The most effective way to lose weight positively

The most effective way to lose weight positively

The top curve of zero defects can definitely make you the most full-fledged woman, but the thick tail may be your roadblock. Is it the most effective way to find weight loss?

Then you have to do the following.

  One of the most effective ways to lose weight in front is to pay attention to sitting posture: to change the habit of hunchback before morbidity occurs, both to beautify the curve, but also to make your confidence and interpersonal relationship significantly more!

Try not to sit on the sofa, because the soft cotton sofa will make you want to collapse on the sofa.

And the chair is only allowed to sit, which helps you stay upright and not humpback.

  Look in the mirror: expand your chest, exercise your hands, stretch your hands to the back, palms up, palms facing each other.

Develop actions to develop daily habits, each lasting 5 to 10 minutes.

Always check your posture and always remind yourself to raise your head.

  Back to the abdomen: From the back of the head, the shoulders, buttocks, and heels are all attached to the opening. The shifting action develops the daily habit. Every 10 minutes, I feel habitually lifting my head.

  Wearing high heels: Wearing high-heeled shoes at an appropriate height, people will involuntarily shrink their abdomen and chest.

But the heel should not be too high to prevent the toes from deforming.

  The hunchback gives people a sense of lack of confidence and spirit.

However, if it is a long-term hunchback, it will not only affect the beauty. If the hunchback causes bone deformation for a long time, there will be spine spine wear, long bone spur, and compression to the nerve.

  The above teaches you how to lose weight on the back end so that you can reshape your sexy back!

The most effective way to lose weight in front of you immediately adjust your usual sitting posture, you can easily have such a beautiful back!

   The second most effective way to lose weight is to teach you a set of exercises to lose weight on the back.

When doing the previous exercises, please pay attention to check the posture at all times, and pay attention to not bending behind.

  Action 1: Please lie flat on the floor, the abdomen close to the ground.

With your hands crossed behind your head, gently lift your head and leave the side off the ground.

Be careful not to use too much force.

Then fall back, please control the speed.

Repeat this action for 2 groups 15 times.

  Action 2: The legs are narrowed separately and contracted and bent.

The top is tilted forward, but the back end is always straight.

Hold the dumbbells in both hands and lift them horizontally on both sides, feeling the hip muscles are working hard.

Repeat this action for 2 groups 20 times.

  Action 3: Spread the legs together, insert your hands into the back of your brain, or open them horizontally.

Lean back and then come back, repeat this action 3 groups 20 times.

  Action 4: This exercise exercises your upper buttocks muscles.

The legs are separated by shoulder width and contracted and bent.

The top is tilted forward, the left hand is pressed on the top, the right hand is holding the dumbbell to the tip of the toe and trying to lengthen, then use the strength of the buttocks to pull back to the buttocks side, taking care not to bend.

Please control the speed.
This action is repeated 2 groups 15 times.

Winter kidney protection trilogy: cold face warm teeth warm feet

Winter kidney protection trilogy: cold face warm teeth warm feet

“The Yellow Emperor’s Canon” said: “The kidney, the master, the sealed version, the essence is also in the bone.

“Since the kidney is the source of the seal, the viscera that should be focused on in the winter should be the kidney.

Cold noodles, warm teeth, hot feet, are an indispensable trilogy for nourishing the kidneys.

  Use cold water to wash your face.

Cold water refers to water with a water temperature of about 20 ° C.

Washing your face with cold water can refresh your mind, and cool your face in the morning to excite your brain. It can also promote facial blood circulation and enhance the body’s resistance to disease.

If you have time, wash your face with hot and cold water alternately for better results.

  Wenyao TCM believes that “tooth is the kidney,” and protecting the teeth is protecting the kidneys.

Warm teeth, that is, brush your teeth and rinse your mouth with warm water.

Warm water refers to water with a water temperature of about 35 ° C.

Normal metabolism of teeth and gums can take place at temperatures around 35 ° C.

  Hot foot means 45 ℃ before going to bed?
50 ℃ foot bath massage slightly above body temperature.

As the saying goes, “cold starts from the feet”, the foot is the farthest part of the human body from the heart, and it is also the junction of the three meridian and bladder meridians of the human kidney, spleen, liver, and stomach.Qi and blood play an important role.

