fungus into the papaya together with the broth, steam it out for 15 minutes, add the prepared bird’s nest and rock sugar, and cook well.  Chestnut roasted cabbage raw material: 400g baby doll, 150g chestnut.

  Seasoning: salt, oyster sauce, sugar, broth, starch.

  Practice: 1.

Wash baby dishes, dry, and cut into strips.

Chestnut shelling.

The two go into the pot together, cook with broth, add salt, oyster sauce and some sugar, and finally thin the pan.

  Gold Medallion Beef Willow Ingredients: 300 grams of beef willow, 50 grams of onion.

  Seasoning: oil, salt, soy sauce, tender meat meal, egg white, starch, salad dressing, chocolate pin.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the beef fillet, cut into pieces, pat loose, salt, old soy, tender meat powder, and egg white marinate for 15 minutes.

Wash and shred the onions, stir-fry with flour, and place in a pan.

Put the bran on the pan over high heat and cook it in beef tenderloin.


Squeeze the salad dressing and sprinkle with chocolate pins.

  Ingredients for butterburst: 100 grams of flour.

  Seasoning: 50 grams of water, 200 grams of salad oil, 50 grams of vegetable butter, 10 grams of chocolate needles.

  Practice: 1.

After adding water to the flour and forming the dough, patiently scoop into a small whisker noodle.

Put the oil in the pot and heat it up. When putting into the dragon whisk noodles, pay attention to the gestures and fry into a cake.

Squeeze the butter cream on each of the dragon whisk cakes and sprinkle with chocolate colored pins.

  Pea yellow raw material: 80 grams of peas.

  Seasoning: 60 grams of sugar, 20 grams of agar, 20 grams of water.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the peas first, and steam them over the pan.

Put white sugar and agar in the mashed peas, cook for 5 minutes on high heat, then pour into your favorite shape container (some kind of heart shape), and cool to form.

Cut out when eating and cut into small pieces.

  Kraft shrimp balls raw materials: 75 grams of prawns, 30 grams of purple cabbage.

  Seasoning: egg white, flour, salad dressing, sugar, fresh lemon juice, black sesame.

  Practice: 1.

Shrimp go head, tail, shell, open back to shrimp line.

Purple cabbage is washed and shredded and placed on the bottom of the plate.

Mix egg whites and flour into a paste.Add sugar to the salad dressing and mix with fresh lemon juice.

Shrimp paste and fry in oil pan, roll and mix salad dressing, place on purple cabbage, and sprinkle with black sesame.

