There are several types of Alzheimer’s disease and how to replace Chinese and Western medicine?

There are several types of Alzheimer’s disease and how to replace Chinese and Western medicine?

Alzheimer’s disease is a chronic dysfunction of the brain. The onset is relatively insidious and difficult to detect in the early stage.

As the elderly population continues to grow, the number of patients with Alzheimer’s disease has gradually increased.

10% of the elderly over the age of 65 pay attention to dementia to varying degrees, while those over 80 years old account for about 20%.

  The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease vary depending on the type.

  Azheimer’s dementia: In 1906, Dr. Azhammer first reported an elderly person with progressive dementia, accompanied by aphasia, forgetting and other symptoms, and found unique senile plaques and neurofibrillary degeneration in the brain tissue, so the disease will beCalled Azerbaijan’s dementia.

The disease is easy to forget with recent events, and things can still be remembered decades ago, the disease gradually develops, and the past events are also forgotten, and there is irritability, sleep vortex reversed, speech monotonous, muttering, judgment obstacles.
If the trousers are worn on the top, there will be obstacles to the orientation of the time, characters and places, not recognizing the door, and walking around.

Earlier, there was a mouth, and the face was involuntarily moving, such as sucking, pouting, anorexia or bulimia, and the body was full of urine.

  Vascular dementia: more with high blood pressure, repeated episodes of small strokes, one time more than one aggravation, irritability, memory loss, headache, palpitations, loss of appetite, good sleep, even hemiplegia, limb numbness, brain CT examinationFound cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage lesions, progressive formation of vascular dementia.

  At present, there is no specific drug for the treatment of senile dementia, but the following drugs can be used to improve cerebral blood flow and promote brain cell function recovery.

These drugs may be used alone or in combination depending on the condition.

  Piracetam (brain rehabilitation), each time 0.


6 grams, 3 times a day, oral, can increase cerebral blood flow, improve brain hypoxia, and promote thinking and memory.

A course of 6 weeks, effective for mild to moderate senile dementia, severely ineffective, combined with stability can also improve efficacy.

  It’s all gratifying, 40 mg each time, 1 time in the morning and evening, orally.

This medicine is a brain metabolism promoter, which has been widely used abroad and has a better effect on mental recovery. The earlier it is used, the better the effect.

  Vinpocetine (Karan), 5 mg each time, 3 times a day, can improve brain metabolism and restore the ability of brain cells to use oxygen. The total effective rate of vascular dementia can reach more than 85%.

  Also add large doses of multivitamin B and vitamin C, as well as niacin, adenosine triphosphate, cytochrome C and Chinese medicine Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

Nine foods that are most beneficial to the heart

Nine foods that are most beneficial to the heart

Everyone knows that the heart is the first important organ of the human body. Protecting the heart is the main job of health.

In fact, the most effective way to protect the heart is to eat the right food.

The most heart-healthy food is hidden in our traditional diet.

The following are the main foods recognized by the nutrition community for protecting the heart.


Almonds: Prevent platelet aggregation and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nuts rich in oils, such as peanuts, almonds, etc., are considered to be one of the daily must-eat foods in the United States.

Nuts contain essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the heart.

Even eating nuts once a week can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by a quarter.

Almonds are especially recommended.

Almond is not only a formaldehyde protein, but also vitamin E and arginine. Its function is to open blood vessels, prevent platelet condensation and reduce the risk of risk.

However, the amount of almonds is high, and it is best to reduce the substitution of other fats while eating.

How to use: The almonds are ground into powder, mixed into the dish or sprinkled on the rice, which not only can increase the taste, but also fully absorb the almond nutrition.

Ginseng effect: qi, but it is best to take it after diagnosis by a Chinese medicine doctor.

Ginseng, often used as a supplement, is not for everyone.

Chinese medicine believes that qi medicine can protect the heart muscle, enhance heart function, and also help with hypertension control.

But unless the constitution is really weak, improper qi will only have the opposite effect, making the condition worse.

Ginseng is generally used only when blood pressure is stable.

After blood pressure is unstable or just bleeding, it is not appropriate to take ginseng in large quantities.

How to use: It is best to identify physical intake by a physician and it is recommended to start with a small amount.


Angelica effect: blood, but it is best to take it after diagnosis by a Chinese medicine practitioner.

The angelica of trace vitamin B and minerals has the effect of enriching blood. It has the function of promoting blood stasis in traditional Chinese medicine books and is also one of the drugs for treating cardiovascular diseases.