Hold the toes toward the heel. The recessed recess is the Yongquan point on the sole of the foot. It is the starting point of the kidney meridian. It can block the kidney 30 times a day, and it can nourish the kidney and clear the two stools.

Dialectical discussion with Dean Fang

Dialectical discussion with Dean Fang

Combining syndrome differentiation with disease differentiation, giving play to the role of plaster, President Liu Shenlin of Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine talks about plastering the south of the Jiangnan region. Every winter, the people often have the habit of tonic. This custom has a long history and is not enduring.

With more than 50 years of history, Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been favored by patients because of its obvious advantages in traditional Chinese medicine.

In order to meet people’s growing winter supplement needs, in addition to ensuring more than 10,000 regular outpatient visits per day, they have strengthened the increasing number of ointment prescription services, while continuously training experts and ointment staff, and expanding the ointment center,Established the brand of the Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  At present, more than 140 experts from the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been trained to obtain the “post” qualification of the cream-making party. The hospital has further refined the classification of cream-formation, in addition to the general nourishing cream-form, there is also a specialist franchise dedicated to diseaseClinic clinics, such as sub-health, Chinese medicine gynecology, pediatrics, respiratory system, tumor rehabilitation, digestive system, kidney disease, cardio-cerebral vascular disease, rheumatic diseases and endocrine diseases must be targeted.

The hospital has strictly strengthened supervision in various aspects such as the quality of medicinal materials, compatibility of syndrome differentiation, and processing.

Recently, the hospital has also issued documents such as “standardized management of plaster prescriptions”, the purpose of which is to require at least the quantity, but also to highlight the quality and to better serve the patients.

  To apply the medicine, “tailor-made” ointment formula, also known as ointment, ointment.

It is one of the ancient prescription pills, powders, ointments, and dan preparations, and is divided into two types of oral and external use.

Topical plasters, which are ointments and plasters commonly used in orthopedics and surgery, are often used in surgical incision diseases or wind cold pain, etc., and they are very effective and can go directly to the hospital.

Oral ointment is to torture the decoction pieces repeatedly, remove residues and concentrate, add sugar or honey and other auxiliary materials to receive the ointment, which can be taken for a long time.

Tonic medicines mostly use ointments, which have the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, anti-aging, and preventing diseases.

Under the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory, it is based on dialectical treatment and elaborately composes prescriptions based on the patient’s physical condition and condition.

The entire production process must strictly pass the steps of soaking, frying, concentrating, receiving paste, and placing.

Therefore, the cream can be suitable for people with different constitutions, different diseases and different ages.

It is characterized by “pre-made” prescriptions and prescriptions.

With the decoction fraction, the coverage area for diseases and signs can better maintain the drug performance, long storage time, and convenient to take.

  Ointment has two main functions, one is to nourish the organs of the internal organs, which is tonic, and the other is to reconcile the internal organs of the internal organs to eliminate evil, which is to cure diseases.

Therefore, for people with deficiency syndrome, using cream and nourishing medicine has the effect of curing disease.

According to the dialectical evidence, the treatment of the cream can improve the relief of symptoms, improve the quality of life, and have obvious cures and great advantages.

The double nourishing cream is not the overlap of simple tonic drugs. It is actually the overall regulation of the human body’s function. It is a process of compatibility and special processing that varies from person to person.

  Giving play to the anti-cancer effect of Peking Fangzheng Peipen I am mainly engaged in the clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine digestive tract diseases and digestive tract tumors.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the formation, growth, and development of tumors is a process in which the body fights between evil and evil, and grows and declines with each other.

The formation of tumors is a serious and serious reaction caused by the deficiency of righteousness, imbalance of the body, and stagnation of evil spirits.

Western medicine uses surgical methods such as surgical resection, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Although it can eliminate local cancer lesions or shrink tumors, many people replace them. While killing wounds, it also damages normal cells and produces a series of toxicities.reaction.

Therefore, supporting righteousness, invigorating the essential elements, and combining syndrome differentiation with disease differentiation are important methods for the treatment of patients with tumors.

The commonly used methods of rectifying the spleen and strengthening the spleen are as follows: Jianpi Yiqi Method: a basic method for the treatment of patients with qi deficiency.