Eight principles of health care during the Ching Ming Festival

Eight principles of health care during the Ching Ming Festival

The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday and a particularly important health festival.
During the Ching Ming period, the climate is humid and it is easy to make people feel tired and sleepy.
So what should you pay attention to in daily life and in the Qingming Festival?
What are the principles of Qingming Health?
Let’s take a look at the eight health principles of Ching Ming Festival.
  First, pay attention to “sickness from the mouth” and changeable weather is easy to cause people to catch cold, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia; this time is respiratory infections, such as diphtheria, scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles, chickenpox, epidemicMeningitis and other frequent seasons, so we must pay careful attention to weather changes, increase and decrease of clothing, and as little as possible to enter and leave public places, especially pay attention to “sickness from the mouth.”
  Second, do not eat “fat” This festival is also a variety of chronic diseases are easy to relapse, such as arthritis, asthma, mental illness, etc., so people with chronic diseases should eat foods that are prone to food, the so-called “fat”, fromFrom the perspective of Chinese medicine, it refers to the products that move the wind and produce phlegm and poison to help the evil, such as sea fish, sea prawn, sea crab, pickles, bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots, lamb, cock, etc., can eat some cold food properly, so “The Cold Food Festival also has certain health principles.
  Suitable foods include glutinous rice, sesame seeds, peanuts, red beans, glutinous rice, glutinous rice, goose meat, clam meat, snails, eggs, leeks, alfalfa, lettuce, yam, apple, orange, horseshoe, pear, peach, cherry, etc.
The soups for health should be carrots, bamboo cane water, pepper, pork belly, Chuanxiong white stewed fish head, leeks, dog belly fish, fresh earthworm pig show, pickles, yellow sand shovel, cat claw grass, pig lean meat and so on.
  三、心情舒畅、动中有静  同时这个节气又是高血压的易发期,因此要保持心情舒畅,选择动作柔和,动中有静的如太极拳等锻炼方式;避免参加带有竞赛性的Activities, so as not to be emotional; avoid doing weight-bearing activities, so as not to cause breath, and cause blood pressure to rise.
  Fourth, changing clothes should not be too early As the saying goes, “February dressing in February”, said before and after the Ching Ming Festival, because of climate change, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, you should prepare a jacket that can be worn casually.
Wear a windbreaker when you go out to work in the morning, pay attention to keep warm, take off when you feel hot at noon, go home from work at night and put on, this will effectively prevent colds.
The so-called “Spring Festival” also means this, until the Qingming period, in mid-April can be changed to spring.
Of course, the process of “Spring” should also vary from person to person, depending on your physical fitness to determine the increase or decrease of clothing.
Generally speaking, according to climate change, we should increase or decrease clothes at any time, pay attention to cold and warmth, help the body to produce hair, and resist the invasion of external evils, which will help the health of the body.
  V. Sorrow is overkill Qingming Festival is an important festival of sacrifice. Through ancestor worship and grave sweeping activities to cherish the ancestors and mourn.
When you see the tombstones of your loved ones, many people are inevitably sorrowful and grief-stricken.
At this time, everyone will have this feeling.
However, the impact of excessive grief on physical health is very serious, especially those with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease should control their emotions to prevent recurrence of old diseases.
In addition, spring is a high incidence of a variety of mental illnesses, coupled with the Qingming sweeping the tomb is easy to cause depression, depression, and induce mental illness.
Therefore, people should not be too sad before and after the Qingming, to maintain a stable mood and a comfortable mood.
  6. Antihypertensive recurrence Before and after the Qingming Festival, people’s mood fluctuated greatly, especially in the middle-aged and elderly people with hypertension. Because they missed their loved ones too much, they could easily cause high blood pressure.
Therefore, patients with hypertension should reduce and eliminate abnormal emotional reactions as soon as possible, and maintain emotional stability.
You can choose a gentle movement, a static Tai Chi exercise, and transfer your mind.
Should also avoid weight-bearing activities, so as not to cause breath holding and increase blood pressure.
  Seven, health is important in raising the liver Traditional health theory that “spring and liver correspond” means that the spring climate is closely related to the human liver.
Therefore, the health care method in spring should be based on liver.
If the liver function is normal, the person’s air will be smooth, the blood will be harmonious, and the function of each of the organs will remain normal.
Therefore, Qingming Health is heavier in raising the liver.
The liver is nourished by the “hepatic liver” and “clear liver”.
There are many specific methods, such as liver and liver, taste liver, blood and liver, and liver.
  八、饮食清补为主  清明,正是冷空气与暖空气交替之际,亦日渐趋暖,所以天气一会儿阳光灿烂,一会儿阴雨绵绵,人体常会出现四肢麻痹,在汤品调理中,除了要利水In addition to moisture, it is necessary to properly replenish, so it is most important to nourish blood and relax the muscles. It is recommended to stew the white pigeon with mulberry rice (20 grams of mulberry, 30 grams of glutinous rice, 1 white pigeon, a little ginger, salt, sesame oil, simmer for 2 hours)As a food supplement.
Diet should be light, should be regular quantitative, limited salt, potassium, mainly to clear, eat more vegetables, fruits, to prevent getting angry.
You can eat more soft liver and nourish the lungs, such as leek and liver and kidney; spinach, five internal organs, blood circulation; yam spleen and lung.

What to eat for gout

What to eat for gout

There are many rumors about food that gout patients cannot eat, such as “cannot eat beer and seafood together”, “cannot eat soy products”, “cannot drink hot pot soup”, “cannot drink sweet drinks” and so on.

These rumors, what is true and false, what are the taboos on the diet of gout patients?

  Gout is closely related to uric acid.

The human body produces purines, and purines are supplemented from food. Purine metabolism produces uric acid, which is normally excreted from the urine through the veins.

But if there are too many purines, a lot of uric acid will be produced.

Too much uric acid, or poor access to uric acid, will accumulate in the body.