However, when the angelica is hot, the body is not suitable for use; and if it is a person with poor gastrointestinal function, it is also prone to diarrhea.

How to use: It is best to follow the doctor’s advice on personal circumstances.


Ren role: lower cholesterol.

High-fiber coix seed can whiten, and its cholesterol-lowering effect does not lose oats.

Coix seed, which is a coaxial fiber, accelerates kidney deposition into plasma.

The experiment found that after taking the coix seed for one month, the plasma in the blood decreased significantly, and the coix seed has other unknown hypolipidemic components.

You can make a simple hazelnut rice yourself; a bowl of hazelnuts is poured into a bowl of half of water and cooked in an electric cooker.

After cooking, the small package is frozen.

The frozen hazelnuts can be thawed slightly during cooking and added to the rice cooker and cooked with rice.

This method can not only control the ratio of white rice to coix seed, but also soften the coix seed by cooking again.

How to use: The best way to cook the sweet soup is to increase the conversion. The best way is to cook the coix seed into a meal and convert it into a part of the staple food.


Black sesame effect: prevent hardening of the blood vessels.

Contains powerful anti-oxidant rot black sesame, which can slow down aging, make hair black, and make blood vessels elastic.
The unsaturated fatty acids and lecithin in black sesame can maintain blood vessel elasticity and prevent atherosclerosis. It is a good source of aunt.
Black sesame seeds rich in iron and vitamins are also foods that Chinese medicine believes can nourish blood and nourish the five internal organs.

Regular consumption can also achieve the soft stool effect of preventing constipation.

How to use: The nutrition of sesame seeds is extremely hidden in the seeds, so it is necessary to bite the broken shells to be effective.

It is recommended that raw sesame seeds should be slightly fried with a dry fire first, so that the active ingredients are released by heating.

Or crush the black sesame seeds into powder, sprinkle it on the rice, and on the dish, so that you can fully take in the sesamin.

The famous Hakka tea is made by grinding black sesame seeds, peanuts, green tea, etc. into fine powder and smashing into tea.

It turns out that this is a brilliant way to get enough nutrition.


Soybean effect: lower cholesterol.

Soybeans contain a variety of essential amino acids, and most of them are unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote trace and plasma metabolism in the body.

Especially containing antioxidants, protein fiber and monosaccharide, is a good source of protein, very suitable for vegetarians as a staple food.

And soy and rice have complementary effects, just to form a complete source of protein.

It is recommended to reduce the supplement of fried soy processed products, and to provide a good source of protein from soy bean rice.

How to use: You can soak the soybeans in hot water for more than 4 hours, then change the water to cook.

In this way, the polysaccharide body which is easy to generate gas in the soybean can be dissolved to avoid flatulence.


Spinach effect: prevent cardiovascular disease.

Spinach phospholipid folic acid.

There is scientific evidence for the preventive effect of folic acid on cardiovascular diseases.

And folic acid and vitamin B12 are more effective in preventing cardiovascular disease than vitamin E, garlic and other nutritional supplements.

Taking folic acid can reduce the risk of heart disease by 25%.

In addition, iron and trace elements in spinach can achieve blood.

How to use: Spinach contains oxalic acid, which can affect the absorption of calcium when cooked with calcium-rich foods.

Spinach is best to use hot water to scald first, and then add fried or mixed soy products to avoid calcium oxalate precipitation.

However, people with calcium oxalate stone gout, it is best to avoid eating spinach.


Fungus action: anti-coagulation, prevent vascular congestion.

The high-fiber component of fungus can stimulate bowel movements, help defecation, and accelerate implantation.

In addition, black fungus contains anti-platelet clotting substances, which have good health effects on arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and double stroke.

However, because fungus has a soft stool effect, it is not suitable for diarrhea.

Special reminder that the hard part of the head of the fungus should be removed, because the consumption of the ear of the fungus will cause the triglyceride to rise.

How to use: The content of dried fungus fiber is high. It can be soaked in water, washed and shredded, boiled with hot water, sprinkled with ginger, sugar, white vinegar and soy sauce. It will become a summer salad with cool and refreshing summer heat.

Kelp function: prevent both ends of the blood vessels.

Kelp, sea cucumber and the like have a soft and firming effect, which can prevent the increase of blood clots and blood viscosity and prevent arteriosclerosis.