It is mainly applicable to spleen and stomach qi deficiency syndromes, such as tumor implantation, spleen and stomach function damage after chemotherapy and patients with advanced cancer. It manifests as loss of appetite, bloating, fatigue, loose stools, nausea and pale tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulse.

Clinical formulas such as Sijunzi Decoction, Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, and Liujunzi Decoction are commonly used.

  Yangyinshengjin method: It is a basic method for treating tumor patients with yin deficiency and internal heat, or radiation, and the main performance of yin and Tianjin consumption after chemotherapy.

Clinical manifestations include hot flashes, dry mouth, irritability, dizziness, tinnitus, constipation, and red tongue without moss.

Commonly used prescriptions such as ginseng maidong soup, raw wheat powder, etc.

  The method of nourishing yin and invigorating blood is a basic method for treating cancer patients with blood deficiency as the main manifestation.

It is manifested as lacklustre complexion, palpitations, insomnia, numb hands and feet, pale tongue and white fur, and weak pulses.

Clinical prescriptions such as Siwu Decoction, Shiquan Dabu Decoction, Bazhen Decoction, and Angelica Buxue Decoction are commonly used.

  The method of warming the spleen and kidney is a basic method for treating tumor patients with spleen and kidney deficiency.

Such as intermediate and advanced cancer, or radiotherapy, chemotherapy, or elderly patients with cold limbs, fatigue, low back pain, frequent urination and pale tongue fat, thin white fur, thin pulse.

Clinically, yougui drink, Shenqi pill, Fuguilizhong decoction are commonly used.

  In short, the cream prescription is a doctor that uses the basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine correctly, tailors each person to take care of nourishment and treatment, and is an efficient and alternative Chinese medicine preparation.The compatibility of the ointment prescriptions is tailored to the needs of the individual, focusing on the whole, comprehensively considering the changes of qi, blood, yin and yang in the body, and reflecting the characteristics of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment.

Which foods are most prone to hiding parasites


Which foods are most prone to hiding parasites

Some time ago, a video of bayberry soaking bugs in the water caused the fear of bayberry and parasites on the Internet, causing bayberry to be unsaleable for a time.

However, according to experts, these insects are called fruit flies and bayberry, which are not harmful to the human body, but it is not that the insects in the food are harmless to the human body!

  Right now is the season to eat lobster, snails, shellfish, and sashimi.

In the evening, aquatic seafood such as spicy crayfish became restaurants, and supper stalls solicited business signs.

While you are enjoying the food, the hidden parasites in the food may have penetrated into the body.

Here I will summarize the four types of food that are easy to carry parasites and have great harm to the human body.

  Crayfish-Pneumococcal Disease Crayfish can be seen everywhere in the rivers and lakes of the South. There are also many paddy fields, creeks, and dirty water. Because of its strong reproduction ability, it is easy to catch.

Geographical location, spicy crayfish are red all over the country, and some places have restaurants specializing in lobster.

However, due to the poor quality of living water of crayfish, crayfish are mostly parasitic in their bodies.

  If people eat raw or half-cooked crayfish, they are very likely to be infected with this parasite and cause pulmonary fluke disease.

Pneumococcal parasites are mainly parasited in the human lung. Mild cases can manifest as cough, chest pain, and hemoptysis. Severe pulmonary hemorrhage may cause severe lung bleeding, organ failure, and death.

Three Beijingers had “acute skeletal muscle lysis” due to poisoning from crayfish, which was almost life-threatening.

  Experts remind: remove the tendons of lobster tail before eating, must be cooked and cooked thoroughly when cooking, it is best not to eat the head of crayfish when eating.

  Sashimi-Liver fluke is boneless, cut into thin slices, eaten raw with dipping mustard, and delicious.

Wrapped in a layer of flour and fried, both crispy and tender.

While enjoying such food, it may be that the bane is planted in the stomach.

Because these freshwater fish are often parasitic with liver fluke disease, some kind of wheat ear fish, stick flat fish.

  The average infection rate of freshwater fish parasites in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places is as high as 60%.

Liver flukes are mainly parasitic in human hepatobiliary ducts and damage the human liver. Patients often feel liver pain, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. They may have abnormal liver function during examination.

  Angiostrongylus cantonensis-Angiostrongylus cantonensis larvae have long developed in certain terrestrial or aquatic snails.