When accumulated to a certain concentration, uric acid crystals will precipitate, which will cause gout.

  People do not easily change the purines produced in the body, but can avoid high-purity purine foods to reduce uric acid production.

Among the common foods in Chinese, animal water is the highest purine species, such as liver, waist, heart, brain, plasma, etc.

In addition, game, goose, certain fish (such as sardines, herring, salmon, etc.), scallops, etc. are also in this category.

One hundred grams of these foods usually contains more than 200 milligrams of purine.

Basically all kinds of meat, some pork, beef, lamb, aquatic products, etc., usually contain 100 to 200 mg of purine per 100 grams.

There are also trace amounts of purine in dried soybeans, but the content can only be low after adding soy products. It is similar to oatmeal, broccoli, peas, spinach, green peppers, bananas and other vegetables and fruits.

  Although alcohol and sugar are not rich in purines, they will affect uric acid metabolism and increase the uric acid content in the blood, so gout patients should also avoid it.

  In the widespread taboos of gout diet, whether seafood and beer are eaten together or separately, they are high-risk factors, such as “cannot eat arsenic and dichlorvos together”; “cannot eat soy products” is contrary to scientific evidence, epidemiologyThe survey found that soy products and other vegetables and fruits with a “higher” purine content did not increase the uric acid content in the blood. Some surveys even showed that the blood uric acid content was increased in people with high consumption of soy products; sugary drinksIncreasing blood uric acid is supported by scientific evidence; usually hot pot soup will contain excessive purines, which should be avoided by gout patients.

  In summary, the dietary principles of gout patients (or people with high uric acid) can be briefly described as follows: Avoid various animal internal organs, brain, game, certain seafood and fish, beer and other alcoholic beverages, (although not all seafood andFishes contain high-purity purines, but if you count them clearly, avoid them); Control high-sugar foods, polished rice noodles, saturated traces, and various meats; recommended coarse grains, whole grains, etc., low-fat and fat-freeDairy products, vegetable protein foods, lots of water.

Women’s sex exercises improve sexual apathy

Women’s sex exercises improve sexual apathy

Do you have a cold sex, lack of orgasm, or the quality of sexual life is not as good as before due to having children?

Don’t worry, I recommend you a set of sex exercises.

  By exercising the pelvic floor, buttocks, thighs, and abdominal muscles, it enhances the functions of the uterus, vagina, and tibia.

If you persist in exercising for a long time, you will definitely become a sexy and lovely woman.

  Sexual Exercise Exercise 1: Abdominal Exercises Strong abdominal muscles are an important condition for maintaining ideal sexual function.

  Lie on your back with your legs flexed, hold your knees with your hands, pull your hands towards your hips, and apply a little force to shake your hands slightly, then slowly relax.

Follow the tibial joints and try to keep your legs straight and flat.

Then bend your knees and bend your knees against your chest.

Repeat it 5 times.

Finally, put your hands flat on your side, straighten your legs 5 times, or lift your left and right legs 5 times.

  2: Pelvic exercises Pelvic forward and backward movements are very important for exercising the pelvic and abdominal muscles.

  Squat, knees slightly bent, legs about 60 cm apart, hands on hips.

Inhale and push the pelvis forward; exhale and pull the pelvis back while stepping forward and holding back.

Repeat 10 times.

  3: Massage exercises increase sexual pleasure experience.

  Lie on your back with your legs bent, your knees separated, and the soles of your feet facing each other. Step on and massage from the alignment to the base of your thighs.

Inhale during massage and exhale when hand returns to destination.

Repeat it 5 times.
Relax during the massage, and pay attention to experience the overall comfort of the movement.

  4: Stretch your legs to exercise your thigh muscles.

The main shaft is dry. When the thighs, abdominal pressure acts on the vagina to produce pleasure. At the same time, the vaginal opening is opened, which is conducive to local qi and blood flow.

  Sitting position, with both hands behind, knee flexion on the left leg, knee flexion on the right leg abduction, flat on a mat.

Raise your hips, abduct the left leg, and straighten slightly; lower your hips and do the same for your right leg.

Repeat it 5 times.

