NBA resumes gradual exposure-July 31 restarts 22 teams to play 8 more regular season games

NBA resumes game exposure: July 22 restarts 22 teams to play 8 more regular season games
NBA resumed game gradually exposed: July 22 restarted 22 teams to play 8 more regular seasons According to famous reporter Werner Roski, the NBA is about to announce the restart of the game: 22 teams will play 8 regular seasons in Orlando respectively, and thenThen determine the seats in the playoffs.  According to sources, the NBA plans to change at the ancient score meeting on Thursday, local time, and 22 teams will return to the 2019-20 season. The lottery lottery draw and rookie joint trial will be conducted in August.  According to sources, the NBA will start a rematch at Disneyland in Orlando. These 22 teams include the current top 16 teams and 6 other teams.The plan also includes a competition for the No. 8 seed of the East and West.  According to sources, if the 9th team lags behind the 8th team by more than 4 games, the 8th team enters the playoffs; if the 9th team lags behind the 8th team within 4 games, thenThe 8th and 9th teams will enter the tournament.The eighth-ranked team was defeated in double defeat, while the ninth-ranked team was defeated in single defeat.ESPN revealed that the league is identifying these 22 teams.  Adam Xiaohua informed the board on Friday that the goal of the league is to resume the season on July 31 (local time). The NBA and the bosses discussed 4 different rematch options: 16 teams directly advance to the playoffs; 20Teams play games in the Olympic format; 22 teams play in competitions with championships; 30 teams compete in 72 regular season games.In the end, the rules of 16 teams and 30 teams were ruled out first.  According to sources, several other medical measures are expected in the next few days: including, players cannot take a shower on the court and need to return to their respective hotels to take a shower; substitute players will sit in a row, and players who are not activated will be inWatch in the stands; no audience before the playoffs, etc.  According to another report by Wernerowski, six teams out of 16 are the Pelicans in the West, Trail Blazers, Kings, Sun and Spurs, and Wizards in the East. The rematch time is shortened on July 31 (local time)) Start, no later than October 12th. Original title: NBA semi-finals to be exposed: July 31 starts with 22 teams and then 8 regular season games