NBA Finals Friday Heat vs. Spurs 50 US states only 1 state optimistic about the Heat

NBA Finals Friday Heat vs. Spurs 50 US states only 1 state optimistic about the Heat June 4th Welcome back to the finals!The NBA Finals began on June 6th (Friday) Beijing time. The Heat and Spurs were the first and second runner-ups in the league last season. The past four regular seasons have never fallen apart before being separated.Their reunion with the top of the league will inevitably represent the highest level in the NBA today.  In the next week or two, will the Heat complete the three-game hegemony as expected, or will the Spurs take revenge and win the fifth title of the “Denkenevich era”?American fans are almost optimistic about the Spurs.It’s just that Miami’s home base supports the Heat (dark blue). The top experts who are optimistic about the Spurs’ major US media have made their predictions.In the 28 predictions, the Spurs received support from 15 people, the Heat received 12 votes, and another person temporarily abstained.Among the 25 experts who clearly contributed the score prediction, 14 believed that the two sides would fight to the tie-break.The 28 experts are from TNT, ESPN and “USA Today”, all senior figures in Berlin.Among the 15 experts who supported the Spurs, Benjamin Morris and Kevin Pelton of ESPN even thought they could solve the battle in 5 games.  American fans are also participating in predictions on ESPN.In a recent statistic, among the 50 states in the United States, only the state where the Heat is located has a support rate of more than 50%.It is not an exaggeration to describe this survey area map with brutal bloodiness.Looking around, all states are in support of the Spurs’ light colors, and only a few of this Miami’s base camp support the Heat’s dark colors.Disapproval of these predictions, the hot James and Wade suddenly disagreed.  ”I think the finals are two teams. In fact, no one is weak. For us, the key is how to play our characteristics.”Wade said after training yesterday.James’s attitude is more determined. As early as the playoffs began, he temporarily closed his social media to prevent himself from being disturbed by outside voices.”I really don’t know, nor do I know what the outside world thinks, I really don’t care about this.”James said.Looking forward This year, the Spurs performed better in the regular season, so they have a home advantage.For the two teams that are evenly matched, the home advantage cannot be ignored, but after the Heat have won the second away game against the Pacers series, the playoffs have already won at least one away game in 15 consecutive series games, setting the NBAHistorical records, which also let them not lose their confidence in self-confidence.  Today the Spurs’ number one problem is still how to limit LeBron James.James has been at the top of the league for efficiency over the past month, and has been extended by ESPN to playoff MVP for many weeks.If the Heat want to win the finals, the Big Three must be in good order.