Women have the secret to youthful vitality

Women have the secret to youthful vitality

People of different ages have different characteristics to walk. Young people walk to correct their paces. Some older friends can keep the same gait as young people when they walk.

  It turns out that when the elderly walk, each step takes a distance and the distance between their feet is wide.

Due to the shortened distance of each step and the slower pace, the walking speed has decreased significantly, which is related to the elasticity of the muscle ligaments and the reduction of joint displacement in the elderly.

However, with proper exercise, the elderly who are recovering still maintain a high degree of softness, and they are still very energetic when walking.

In addition to practicing Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword, the more temporary methods are: 1.

One leg is straight, the other leg is raised, the heel is placed on an object of appropriate height, and one hand can be supported on the next object to maintain balance. Chairs, railings, windowsills, steps, etc. can be used.

The proper height is that when you place your heel on a supporting object, straighten your knees and pinch your toes, you can feel a little pain in the back of your thighs, but you can bear it.

Hold this position for 5 seconds, 10 seconds, or stop time (do not press your body, press it down), pay attention to relax the muscles behind the thighs.

When the feeling of being pulled behind the thighs is reduced, the upper body is pressed forward a little, and the feeling of being pulled will increase again.

After 4-5 repetitions, do the same exercise on the other leg.

As the softness improves, it can gradually replace a higher support.


Use two front feet to stand on a step or staircase, with the heels hanging and holding the railing to keep balance.

With your knees straight and your body’s center of gravity falling, you will feel your calf muscles tightened.

Practice the same as above, keep reducing, after the feeling of being pulled is reduced, lower the center of gravity a little, lower the heel a little, repeat 4-5 times.

If you find suitable steps and stairs, you can practice at home. You can lean back to the wall and heels on the ground, but you can get the same effect by stepping on the front feet with bricks or wooden blocks of appropriate height.

Daily consumption of 6 kinds of rice

Daily consumption of 6 kinds of rice

Rice can fill the hunger and is the staple food of the Chinese. In fact, rice has many other effects besides being full.

For example, help digestion, kidney and so on.

The following describes six different types of rice.


The most nourishing is the ordinary rice used in the daily use of rice for rice. It is also known as the former rice or polished rice. It is translucent oval or oval, with high rice yield and small expansion of rice, but it is sticky.

As a daily edible rice, the previous rice contains essential starch, protein, trace, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C and calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the nutrients and content required by the human body.

  Using the previous rice porridge to maintain health and prolong the years, in the history of 2000 years, the top layer of porridge oil in the previous rice porridge can replenish and replenish, which is beneficial to nourish the human body’s yin and kidney essence.Suitable for patients, maternity and the elderly.
The previous rice has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing the qi, nourishing yin and fluid, eliminating the troubles of quenching thirst, solidifying the intestines and stopping diarrhea. It can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, polydipsia, malnutrition, post-illness and other complications, but diabetic patients shouldBe careful not to eat more.


The most digestible is the so-called coarse rice, which is the “light yellow rice” that removes the rough outer shell and retains the germ and cobalt during the milling process.

The protein, trace amount and vitamin content in the crude rice are more than the fine white rice.

  The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer contribute to the peristalsis in the body and are effective for diseases such as stomach diseases, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Compared with white rice, nutrients can reduce blood plasma and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Slightly suitable for the general population, but because the micron rice tastes thicker, the gap is tight, and it takes a lot of time to cook. It is recommended to wash it with cold water before cooking, instead of soaking the water together to occupy the pressure cooker for half an hour or more.


The most tonifying kidney is black rice and black rice, which is rich in nutrients and contains protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances. The nutritional value is more than ordinary rice.

It can significantly improve the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain, improve the promotion of maternal and post-physical recovery, so it is an ideal nutritious health food.

  Black rice has the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and nourishing the essence and strengthening the phlegm. It is a nourishing and good product for anti-aging beauty and disease prevention.

Regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, convalescent patients and young children.

Since black rice is not easy to be boiled, it should be soaked overnight for cooking.

Young children with weak digestive function and old and weak patients are not suitable for consumption.


The most detoxifying is the glutinous rice glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its sticky and fragrant, it is often made into a snack, which is very popular among you.

Glutinous rice contains protein, trace, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a lot of starch.