Some people just eat the boiled water to eat fresh or tender, and if they eat raw or eat unfamiliar snails, they may be infected by Angiostrongylus.

  Once infected by A. angiostrongylus, it will travel around the body and penetrate into the brain. Complications are concentrated in brain tissues, in addition to the brain and meninges, including the cerebellum, brain stem, and spinal cord.

The mild symptoms are headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, severe shock, manic and even death.

Patients with eosinophilic meningoencephalitis or meningitis are characterized by a marked increase in eosinophils in the cerebrospinal fluid.

  Water chestnut-Ginger worm disease is water chestnut in autumn. It is fresh and tender just after picking. It can’t help but eat in the mouth.

At this time, it is very likely to infect the ginger worm that is parasitic on the water chestnuts and tadpoles.

Gingerworms parasitize the small intestine of the human body and can cause digestive tract and systemic symptoms such as abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, etc. In severe cases, anemia, edema and developmental disorders can occur.

  Experts remind: try not to eat raw water chestnuts, lotus root, lotus root, and do not use teeth to peel skin.

When eating raw, be sure to fully scrub, and use boiling water for a few minutes or after a day in the sun before eating.

Pay attention to hygiene, do not drink raw water, wash hands when contacted with aquatic plants or sewage, to prevent cysts contamination.

  So, which foods can be eaten by insects?

  Can orange worms eat?

  Oranges with worms are a bit scary to eat, but oranges are not worms. The whole orange is wormy. Pick out a few petals, and the rest is not harmful.

  Can Bayberry be eaten?

  Because bayberry is high in nutrients and has no peel protection, it naturally becomes the main host of insect larvae. The white worms drilled in bayberry are fly larvae.

Because most of the larvae are proteins, they have no effect on the human body.

Therefore, after buying fresh bayberry home, citizens should soak it in a high concentration of salt water for half an hour before eating.

  Can fermented bean curd be eaten?  The worm in milk rot is not a pupae of flies, because it is born in vegetarian and salty foods. As long as this kind of thing is not born in a compact environment or conditions, it will not cause serious harm to the body.problem.

  Can mung bean worms eat it?

  If you can eat it, first bask in the sun, and the live insects will crawl away. Some of the insects hiding in the beans can only be killed by boiling.

Can be eaten with confidence!

Li Xiaolu Skin Care Inside and Outside

Li Xiaolu Skin Care “Inside and Outside”