Moreover, kelp is a soluble fiber, which is more easily decomposed and absorbed by the large intestine than ordinary vegetable fiber, and can accelerate harmful substances such as implantation into the body.

How to use: Cook the soup, mix well.

But the kelp itself contains sodium, and it is best to reduce the use of seasonings.

  Kelp is a good thing, good for the body, and the taste is very good, but it should be noted that: (1) buy kelp is best to buy dried, although it is troublesome to eat, but safe.
Because some hawkers in order to make the soaked sea with good selling images, add industrial pigments in the water of the kelp, so that the kelp looks green and green, but it is extremely harmful to the body!
  (2) The kelp is best eaten with meat and softly stewed, which can increase the absorption of nutrients.

Anti-radiation, eat 9 foods

Anti-radiation, eat 9 foods

Computer radiation has an adverse effect on people’s visual system. Because the eyes are sensitive organs of the human body to electromagnetic radiation, excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution will affect the visual system.

Mainly manifested as decreased vision, causing cataracts and so on.

It will affect the human body’s circulatory system, immune, reproductive and metabolic functions, which will cause cancer and accelerate the accumulation of the human body.

  Eat more carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, canola, kelp, cabbage, lean meat, animal liver and other antioxidant vitamins A, C and protein foods, can enhance the body’s ability to resist electromagnetic radiation.

Here are 9 common anti-radiation foods.

  NO1 tomatoes: reduce skin radiation damage, and can eliminate the whitening scientific investigation found that people who regularly eat tomato and tomato products for a long time are less damaged by radiation, and death caused by radiation can only be.

Experiments have shown that the lycopene content in the skin after irradiation is reduced by 31%-46%, and the other components are almost unchanged.

By inhibiting the free radicals of the human body, lycopene forms a natural barrier on the surface of the skin, effectively preventing the external ultraviolet rays and radiation from damaging the skin.

Helps promote the combination of collagen and elastin in the blood, making the skin full of elasticity and charming.

It is particularly worth mentioning that lycopene also has the effect of ecchymosis and sputum pigmentation.

  NO2 Sesame: Increase cellular immunity, resistance When radiation Chinese medicine theory believes that black into the kidney, “the kidney main bone rises through the brain”, various radiation hazards mainly affect the human brain and bones, causing damage to the human immune system.

Eat more kidney food can enhance the body’s cellular immunity, humoral immune function, and can effectively protect human health.

  NO3 seaweed: anti-radiation holy seaweed can resist radiation, anti-mutation, anti-oxidation, accompanied by selenium.

Selenium is an important trace element that enhances the body’s immune function and protects human health.

Regular consumption of selenium rich in selenium can improve the body’s ability to fight radiation.

  NO4 pepper: DNA without radiation damage of the coated cells. TCM theory believes that black into the kidney, “the kidney is the main bone and the marrow is in the brain”, various radiation hazards mainly affect the human brain and bones, causing damage to the human immune system.

Eat more kidney food can enhance the body’s cellular immunity, humoral immune function, and can effectively protect human health.

  NO5 Green Tea: Reducing the adverse effects of radiation on the human body Tea polyphenols in green tea are anti-radiation substances, which can alleviate the adverse effects of various radiations on the human body.

Tea also contains lipopolysaccharide, which can improve the body’s hematopoietic function, and raise the NO6 kelp such as platelets and white blood cells. The presence of anti-radiation-disseminated kelp is a “buster” that can produce substances, and contains a substance containing kelp gum, which can invade the human body.The impurity substance is discharged from the intermediate.

The latest research found that kelp extracts have multiple anti-radiation effects due to inhibition of immune cells themselves.

  NO7 Garlic: Reducing Radiation Damage Garlic is an irreplaceable condiment in cooking.

Garlic contains selenium oxide, and the antioxidant effect of garlic supplements ginseng.

Therefore, eating some garlic in moderation can help reduce radiation damage.

  NO8 mung bean: It helps to exude the poison in the body. There is a saying that “mung bean soup dissolves a hundred poisons”.

Modern medical research has proven that mung beans contain substances that help to excrete poisons in the body and accelerate metabolism, and are effective against various pollutions, including electromagnetic pollution.

  NO9 black fungus: clear stomach, polyester, anti-radiation black fungus in the fungus can put the residue in the human digestive system inside the dust, impurities and absorbent substances, concentrated and excreted, so that the stomach, polyester intestines,Radiation protection.