The most beautiful is the glutinous rice glutinous rice, also known as glutinous rice, glutinous rice.

The nutritional value of glutinous rice is very high, and it is known as the “king of the world’s grass plants”.

Coix seed rice is rich in nutrients and contains various amino acid components such as oyster barley oil, barley fat, sterol, amino acid, arginine and vitamin B1, vitamins and other nutrients. It has the effect of moisturizing, spleen and diarrhea, clearing away heat and detoxifying.
  Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is sweet, light, slightly cold, into the spleen, stomach, lung, spleen diarrhea, muscle soreness, joint pain and other symptoms have a therapeutic and preventive effect.


The most stomach-raising is millet millet, also known as glutinous rice, corn, millet.

Its protein, trace, sugar, vitamin B2, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Because millet is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called “health meter” by nutrition experts.

  Millet has the functions of strengthening the spleen and the middle, benefiting the kidney, clearing the heat, benefiting the urine, and treating the polydipsia. It is a nutritional rehabilitation product for treating spleen and stomach weakness, physical weakness, impaired blood, postpartum deficiency and loss of appetite.

Because the millet is slightly colder, the qi stagnation and physical fitness are too cold, and the urinary elders should not eat too much.

Make reading a child’s habit

Make reading a child’s habit

Reading can inspire children’s mind and wisdom, and expand their knowledge and horizons.

Reading a good book, children can achieve beautiful language, accurate plots, understand the mysteries of nature, and can suffer from moral cultivation, discern right from wrong, and learn from it.

Guiding children to develop a habit of reading and reading well at an early age will be the wealth of their lives.

In the process of guiding my son to study, I gradually realized that guiding children to read is a science. Parents need to figure it out and pay close attention to it in order to guide their children to read independently.

  Created a strong transformation of the book fragrance, is the primary condition for making children like reading.

Children live in an environment full of book fragrance, and they will naturally realize the value of books and enjoy reading.

The importance of reading in the family is very important. First, parents should buy more books so that their children can easily read them at any time. Second, parents should also read more and set an example for their children.

Both my husband and I like to read books. I usually go to the bookstore and see my favorite books and books suitable for my son to read.

Later, we bought a separate shelf for our son and put it in his bedroom, where he managed his own books.

His son often sorts and organizes bookshelves, and develops a good habit of caring for books.

While reading at home is fundamentally important, creating an external environment for children is also essential.

On holidays, I like to take my son to the bookstore. The various books in the bookstore and the people who concentrate on reading are an environment that guides my son to love reading.

  Helping children choose the right books is an important time to guide children to read.

There are many types of books on the market, some of which are excellent reading materials with educational significance and are conducive to the healthy growth of children; some books are low-key and vulgar, which affects the physical development of children.

Even good books are not suitable for children of all personalities or ages.

Therefore, parents should know how to help their children choose the right books, and adhere to three principles: First, choose books that are suitable for the age characteristics of their children.

Toddlers can choose to combine pictures and texts, and to decorate novels such as fairy tales, folk stories, fables, etc. To transform the child’s gradual growth, you can appropriately add some ideological and story-alternative children’s literature and science fiction works.

Second, respect children’s interest in reading.

Every child has their own interests, and parents should be good at discovering their children’s reading interests and give positive and correct guidance.

Third, choose classic books.

Classics are cultural treasures left over from the precipitation of human history and have great value.

When children read classic stories, their hearts communicated with the masters and collided. They could deeply notice the treasures contained in the pictures and texts.

  Creating time and space to read and communicate with children is a good way to improve children’s reading interest and reading ability.

The three writers of British writer Browntai were often accompanied by their parents when they were young.

On winter night, their family sat in front of the blazing fire and read beautiful, lyrical texts together; on spring day, they often gathered in the wild to recite their own or other people’s poems, and the seeds of literature were buried deep in their hearts.

The reason why the three sisters of Bronte were able to write classic literary masterpieces in the world in the future was inseparable from their childhood reading habits.

The child’s heart is a magical land, sowing the seeds of thought will get the harvest of behavior; sowing the seeds of behavior can get the habitual harvest; sowing the seeds of habit can get the harvest of morality, sowing the moralitySeed, can get the harvest of destiny.