Li Xiaolu has only been known since “Sky Bath”. Although she has been filming since the age of 3, the 1997 film “Sky Bath” directed by Chen Chong was her first real movie.
This film made 17-year-old Xiaolu the youngest film star of the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards.
After winning the award, she disappeared from the film industry and went to the United States to study.
I ca n’t help but admire it: I ‘m not too young but I have an idea. It ‘s rare that she can continue to go back to school after winning the award. What ‘s more rare is that this little girl was so rational in the bustling entertainment circle that she did n’t lose herself.
What impressed me the most was a set of photos of Xiao Lu: she was young, healthy and fresh under the sun.
Although filming is often day or night, her skin doesn’t seem to be affected much.
On the topic of how to protect her beautiful skin, Xiao Lu was talkative and confessed to her 4 unique secrets of beauty.
  A Daily Maintenance Tips for Washing and Makeup In addition to using basic care products, Xiaolu also insists on washing her face with cold water during the day and warm water at night.
“Washing your face with cold water during the day has an irritating effect on the skin, which can shrink the skin’s pores and make it tighter.
After using the barrier cream, it can effectively prevent the skin from being eroded by unclean air; wash your face with warm water at night before going to bed to relax the pores.
The skin can breathe well at this time, and then use the night cream to sleep peacefully.
“It seems Xiaolu has completely developed his own method.
She emphasized, “It’s very important to use a cream anyway.
The barrier cream can effectively protect the skin from external interference.
Therefore, I must use a cream before makeup.
In Lu’s life, Xiaolu always tried not to put on makeup, because she had to put on makeup every day in acting. She hoped that she could make life as simple as possible.
“I like light makeup, I don’t like heavy makeup, it feels unreal.
The purpose of my makeup is not to make myself more beautiful, but to make myself more spiritual.
  The second skin care tip “inside and outside repair” when it comes to filming. When it comes to filming this kind of tricks during the stressful working period, Xiao Lu is very experienced.
“The filming is usually very stressful and there is no time or condition to go out to do beauty.
At this time, it is necessary to maintain the skin by yourself.
“So,” knowing a certain amount of maintenance knowledge is very important for women who love beauty.
“Xiao Lu always maintains her skin from the inside to the outside.” The so-called inside is the first thing that you must do as much as possible to rest.
The outside is to do a good job of cleaning and moisturizing the skin.
”     说起来容易做起来难。The rest time of an actor is difficult to guarantee, and there is no day or night when filming, so rest is especially important for her.
Xiao Lu said that in addition to taking a break, she needs to drink a lot of water to maintain her skin’s metabolism, such as speeding up perspiration.
    Three cosmetics selection tips Estee Lauder and Biotherm No matter how tired, Xiao Lu must do skin care every day before resting.
She said, “You need to buy skin care products that are suitable for your skin to fully protect your skin.
My skin is dry and my favorite cosmetic is Estee Lauder.
Estee Lauder has some new whitening skin care products. The outer packaging is white and light green. These whitening product combinations are very good, and Estee Lauder’s eye cream is very easy to use.
In addition, there is also a cosmetic brand that Biouquan prefers. Xiaolu said that the brand’s benefits are: “It makes different treatments for each person’s different skin types, especially suitable for young girls.
I like this brand very much. I bought a set in Shanghai last year and have used it till now.
Tong Xiaolu thinks that it is better to buy cosmetics as a complete set.
“I heard that some people like to mix Shiseido’s eye cream, Lancome’s mask, SK-II’s moisturizing products and so on. I don’t like it.
Because each type of beauty skin care product has different types of functions, you may not be able to use each product’s feelings in combination, but it is not good.
Therefore, I think it is safe to use it in a set.
”   四保持身材的秘诀顺其自然运动   没拍戏的时候小璐总是去游泳,这是她喜欢的运动,进剧组没有这些条件时,她每天就自己在房间里做做仰卧起坐,踢踢Legs or something.But Xiao Lu said that each person’s situation is different, and he must make a plan according to his actual situation.

She said: “I once talked to Aunt Lu Liping, and she said that she would do a lot of exercise even when she was very tired, and she would easily fall asleep after she was completely tired.

And I can’t do it.

When I’m tired I don’t want to exercise at all.

Xiaolu said: “Because my skeleton is very small, if you are fat, it will not be too obvious, so I will not deliberately lose weight. I was afraid of taking medicine from an early age, and I was sick. If I choose the same injection and medicine,I definitely chose to get an injection, and I hate taking medicine.

“So she is very opposed to drugs to lose weight.

At the same time, she will not force herself to exercise to lose weight.

“If you really don’t want to exercise, you don’t need to exercise.

Some people rely on exercise to lose weight, but after a lot of exercise, if they don’t insist on it, it is easy to rebound, and eventually the excess excess meat may be reduced.

fancl cosmeceutical new


fancl cosmeceutical new

Fancl thoroughly moisturizes and repairs the condensing mask. The overnight mask completely grasps the golden time of the skin, which greatly improves the ability of moisturizing and repairing.

Used before bedtime, the contained silk protein forms a water-locking protective film on the surface of the skin, reversing the law of continuous water loss at night, continuously replenishing the skin with moisture and nourishing nutrients, effectively repairing dry lines, fine lines and rough skin.When you wake up, your skin is silky and supple.

  Fancl Brightening Essence Soft Mask focuses on softening and removing thick old keratin, which effectively improves rough skin, dark particles and faded acne marks. The skin is smooth and smooth. The soft film contains vitamin E particles. When used, it is gently massaged.Helps promote blood circulation, eliminates dull yellowness, and leaves skin nourished and radiant.

Lactobacillus bifidus fermented essence supplements cells, making skin less prone to form corrosive oxides.

  fancl Moisturizing and Moisturizing Essence Mask (Moisturizing / Moisturizing Type) Provides skin with rich beauty nutrition, can fully moisturize and moisturize, and is easy to absorb, so that dehydrated cells can restore moisture and fullness, can lock moisturizing and moisturizing essence, and help skinAchieve lasting profitability.

Effectively moisturizes the skin, instantly restores the rough keratin of the winter to softness, and activates the cells, which helps to restore the disturbed skin texture to fullness.