Recommended six methods of treatment for epilepsy

Recommended six methods of treatment for epilepsy

The seizures have caused confusion in the lives of patients. They don’t understand what seizures can’t eat, especially those who have a bad mentality. They are always worried and afraid of the harm that seizures will bring to themselves.Doing a good job in all aspects of life can reduce safety risks, so what can you eat without epilepsy?

Here are 6 ways to recommend epilepsy.

6 kinds of therapeutic methods for epilepsy 1, white pigeons, 2 sheep, white eyes and white pigeons.

Kill the pigeons and take care of them.

1 time of raw food is attracted, 2 times can be cured.

[Efficacy]Tonic and stunned.

Use the toe wind.

2, total sputum treatment of epilepsy 30 grams.

First use white wine to soak, then use raw licorice to fry yellow, go to licorice, and grind into fine noodles.

The adult is divided into 10 times, and the child is divided into 20 times under the age of 12, and the fasting rice soup is sent.

Avoid vinegar.

[Efficacy]Zhenjing quenching wind, Tongluo pain, treatment of epilepsy.

3, mother-of-pearl treatment of 6 grams of epilepsy mother-of-pearl, 9 grams of vermiculite.

At the end of the study, each serving 3 grams, 2 times a day, boiled water.

[Efficacy]treatment of epilepsy.

4, aconite external application for the treatment of seizures cooked aconite 9 grams.

At the end of the study, use white flour and flour to make a cake.

Put the cake on the Dantian hole, use the cashmere group, moxibustion several times.

[Efficacy]treatment of epilepsy.
5, pig heart cinnabar treatment of seizures pig heart 1 (wrapped with yellow mud to roast, research into fine noodles), Chuan Fritillaria, cinnabar each 9 grams.

A total of 9 grams per serving, white water sent down.

[Effect]Peace and tranquility.

Treat epilepsy.
6, Wu Hao applied navel to treat epilepsy Wu Wuxi amount.

The scorpion is researched as fine, sprinkled into the umbilical fossa, fixed with a plaster, and changed once every 7 to 10 days.

[Efficacy]treatment of epilepsy.

There are some common symptoms in the early stages of bacterial vaginosis

There are some common symptoms in the early stages of bacterial vaginosis

Women may feel genital ulcers and itching in their daily lives. Sometimes they will think about it, or simply wash it.

Obviously these abnormalities are symptoms of vaginitis, and only after radical treatment can they heal.

However, some women may not know the specific symptoms of vaginitis. The following is a small series for some practical knowledge.

There are some common symptoms in the early stage of vaginitis. 1) Bacterial vaginitis: increased vaginal discharge, grayish white, thin, foamy.

Vaginal mucosa congestion, scattered bleeding points, genital ulcer itching and burning pain, genital stench.

2) fungal vaginitis: genital ulcer itching, vulva and vaginal burning, vaginal discharge is too much tofu slag-like, sometimes accompanied by frequent urination, dysuria, sexual pain.

3) Trichomonas vaginitis: excessive leucorrhea, milky white or yellow, sometimes purulent foamy, smelly, severe bloody vaginal discharge, dysuria, frequent urination, hematuria.

4) senile vaginitis: increased vaginal discharge, yellow color, watery, severe purulent, odorous, genital itching dry pain, lower abdomen bulge, spread to the urethra, frequent urination, urgency, dysuriaWait.

5) Non-denaturing vaginitis: The vagina has a sense of falling, burning, accompanied by pelvic discomfort and general weakness.

Increased vaginal discharge, purulent, serous, odorous.

Some of the above-mentioned basic profiles of all the main symptoms of vaginitis, I believe that women can generally feel similar discomfort in the usual time, then it is necessary to be vigilant, and to take medicine or vaginal medication.

It is suggested that every woman should regularly clean the genitals and minimize bacterial infections.

Old man night cramp treatment plan

Old man night cramp treatment plan

According to medical research, the calf cramps of the elderly at night are usually caused by a decrease in the concentration of calcium ions in the serum, resulting in increased excitability of nerves and muscles.

Cold, long-lasting lower limbs bent or suddenly stretched after sleeping can often cause calf cramps.

  Experts remind these elderly friends to take the following methods to deal with cramps at night: 1.
Use your thumb or forefinger’s fingertips to insert a hole into the person until the acupoint has a sore feeling.

  2.Sit up immediately, straighten your legs, and then use your hands to force your foot toward your instep.