When reading becomes a child’s habit, the seeds of truth, goodness, and beauty will germinate, grow, and blossom in the child’s mind.

A child with flowers in his heart will have a healthy and happy life.

Yoga etiquette considerations

Yoga etiquette considerations

Nowadays, yoga is popular all over the world, and yoga halls are also opened in many places around the world. Most yoga practitioners will still choose to practice in yoga halls, and in effective learning alternatives, they will effectively practice under the guidance of coachesHowever, most scholars do not need to understand the etiquette of the yoga studio, so we will explain it in detail here. The brake practitioners have a good environment while improving themselves, as follows: First, after entering the yoga studio, do notLoud noise, please take off your shoes immediately and turn off your phone.

Your phone should be locked in your locker and should not be brought into the classroom.

If your phone has been brought into the classroom and it rings or vibrates again, please do not answer the phone!

  Second, arrive at the yoga studio 15 minutes early and enter the classroom five minutes early.

This is the concept of punctuality in a yoga studio.

Once the class begins, latecomers should not break into the classroom, especially when the classroom is developing meditation.

Before the beginning of class, please try to keep quiet and do some simple pre-heating of your body in sections to get yourself into the state.

Stay focused and respectful of the teacher during the class, not speak loudly in other books.

  Third, don’t leave the classroom early before the class ends.

In particular, you should not do the last relaxation and meditation, because they are actually the most important part of a yoga class.

You leave before this, as if you had worked hard to sow a year, but when you were about to harvest, you gave up and left.

If you need to leave in advance under special circumstances, please tell the teacher before the lesson.

  Fourth, don’t 2 before the yoga class starts?
Eat within 3 hours.

Especially solid food.

Of course, you should not relieve your bowels, otherwise you will not be able to concentrate completely.

You can eat a sweet drink or fruit an hour in advance.

Remember to urinate before class starts, which will make your exercises more focused, easy and effective.

Sit for a while after class to drink some water, but at 20?
Eat after 30 minutes.

  Fifth, don’t do an inverted posture for books during menstruation, and please avoid overworked exercises.

It is best to tell the teacher in advance of your previous medical history, the special condition of the body today, or the discomfort and pain somewhere.

  Sixth, wear comfortable sportswear or clothing that does not restrict body movement and breathing.

For hygiene reasons, it is best to use your own yoga mat.

Don’t wear heavy perfumes for yoga classes.

  Seventh, yoga is not a physical sport.

It’s not gymnastics and dance performances.

Yoga first teaches you to calmly face and understand the limitations of each of our bodies.

So don’t worry that you are not as flexible as other senior scholars, your experience, breathing and mentality are more important.

Obvious pain is not part of yoga practice, so you are responsible for protecting your body and don’t do too much physical tolerance.

  Eighth, please pay attention to taking care of the needs of other books when practicing. Do not only consider your own needs in terms of location, equipment and space use. You must have a cooperative and modest attitude. This is the true spirit of yoga.

  Compare the above eight points and see how many times have you achieved?

If not, you must pay attention to it, because the practice of yoga is a comprehensive improvement from the inside to the outside, and the quality of a person is always reflected in small things, qualified yoga practice will and should know how to followYoga courtesy, isn’t it?

Unleashing heavy makeup and light makeup can be beautiful_1

Release heavy makeup and restrain light makeup can be beautiful

Many shows are happy to show the contrast of women before and after makeup, exclaiming the effect of changing face.

Well, girls do n’t want to make heavy makeup. Look at the fresh and tender makeup of European and American celebrities. The seductive tenderness is like a hibiscus. You can also do it!

Release the shackles of heavy makeup, a refreshing little woman temperament, show off the supple skin.

Pay attention to the details, and take care of the light makeup.

  Water-reducing skin age-reducing magic weapon Water-refining and good skin will make the whole person look 10 years younger!

The overall color must be paid evenly, especially the neck part can not be missed, or go out with a white face, and it is not good to take a closer look at the white neck.

The choice of blush must be commensurate with the color of the face, too strong colors will make it feel abrupt.

  It is also important to make a good makeup and transform into the fantasy goddess race!

This dreamy makeup, Yumu has a sexy goddess reminiscent of online games!