Yoga maintenance ovarian freshness feminine

Yoga maintenance ovarian freshness feminine

Someone has compared women with two gardens: the appearance garden-the face, the secret garden-Croatia.

Women yearn for the flowering season in the garden, expecting the flowering season to be undefeated, and more in pursuit of eternal preservation.

  However, some women continue to have such problems: constant skin problems; menstrual disorders, a lot of gynecological problems; deformed body curves, local accumulation; slight changes in mood, poor mental state, poor sleep quality, hot flashes, night sweats, and anxiety; sexual anxietyIndifferent or uninteresting or orgasm, etc.

  Attention, your secret garden is already alert.

Medical research confirms that the freshness of the flowering season comes from the function of the ovaries, which are located on both sides of the uterus. Although it brings us troubles such as menstruation, it performs many important functions. The most important thing is to make estrogen and make women more women., More youthful, healthier . what does ovarian “premature aging” have to do with it?

  One is related to the age of menarche.

The earlier the age of menarche, the sooner menopause occurs.

  The second is related to the cultivation status.

The first is related to the age of the first pregnancy.

That is, the older the first pregnancy, the earlier the menopause.

In addition, the longer you breastfeed, the later your menopause.

Also, the longer the oral contraceptive, the later the menopause.

  The third is living habits.

The survey results show that women who eat fish or shrimp two to three times a week have a late menopausal age; women who insist on drinking milk throughout the year increase the amount of milk they drink, the longer they persist, the later menopause; women who never exercise, menopauseEarly age; the longer you suffer from passive smoking, the earlier the menopause.

  The fourth is the pressure of “sculpting underwear”, which leads to increased blood pressure and high blood pressure.

Especially when girls wear tights for a long time, it will affect development many times, and then cause diseases such as breast hyperplasia or cysts.

  Fifth, the psychological pressure caused by the accelerated pace of life will also cause women to have early symptoms of recessive menopause.

According to data from a questionnaire, 27% of white-collar women in their 30s have varying degrees of recessive menopause.

They complained of severe fatigue, weight gain, irritability and insomnia, dry skin, yellowish hair, menstrual disorders, etc., sometimes tired of work, somehow getting sick, and taking health supplements did not help, seriously affecting their lives and work with their families.

In the gynecological clinic, women who suffer from premature menopause have accounted for about 20% of the outpatient volume.

Psychologists have found that the cause of premature ovarian failure and premature menopausal symptoms in these women is psychological stress.

  Ovarian “premature failure” Human premature ovaries are one of the important endocrine glands in women, whose main function is to secrete female hormones and produce eggs.

For example, when women mature, they secrete estrogen and progesterone, and under their influence menstrual cramps.

At the same time, estrogen can promote the development and maintenance of female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. It can be said that women can rejuvenate their youth, and the ovaries play an important role.

Poor ovarian function will affect estrogen secretion and sexual function, skin texture, complexion and female body shape, make the face yellow, bloated, dry vagina, enter the Huanglianpo period early, that is, aging is coming.

According to relevant data, premature ovarian failure is currently aging and the incidence is increasing.

A Shanghai hospital found in a random sample of 1500 women’s physical examination records that 12 women entered menopause early due to poor ovarian health, leading to osteoporosis caused by decreased estrogen, humpback, short height, etc.Of the population accounted for 3% of the total.

More than 90% of women have never been checked for ovarian health, making the maintenance of ovarian function a missed opportunity.

  The ovary is well-maintained, which can make the skin delicate and smooth, white and rosy, permanent placement and elasticity; promote reproductive and body health, regulate and secrete female hormones, and improve the quality of life of both sexes; muscles are plump, firm and round.

  How to maintain the ovaries and prevent premature ovarian failure?

Experts point out that prevention is mainly done early from the lifestyle.

  Promote breast-milk replacement after childbirth, prolong breastfeeding as much as possible, and avoid contraceptive oral contraceptives for women during reproductive periods.

In terms of living habits, women should insist on drinking milk, ingesting fish, shrimp and other foods and exercising regularly. Special attention should be paid to reducing passive smoking in public places, so as to avoid the harm to women’s health caused by early menopause.

White-collar women under pressure must learn to regulate their emotions.