  3.Use your thumb and forefinger to insert the heel double and force it up and down.

  4.Immediately after the occurrence of cramps, get out of bed and walk around, and endure the pain with the forefoot of the affected foot.

  Prevention of calf cramps in the elderly, in daily life, if you can pay attention to diet conditioning, you will also receive good results.

  1.Add some vinegar or a few plums to the cooked dish, the soup, and promote the dissolution of calcium in the food. It is also easy for the body to absorb.

  2.In the daily diet, eat more soy products, milk, shrimp skin, sesame paste, kelp and other calcium-rich foods, drink a cup of milk before going to bed can also play a significant role in the body’s calcium supplement.

  3.Calcium gluconate, calcium lactate and other calcium agents can be taken under the guidance of a doctor if necessary.

  4.In the cold season, pay special attention to keep your lower limbs warm while sleeping. Do not stretch your legs too fast and too fast when you wake up.

  5.In general, physical exercise should be strengthened, and calf muscle massage should be carried out every day to promote local blood circulation.

Five taboos for new home furniture

Five taboos for new home furniture

Are you happy to buy new homes and new furniture?

Be sure to remember the five taboo taboos placed: the violent sun will fade the surface of the sofa, directly affecting the durability of the sofa, so no matter which material the sofa is made of, it cannot be placed next to the window for a long time, especially the room orientation.In the west, it is even more important to avoid.

  Taboo 2: The position of the audio-visual equipment should be kept away from the window for two reasons. One is that when the screen of the TV is illuminated by light, it will produce a reflective effect, which makes the eyes uncomfortable when watching TV programs.

Second, it will be contaminated with dust near the window. When it rains, the rain will be more likely to splash on the equipment, affecting its operation and even leakage.

  Taboo 3: The lighting on the market is mainly chandeliers, and must be used properly. If the house is too low, pay attention to the height of the chandelier. If it is too low, it will hinder walking.

The chandelier is installed in the middle position and the light is more even.

And the height of the chandelier, the ideal distance is about 50-60 cm from the table top. If it is too high, it may make people feel bright, too low and will hit the head.

  Taboo 4: The desktop of the writing desk should be lower than the elbow for easy activities.

The distance between the top of the hanging cabinet and the ground should not exceed 2 meters. If the art cabinet has two layers, the first layer should be able to see the objects placed inside in the first level as the ideal height, and the second layer can be lifted by the hand.It is better to get something.

  Taboo 5: The bed should not be in the mirror, because the mirror reflects other objects, and when people are in a dim state, they may be shocked.

The bed should not be placed under the beam, because the subconscious will feel oppressed under the beam.

How to prevent acne

How to prevent acne

Acne is still common in our daily life. Once suffering from acne, patients will suffer from a lot of bleeding, which will cause a lot of inconvenience to the patient’s life.

So what should I do to prevent acne?

In order to avoid the occurrence of hemorrhoids, we need to pay attention to all aspects and do preventive work.

Let the relevant experts introduce some preventive measures for you.

How to prevent acne 1 , develop good bowel habits is the first step to prevent acne.

Prolonged defecation time, will increase the anal canal, rectal congestion, so that the venous plexus congestion, long-term, it is easy to cause hemorrhoids.

When there is basically obvious intention, you should immediately go to the toilet. When you are defecation, concentrate your strength and don’t use it.

2, to prevent constipation patients with acne to prevent constipation, the key is to ensure enough water every day.

After getting out of bed, drink a cup of light salt water on an empty stomach, which has the effect of laxative softening, which not only can increase the body’s peristalsis, but also can adjust the autonomic nerve function, which is conducive to smooth bowel movement.

3, diet taboos eat less spicy spicy food, is a necessary care for acne.

Because pepper, tea, coffee, mustard and other irritating foods will not only increase the local congestion of the anus and inflammation of the sinus, it will lead to the resistance of the blood vessel wall.

4, should eat food acne care should pay attention to high protein high doses of food too much, vegetables and fruits but only eat a little, can also cause acne.

Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits in daily life, especially vegetables with cellulose content, which is very helpful in preventing acne.

With more and more people suffering from acne, we must pay attention to it, and can not abuse the prevention and treatment of acne.

Because hemorrhoids can cause a lot of waste on the daily life and work of patients, we need to know more about acne, so as to do preventive work and actively treat them after illness.

Do you know that the elderly have these five bogeys?

Do you know that the elderly have these five bogeys?