If you are a fair girl, then it is worth a try. It looks more ruthless and needs to be reflected in the choice of blush, not to be pale, and the choice of too red is not feasible, and the lip color should be a little lighter.The colors are good.

  The details make the sweet princess makeup a delicate little princess makeup, sweet and playful and cute.

The skin is built with attention to detail, highlighting the natural feeling. The omission of blush is just to highlight the lip color and the moist red lips are as sweet as candy.

The treatment of the eyes seems to be simple. In fact, pay attention to many details. The eyelashes must be long enough. The light eye shadows create a natural light and dark feeling, and the entire makeup will look beautiful.

  Love makes women better cosmetics The sweetness of love makes Xiao Nizi more glorious. As the saying goes, youth is the best cosmetics. How can you admire the good foundation, but delicate light makeup is a good coloring choice.
It is close to its own skin color, and there are more retouched parts, naturally it is not artificial.

The faint lip color highlights the sweetness of beautiful girls. The treatment of eye makeup is naturally the best. The natural level will make the makeup more comfortable.

  Royal sister Fan’s naked makeup Fan Yu sister Fan radiates from the inside, Julie’s powerful aura is worthy of praise, and the streamlined makeup is even more sharp and clean.

Julie’s face is more angular, so adding blush will feel more affinity.

Not a strong lip color but equally sexy, the effect of tenderness must not be.

  Choosing a good eye shadow position makes the eyes more charming. The unique temperament of Twilight Girl is very charming, but it always reminds people of dullness.

A more agile makeup is a good choice. The makeup of the eye makeup highlights the bright feeling. The bright colors are created to make the eyes look more charming. The range of choice is only a small part of the double eyelids, the distance between the eyebrows and the eyesMore recently, the makeup looks understated and luxurious.

Too fair skin, remember to add blush, people will repeatedly outlive.

  The eye field of the upper eye is followed by the upgrade of the elegant and beautiful goddess makeup. The comfort of the heavy makeup is abandoned, and the fresh and elegant beauty is more touching!

The agile race can be broken and delicate, as long as the choice of foundation pays attention to nature, and when it comes to skin care, it also needs to be super careful.

Lip color must remember to fade, girly beauty depends on it.

The raised eyes and eyeshadows will enhance the temperament of the whole person, so mature women can’t miss it.

  The faint laziness is the most sexy temptation to become the sexy of the three heroines. This little foreign man has a natural heart.

Both cheeks are tall and the width of her face makes her have the sexy conditions of the right place.

The beauty of thick lips is like a depression, so you don’t need a strong lip color, and you can point out the color of the lower lips to have a lazy sexy taste.

The contrast between the light and dark on the cheeks is completely three-dimensional, and the beauty of naked makeup is visible.

  Elongated eyeliner makes women more charming and looks lighter. It always gives a comfortable feeling.

But it is not a worry-free effort. The whole must have a good background, and the skin tone must be natural.

The delicateness of the eye makeup is also indispensable. The length of each eyeline stretches the length of the eyes, which in turn will make it look more natural. Adding charming long eyelashes can only be described as perfect.

  The temptation of Fox Fairy You can also be charming of Fox Fairy, a good makeup will make you instantly transform!

The eyeliner should have a radian, which makes the eye waves more agile.

White fair people must also be indispensable. In order to set off the beauty of the skin, the silver eyeshadows on the eye makeup will be more appropriate!

The lip color is light pink as usual, and the overall makeup is not obscure, which will make the eyes more comfortable.

If you have a habit of eating fish, please do an ultrasound scan

If you have a habit of eating fish, please do an ultrasound scan

Although the raw fish made from fatty catfish is refreshing and sweet, numerous white liver fluke eggs may be hidden in the white fish fillets. Once these eggs enter the body, their adult parasites will develop and reproduce in the bile ducts of humans.And constantly excrete metabolites and secrete toxic substances, damage the liver.

Experts from the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention remind that freshwater fish in the Pearl River Basin of Guangdong Province are generally infected with liver flukes, so do n’t be lucky. You should stop eating all fish made from freshwater fish.



The highest infection rate among fishermen and merchants is that liver fluke disease is currently one of the most serious food-borne parasitic diseases. The human parasite epidemic survey released by the Ministry of Health in May 2005 showed that there were about 12 million people infected with liver fluke.That’s a 75% increase from 15 years ago.