  Modern medical research believes that when people’s emotions are relaxed and happy, pulse, blood pressure, metabolic peristalsis, and metabolism are in a steady state coordination state, the secretion of immune-active substances in the body increases, the disease resistance is enhanced, and bad mood can lead to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.Ulcers and even cancer.

Women should be good at regulating their emotions and properly deal with the psychological conflicts that occur. They can travel and chat with friends to vent their bad emotions in time.

Build a scientific lifestyle.

The monotony of life is one of the causes of many diseases.  Establishing a civilized, healthy, and scientific lifestyle is vital to improving physical fitness and preventing overwork.

Reasonably arrange the rhythm of life, make daily life, sleep long, combine work and rest, cultivate a wide range of hobbies, plant flowers and trees after work, enjoy music, practice calligraphy, painting, playing football, etc., can be pleasant and temperateIs conducive to health.

  Yoga has gradually helped many female practitioners gradually adjust their ovarian function and began to taste the sweetness.

So how does yoga work to maintain the ovaries?

  Yoga practitioners use special exercise movements, combined with special breathing methods, and more importantly, mental adjustment to unblock the qi and blood circulation of female organs and adjust hormone secretion, especially for irregular menstruation, tubal dysfunction, and postpartum.Vaginal relaxation, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. have very good results.

At the same time, it can also strengthen the kidney function of the human body, restore the “vitality” that women lose due to miscarriage or after giving birth, make women emit a youthful atmosphere from the inside out, and delay aging.

  It seems that using yoga to warm the uterus and improve various skin problems caused by ovarian dysfunction, so as to achieve the purpose of staying beauty, this exercise method is another pursuit of female friends.

  Think about it, in the quiet gym, dancing with the sound of gurgling water and crisp bird sounds, is that a wonderful picture in your dreams?

Steamed Root with Red Onion

Steamed Root with Red Onion

Meat root is an attractive ingredient, also known as gluten, which is the tendon portion on the pork chop site.

Meat roots have a natural adaptation to steamed shrimp paste or chili stir-fry, similar to attractive taste buds.

Steamed with red shallots and soy sauce, is another combination of flavours.

  Ingredients: 300 grams of meat root, 50 grams of shallots, 5 grams of garlic, 10 grams of ginger, salt, sugar, raw flour, rice wine, soy sauce, peanut oil, each amount

  Method: Wash the meat roots, slice and mix with salt, sugar, rice flour, rice wine, and peanut oil for later use; wash the shallots and beat them for later use; place the meat roots on a dish, and then spread the shallots and garlic and ginger evenlyOn the meat root, steam into the steamer until the meat root is thoroughly cooked.

Teach you to sleep well

Teach you to sleep well

“I haven’t slept well recently.

“This sentence seems to become a lot of white-collar mantra, more and more modern people regard sleep as a painful thing.

“In fact, 60% -70% of people do not sleep and do not need medication at all.

Xu Yi, a psychiatrist, said so.

  When using insomnia and related products with caution, insomnia has become an increasingly common problem. At the same time, Dr. Xu also told reporters the fact that in the treatment of insomnia, the misuse of drugs is also very serious, including therapeutic drugs and peacetimeHealth products.

  According to Dr. Xu, in addition to clinicians’ love to prescribe sleeping pills to treat insomnia, many people use sleeping pills without authorization.

“Some people take sleeping pills as soon as they have sleep problems, but in fact, the sleep brought by sleeping pills cannot replace true natural sleep. Drugs can shorten deep sleep and produce toxic side effects.

In my personal experience, the proportion of clinically prescribed sleeping pills does not exceed 20%. In many cases, as long as the patient is instructed to perform scientific sleep, sleep can be effectively adjusted.

Dr. Xu also pointed out that there are many health products on the market that treat insomnia and regulate the sleep flag, and some of them bring benefits to the human body.

“We have recently discovered that individual health products can actually improve sleep, but there are long-term complications when people eat them. Among them is not to improve the function of the human body, but to change the neural function of the brain and disrupt the natural activities of the brain.The principle is likely to cause diseases such as nervousness, so this kind of related products should also be used with caution.

Dr. Feng Bin, deputy director of the Provincial Tongde Hospital, an insomniac specialist who sleeps comfortably the most important thing. After looking at the insomnia specialty for several years, Dr. Feng concluded: more and more people have sleep disorders, and they ca n’t sleep well.Become a burden on people, but in fact sleep varies from person to person, and it is most important to feel that you sleep well.