A long sitting time can ease fatigue and make it comfortable, but too long will also cause muscle to decline and shrink.

Therefore, the elderly should take more outdoor activities suitable for themselves and strengthen their muscles to enhance their physical fitness.

The second time to stop the station is too long to live in sports.

The elderly adjust the blood and blood balance through dynamic and static combination. If they do not move in advance, they will affect the blood and blood circulation. It is a part of the human tissue cell malnutrition, and there is qi stagnation and blood stasis, which leads to disease.

Three bogey use eye time is too long, the elderly use eye time is too long will produce dizziness and other symptoms.

Therefore, the elderly should read newspapers or watch TV. The film should be controlled within 2 hours. It is not easy to watch movies and TV continuously.

The four bogey time is too long to follow the four o’clock, spring and summer, get up early, get up early in the fall, get up early in the winter, and get up early in the winter.

A proper sleep is good for the health of the elderly, and the body will be soft.

Five bogey quiet time is too long, boring, lonely, quiet, lonely situation, more and more elderly people become mentally weak, temperament, loss of confidence in life, leading to a decline in health.

Beautiful music can make people relaxed and happy, and the spirit should be rejuvenated. Therefore, the elderly should have appropriate sound stimulation and art to enhance human health.

In the end, the elderly should keep a small heart, talk about things around them, talk about money, and smile every day.

Recommended for white dew diet

Recommended for white dew diet

The white dew’s solar terms are the beginning of a real cool season. Many people emphasize the “autumn autumn” when they nurse their bodies. They focus on the supplements of meat and other nutrients. In fact, different foods have different attributes in the nature of food.The role is different, and the people who adapt to it are different. Therefore, everyone has to undergo changes in the solar terms and adjust the diet at any time.

Now recommend several recipes suitable for the white dew, for your reference.

  莲子百合煲:  [配方]莲子、百合各30克,精瘦肉200克。  [Practice]Lotus seeds, soaked in water for 30 minutes, washed in lean meat, boiled in a cold water pot (tow with water).

Add water to the pot and add the lotus seeds, lily, and lean meat to the pot. Add water and cook (you can put some salt and taste).

  [Efficacy]Qingrun lung dryness, cough and inflammation.

Suitable for patients with chronic bronchitis.

  柚子鸡:  [配料]柚子(越冬最佳)一个,公鸡一只,精盐适量。  [Practice]The cock is hairy, the internal organs are washed, and the grapefruit is peeled and left.

Add the grapefruit to the chicken belly, add it to the gas pot, steam it on the pan, and add seasoned salt to the pan.

  [Efficacy]Bufei Yiqi, Huayu Zhike.

  银杏鸡丁:  [配料]银杏(白果)100克,无骨嫩鸡肉250克,蛋清2个,高汤、白砂糖、绍酒、淀粉、味精、香油、食盐、油、葱各适量。  [Practice]Ginkgo is shelled, stir-fried in the oil pan to six mature, remove and peel off the thin clothes for use.

Cut the chicken into 1 cm square Ding, add egg white in the bowl, salt, and mix the starch evenly.

Heat the wok and heat it (the amount should be more). When the oil is burnt to six mature, dip the chicken in a pot with a spoon, add the ginkgo and continue to stir fry. After cooking, pour the oil into the colander together.oil.

Then pour a small amount of oil into the pot, stir fry the onion, then cook the wine, broth, salt, MSG, pour the processed chicken into the pot, stir fry with wet starch, and servePour in the sesame oil beforehand, stir evenly and serve as a pan.

  [Efficacy]qi and nourishing, asthma and stop.

This prescription can be used as a treatment for senile chronic bronchitis, pulmonary heart disease, emphysema and women with a card.

  香酥山药:  [配方]鲜山药500克,白糖125克,豆粉100克,植物油750克(实耗150克),醋、味精、淀粉、香油各适量。  [practice]Wash the yam, steam on the pan, remove and peel, cut 1 inch long section, then cut two pieces, slap flat with a knife.

Pour the heat into the vegetable oil. When the oil is burnt to 70% heat, take the yam and fry until it is yellow.

Another hot pot, add fried yam, add two spoons of sugar and water, simmer for 5 or 6 minutes, then turn to Wuhuo, add vinegar, MSG, starch thicken, topped with sesame oil and serve as a pan.

  [Efficacy]Jianpi stomach, lung and kidney.

For spleen deficiency food, lung deficiency cough, asthma is more suitable.