Among them, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Jilin provinces (regions) increased by 182%, 164%, and 630%, respectively.

The survey also showed that the infection rate of all kinds of people increased as the chance of eating “fish raw” increased.

  Cantonese people are highly susceptible to liver flukes due to their hobby.

The Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a sample survey of 9 counties (cities) in the province. Among 13,876 people, the average infection of liver fluke disease was 16.

42%, especially the majority of adult males.

The survey also found that fishermen and businessmen were most affected, with an infection rate as high as 32.


  Fang Yueyi, a department of endemic disease prevention and control of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, pointed out that freshwater fish in the Pearl River Basin were generally infected by liver fluke cysts.

Therefore, when the fish is grilled, grilled, scalded or steamed, if the temperature is insufficient, the time is insufficient, or the fish is too thick, it may not kill all the cysts.

The liver fluke cysts in fish can even cross-infect with baffles, kitchen knives, dishes, dishes, and chopsticks, and then enter the population to infect people with liver flukes.

  Liver fluke disease is easily misdiagnosed. Adult parasites missed from liver fluke are found in the bile ducts of humans, with a life span of 20-30 years. Complications continue to grow and reproduce, and release a large number of metabolites and toxic substances, harming the human body.

Infected patients will repeatedly experience fatigue, poor appetite, yellow urine, fever, accompanied by right upper quadrant pain, liver discomfort, and dull pain.

  Due to the slight involvement of the hepatobiliary system, as well as systemic symptoms and signs, it is easy to cause misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis.

The Department of Liver Diseases of the Eighth People’s Hospital of Guangzhou City has investigated the 102 cases of liver fluke patients they saw and found that too many of these patients have been misdiagnosed as hepatitis, infectious disease, and obstructive jaundice, and their misdiagnosis rates were 50%, 13.

73%, 11.

76%, 83 were misdiagnosed.


  ”There are no obvious symptoms of liver fluke infection early, and after a few years, most patients will develop liver damage.

“Zhang Chunlan, director of the First Division of Liver Diseases, also said,” Liver fibrosis exists at different levels at different stages of liver fluke disease. Some patients have improved liver fibrosis after deworming treatment, but there are also no changes.
To prevent “worms”, the development of freshwater fish and shrimp liver fluke larvae needs to pass through two intermediate hosts. The first intermediate host is snails (Snails, snails, etc.); the second intermediate host is various freshwater fish and shrimp.
Among them, catfish is often the host with the highest infection with liver fluke.

  In areas with a high incidence of liver fluke disease, the following dietary habits are the most likely to give worm eggs the opportunity to invade the human body: ① raw or undercooked: For example, residents of the Pearl River Delta region like “fish raw” or “raw roll fish porridge”; ChaoshanPeople like drunk shrimp drunk crabs (marinated with vinegar or wine); Northeast Korean residents are accustomed to using raw fish to serve wine; residents of Jiangsu and Zhejiang like live shrimp and live fish.

  ② Improper handling of raw and cooked food: raw and cooked food is not distinguished when handling food, and bursa contaminates food through cutting boards, kitchen knives, tableware, etc., thereby causing infection.

  Humans eat live liver fluke cysts, and after 1 month, the cysts develop into adults and parasitize in the human liver and bile ducts.

Therefore, in order to prevent liver fluke disease, the habit of eating raw fish should be actively changed.

Experiments have shown that cysts in fish fillets with a thickness of about 1 mm can die in 1 second in hot water at 90 ° C, and die within 3 seconds at 75 ° C.

  Tip: Have a fish eating habit, do a B-ultrasound. If you have a fish eating habit before, it is recommended to have a liver function test and liver B-ultrasound.

  For patients with liver fluke, anti-infective treatment and deworming treatment are needed.

At present, pyrrolidone is the drug of choice for treating liver fluke. After deworming treatment, liver function returns to normal within 3-4 days.

  Severely infected persons with malnutrition or cirrhosis should strengthen nutrition, protect the liver, and then consider special treatment.

Patients with acute surgical complications such as cholecystitis and common bile duct intervention require surgical treatment.