“Many people who come to the hospital now have the same concerns: they are afraid of not sleeping well at night, they are mostly sleeping, they are well prepared before going to bed, and their sleep time is strictly according to the standards.The worse the quality.

“Dr. Feng said.

Many of the people visiting the insomnia specialist are not pathological insomnia, but occasional, mainly due to increased competition, increased stress, increased mental burden, or due to circadian clock disorders.

Therefore, Dr. Feng suggested that such insomniacs can use other methods to improve sleep.

“For those insomnia caused by stress, you can try to relax, do n’t think too much before going to bed, and go to sleep naturally; if you ca n’t do it, ask your doctor to let the psychologist relax the worry and depression,Good sleep helps.

There are those who have insomnia because of the circadian clock disorder, so they should adjust their circadian clock in time, mainly according to their own living habits, forming a fixed time to sleep and sleep time, based on good mental state after waking, not blindly pursue 8Hours of sleep or the habit of sleeping at 9pm.

The effect of hot towel compress can drive the body 10 major

The effect of hot towel compress can drive the body 10 major

Towels are a common item in our lives. We use it every day to wash our faces or wipe our bodies, but you know what!

Towels can also be used to treat minor body ailments. Today I will explain the health effects of towels.

  Physically hurt, too many people are accustomed to apply hot towels.

Hot compresses with a towel can really relieve the pain and have good health effects.

  Traditional Chinese medicine says “Wen Zetong, but the general does not hurt”. Hot compresses with a towel actually achieve the effect of Wentong.

For hot compresses, choose a clean towel, soak in hot water for 40-45 hours, wring dry and apply to the affected area. There should be no burning sensation when contacting the skin.

It is best to cover the affected area with a clean cloth or cotton pad.

Towels are generally changed every 5 minutes, and it is best to use them alternately.

Each hot compress time is 15-20 minutes, and 3-4 times a day.

  The common health care methods of towel hot compress are the following ten methods to relieve eye fatigue. Towel hot compress can promote blood circulation around the eye, relieve eye fatigue, partially relieve the symptoms of dry eye, and improve eyesight and brain.

  To prevent deafness, use a towel on the ear or gently rub it to improve ear blood circulation and prevent functional deafness caused by it.

  To improve dizziness, put a hot towel on the back of the head for a few minutes at a time. This can stimulate the acupoints on the back of the head, improve the symptoms of dizziness in some patients, and improve reaction and thinking.

  Cushion pillow Slight pillow can be applied to the affected area with hot towels, accompanied by the activity.

Slowly bend your head forward, and gently turn it forward, backward, left, and right.

  Cervical Spondylosis Early symptoms of cervical spondylosis, such as a stiff neck, soreness, or mild pain after cold, can be relieved by hot toweling to promote symptoms, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle contraction, and prevent cervical spondylosis.

  Relieve chronic lumbar spine pain Lumbar spine pain with a hot towel can alleviate local symptoms. If the condition is serious, you should go to the hospital in time.

  Relieve pain and pain Stiff bones and muscles are accompanied by slight short-term pain, soreness and pain. You can lie down with a towel and apply heat to the pain area to relieve the symptoms.

  Treatment of dysmenorrhea or cold abdominal pain in women with dysmenorrhea or abdominal pain caused by cold, you can use a towel to apply hot compresses, which can compress the slurry, regulate the qi and relieve pain.

  Hot injury can not be performed during the stress period of sports injuries. It can be used for 2-3 days after the injury occurs. If there is no bleeding or swelling, you can use hot towel to relieve the symptoms.

  The induration caused by the injection is gently applied to the indurated area after the injection, and every 30 minutes, it is heated and rubbed to promote blood circulation in the indurated area and accelerate the absorption of the medicinal solution.

  Warm reminder when the blistered or damaged area is blistered or damaged, forming an “open wound”, it is not convenient to apply hot towels.

There is still bleeding in the acute phase of a sprain, and it is not advisable to apply heat when swelling. You should wait until hemostasis and swelling for 48 hours before applying heat.

When acute abdominal pain is not diagnosed and red eye disease is not suitable for hot compress.